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  1. Hitori

    Youjo Senki

    Crazy nazi lolis
  2. Hitori

    Rick & Morty

    All the wonderful Rick & Morty artwork can be found here
  3. Hitori

    The Story Topic

    reinstall the Fourth Reich and
  4. Hitori

    The Story Topic

    Steal Jeremy Corbyn's wife, so Jeremy tried to...
  5. Hitori


    It's even tougher when you're at a boarding school, meaning that there is a teacher less than 50m away from you at all times... watching us... while we sleep...
  6. Hitori

    The Story Topic

    except when Hitler was resurrected through divine power which...
  7. Hitori


    I won't be as active as everyone else in the community due to school work...
  8. Hitori

    The Story Topic

    they decided to try to seduce...
  9. Hitori

    The Story Topic

    lose the whole spanish armada to the royal navy
  10. Hitori

    The Story Topic

    Adolf Hitler, and I like
  11. So... yah. I watch anime! (In case you couldn't tell from my profile picture) Here's some juicy art of Attack on Titan

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