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  1. Skin Creation Challenge

    Right so the winners for the skin creation competition is as follows Thonk Sponge Blazing Winners will receive their items whenever ZeRo or Archangel get around to it. All submissions are in the spoiler below. Everybody can work on their skins more if they feel like it and submit it as a regular skin to be added to game. Thanks for participating everybody! I will have a better theme and new system for it next time, the topic of which will be created next Saturday. Weeb Overlord of WarZone - Today at 21:22 Winners; Dan, Dan, and the winner of the ULTIMATE PRIZE.... DAN
  2. This idea was brought to me by your main meng Alfred - he takes credit for it. The premise of it is to create a skin for a specific gun with a specific time constraint. For example, I would post in this topic the theme of the contest at exactly 6PM on a certain day (see below) and people would have until 9PM to submit the files to me. Your skin does not need to be completed, it is the best skin submitted that will win the prize. When is this exactly happening? 7PM on the 10th of March, 2018. This Saturday at 7PM UK time. You will have exactly 2 hours, so until 9PM UK time to complete a skin. Any skins submitted past that time will not be accepted. If too many people complain it will be pushed back exactly 1 week. The theme will be posted here, for example it could be related to video games, movies or anything I might think of. I will release what gun it needs to be created for at 3PM UK time to make sure everybody can get their files working and to prevent somebody saying their files are not working to get extra time. Any external images need to be sourced so I can properly judge them. Users who type "Notify me" in this topic will be notified at 3PM on Discord or through whatever means I can contact you that the competition is starting soon and every hour until it starts. I highly advise you to post "notify me" below. 1st place prizes 1 month of Ruby VIP 25 cases of your choice 2nd place prizes 1 month of Platinum VIP 20 cases of your choice 3rd place prize 20 cases of your choice
  3. Social Media Giveaway #19

    EzZ winz.
  4. This week I am giving away Sport Gloves | Omega. To enter you need to like our Facebook or Twitter page linked below. If you haven't already done so you need to PM me your names on either Facebook or Twitter to enter the giveaway. You also need to post below your Steam ID, in-game name and profile link to enter. Liking, sharing or commenting on this post will earn you an extra entry to the giveaway https://www.facebook.com/warzone.gg/ https://twitter.com/warzonegg Winner will be announced this Sunday at 7PM UK time. Good luck guys!
  5. So guys, This week I am giving away Bowie Knife | Luna - a very valuable knife with only 1 obtained at the moment. To enter you need to like our Facebook or Twitter page linked below. If you haven't already done so you need to PM me your names on either Facebook or Twitter to enter the giveaway. You also need to post below your Steam ID, in-game name and profile link to enter. https://www.facebook.com/warzone.gg/ https://twitter.com/warzonegg Good luck guys! I am also running a community competition
  6. How to pay in the shop

    You cant pay with coupon codes, it needs to be done with a way specified in the shop, which would be Paypal. The coupon code section would be for codes specified from WarZone Management to get discounts on items.
  7. Skin Creation Challenge

    This has been delayed exactly 1 week. Nothing has changed except it has been moved 1 week and I will be reminding people during the week about it.
  8. So, we have a change to the Utrecht meetup this year and we are announcing a UK summer meetup this June. First of all, the Utrecht meetup this summer was originally scheduled for 24th-28th of August but we are changing that to the 2nd -7th of August. We made these changes due to feedback from the community saying they won't be able to attend - we have now hopefully rectified this. These changes are final - no more changes will be made to these dates. We apologize for any inconvenience caused. You can find updated information here - https://warzone.gg/meetupinfo?id=5 Secondly, we have scheduled a UK summer meetup this year. We done this due to it being absolutely freezing during the winter meetup and that we just want to have another meetup soon because why not! The private bar is much better in the summer and we can have a much better time there during the summer. It is basically the same as the Winter Meetup 2018 except their being no snow and it will be warm. You can find the event page to sign up and relevant information here - https://warzone.gg/meetupinfo?id=7
  9. Movie Night Suggestions

    Name: Blow Year: 2001 Genre: Drama/Crime Name: The Departed Year: 2006 Genre: Drama/Crime Name: Detroit Year: 2017 Genre: Drama/Crime
  10. So guys, This week I am giving away Tactical Gloves | Doppler To enter you need to like our Facebook or Twitter page linked below. If you haven't already done so you need to PM me your names on either Facebook or Twitter to enter the giveaway. You also need to post below your Steam ID, in-game name and profile link to enter. https://www.facebook.com/warzone.gg/ https://twitter.com/warzonegg Good luck guys!
  11. Radio Update v1.01

    So, I've been updating the radio over the past month, and given that the meetup is coming up very soon I should post all the additions to the radio and call it an update, then start fresh after the meetup. I should explain the excel file below Anything that doesn't have "Requests Only" is only available via request only. This is not included in the AutoDJ rotation. Anything with "Pushed Songs", "_010" is available on the AutoDJ rotation. It is named like this due to the current folder structure and it is easier for me to keep track on where everything is going. Most of the albums are available only by requesting them, with exceptions listed within the AutoDJ categories. This is where you can find all updates currently to the radio. https://1drv.ms/x/s!Aj18-F70Y6uqh-hpE_oahVLWAU8teg Along with this we have brought back our weekly streaming of A State Of Trance by Armin Van Buuren. I also plan on doing other weekly streams such as that, but that will have to wait until after the meetup. That's basically it, hope you enjoy. Remember to !suggest in #radio in Discord or PM me songs to add.
  12. The winner of last week's social media giveaway was Sci-fi_bandit! He received a Karambit | Emerald Shard. This week the winner will receive a Huntsman | Retro - another very exclusive and valuable knife with a store price of 2.5 million WZ$! To enter you need to like our Facebook or Twitter page linked below. If you haven't already done so you need to PM me your names on either Facebook or Twitter to enter the giveaway. You also need to post below your Steam ID, in-game name and profile link to enter. https://www.facebook.com/warzone.gg/ https://twitter.com/warzonegg Soon there will be a new game mode WarZone - stay tuned to the news section for more! I wish everyone the best of luck!
  13. The Quotes Topic

