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  1. IGN - |WZ| TOMANDPC SteamID - STEAM_0:0:52519510 http://steamcommunity.com/id/TOMANDPC/ Good luck all!
  2. A vanilla Team Fortress 2 server (with the original maps and gamemodes) could be great as both there is a lack of these Valve server type in the server browser (they removed valve servers in favour of their new matchmaking system; which doesn't work) and it's fun to play. Back in the day, I used to help out on a server which had a really good playerbase and we did events n' cool stuff every week. I'd love to be apart of doing something like this. dibs on manager
  3. You only get 5 cases per week; you've probably already had your 5.


    TOMANDPC STEAM_0:0:52519510 pls
  5. https://warzone.gg/applyforadmin this is where you apply for admin and moderator. However, I do not think we're taking in admins at the moment (and I doubt you would get it at your age as I think the minimum is 16 for admin). The moderator position is currently open but, alas, the minimum age that is accepted is 14. I'm guessing that you'll have to wait until you're the right age until you can apply.
  6. The title says it all. After not being here too long (about 3 months now) I've decided that resigning is what is best for me. My life over the past couple of months has gone a bit crazy; I've got exams coming up, I'm head of my house at school, I'm running the schools charity club, I'm doing driving lessons, looking at Universities and I've got a boatload of work to do in between. If my past self would have known how busy my life would get I probably wouldn't have become an Admin in the first place. I'll definitely still be around but I will probably not be as active as I have been in the past. I've been on loads of Garry's Mod servers and I still haven't seen another server that even comes close to what we have here; Zero and his team have done the most amazing job at both running and designing everything. I'll give the largest thanks to, my boy, archilles for setting me up with my position in the admin team and to both Zero and (the then manager) Alfred for giving me a place. Also, I give a thanks to the rest of the Garry's Mod admin team for being extremely nice and I wish you all the best! I'm very, very grateful for everyone accepting me into the community and for giving me a chance to be an Admin again. I've had a really good time over the past months and met some of the nicest people whilst working on the servers. Thanks for putting up with me (and my memes about colours)! ~ Tom
  7. Good luck with your future endeavours mate! It's been good having you on the team!
  8. I've always liked the idea of ARMA 2 servers as it still has a very large player base and there's not many 'good' PVP servers. Recently, all the CCG servers (one of the largest ARMA groups) shut down all their ARMA 2 Wasteland servers which has kinda left a large hole in Vanilla ARMA 2 PVP community (as most of ARMA 2 is DayZ) so if we had a server we would have very little competition. For those who don't know, Wasteland is where you have loads of players on a large map with various missions to complete/bases to raid/rare loot to find in a constant PVP battle (think of it as extremely large scale Battlefield with more tactical elements). Basically, wasteland is DayZ without the annoying early looting stage and the zombies. It's made up the majority of my ARMA 2 game time and I'd love to see this game get some love again! DayZ Standalone could also be an idea; maybe we could change the rules up and make a more 'unique' DayZ experience. Or you could always choose the (better in my opinion) DayZ mod which has lots more variation in what kind of server you want (more PVP/base building/different maps/RP). ARMA 3 is also a good call as that's got a very large player count and you can do all kinds of gamemodes/missions. Team Fortress 2 (as Overwatch doesn't have dedicated servers yet) is still very popular and you can choose from lots of different gamemodes and I'd be certain that the server would have a pretty good player count most of the time. And of course, Minecraft.
  9. Just saying but couldn't we just play the normal CS:GO though?
  10. Welcome to the forums!
  11. Hello and welcome to the forums!
  12. That moment when you're still using an Iphone 4. Android is nice and cheap, Apple is nice and expensive. If they can make calls and send texts they're fine*. *also if they can view porn; that's a plus.
  13. Hello guys! Just a quick lil' reintroduction as, hopefully, I'll be more active again in this community! I'm Tom and I am 16 years old (so probably quite younger than most of the people here!). I live in the UK kinda near London. I was formerly an Admin on the Overwatch servers a couple of years back and even further back I was Admin on the PvPG servers. Both servers were amazing and I met so many nice people. You'll probably see me mostly on the Garry's Mod servers (TTT) as that's one of the only games I play. I also play Overwatch and Smite (which is better than League). ~ Tom (TOMANDPC)
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