    @puk413 "Aren't lolis underage?" @Callum (Blazingstardude) "I don't care, it's a target" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Loli
  14. The Quotes Topic

    "I will bang an anime girl one day, I don't care of it's impossible" @Callum (Blazingstardude)
  15. So, I am updating WarZone Help Center with lots of new information and general stuff regarding WarZone such as guidelines on how to apply for moderator. If the community wants me to add anything WarZone related I will publish it in due course, obviously I have to post very basic and accurate information so it may take me some time to add in a lot of content. This is the current list of what I will probably add Completely re-do the “How To WarZone 101” topic that was formerly posted in Introductions Installing CS:S content and assets "Settings" such as setting age and other random stuff in IPB Submitting blogs Submitting posts Submitting skins and music kits Gamemodes explanation Item Wiki Explanation Update Inventory, Economy and Skins overview to include auction Discord channels tutorial since some people doesn't understand how2channel Radio system explanation Explaining meetup’s Explaining gamenights Social Media Giveaways and how to enter ...and anything else I think up along the way. Anything else you guys want explained in a very basic format I can add in too, feel free to reply here or PM me when requesting additional content. For the uninformed you can visit the help center here or by going to the "Help" section under "Community" at the top of the forums.
  16. Community Challenge #1

    Time to announce the winner and the method The winner is @Thonk - well done good sir. The method? Right so. Set 1 was just a single digit converted to ASCII format. This part was fairly easy - at some point I linked the website I used in Discord. The website can be found here - http://www.unit-conversion.info/texttools/ascii/ The main problem with this is they tried to convert it from text to ASCII again instead of changing the tool's function to reverse what I done. This means set 1 was as follows: Set 1 Set 2 9 1 2 1 7 3 9 4 6 3 6 2 3 2 s * i * c * c * Now the sicc part was just me being a derp - I didn't intentionally do this but yeah, whatever. I derp'd up. Too late to fix it now. I typed in the actual letter instead of the number corresponding on the phone below. I only noticed that as I made this post right now :lole: For the rest of it you needed to lay it out in the table format I described to get the best understanding of it. Anybody could have guessed the first part of it was "warzone" but the method is what I needed for the prize to be taken. The next part is to use this - this keyboard is how you find the relation of the numbers from both sets. From here I'm sure you can work it out yourself. From set 1 you look at the number 9 - from set 2 you look at the number 1. And so on. Well done @Thonk - your items will be and have been delivered on request.
  17. So I have a challenge for the community. Basically, you have these 2 sets of data and out of it you need to find out 2 words, which is 11 text characters in total with no spaces in between the words. Both sets of numbers will interact with each other to find out the answer. A hint for set 1 - you need convert this to a set of individual numbers that range from 2 to 9 which wont take much effort - some searching and trial and error will get this easily. It's impossible to complete the challenge without converting set 1 into the format as described(a set from 2-9). For set 2? Well, that's where it gets a bit harder. It's up to you to figure out how both sets of numbers interact with each other to find the words. Set 1 Set 2 057 1 050 1 055 3 057 4 054 3 054 2 051 2 115 4 105 3 099 3 099 3 This will run up until April 12th. Winner will receive 100 cases of your choosing and any skin of your choosing. The first person to submit these words to me will be the winner. Questions can be asked in this topic, PM me on discord or however you would like to communicate with me. PM ME THE RESULT AND DO NOT SHARE IT WITH THE PUBLIC. SHARING YOUR ANSWER PUBLICALLY WILL RESULT IN DISQUALIFICATION. YOU CAN WORK WITH 1 OTHER PERSON TO FIND THE METHOD, THAT'S IT. Good luck guys!
  18. Community Challenge #1

    Somebody has got it Next person will win 20 cases. Good luck.
  19. Community Challenge #1

    Clue #1 This website can be used to solve set 1. I will not give any further information other than that I convert it from text to a certain format, so you need to convert it back. http://www.unit-conversion.info/texttools/category/Converters#data People have a hard time laying it out so I will give you a tutorial. You need to convert every single three digit number, separately to a single number. You need to list them the same way I have listed it. For example: in a hypothetical situation, I would convert 040 and that turns out to be 1. I convert 041 and that turns out to be 2. You need to list them like this Set 1 Set 2 1 X 2 X x = digit in the original post above. Once you figure out the single digit converted number you need to find the relation the 2 numbers have to form a letter.
  20. Zombie Survival is here!

    Hey guys, Today we are announcing a new server: Zombie Survival! It's a very enjoyable and popular game mode within Garry's Mod. The server is live now and you can connect to the server by typing connect or visit the server page here - https://warzone.gg/serverinfo/48 We have modified the game mode to implement our skins system. This means that as a human, you can use your existing skins and knives along with gloves. We are going to implement our XP and money system in a future update. What is Zombie Survival? Zombie Survival is a popular multiplayer game mode in Garry's Mod. It features survivors who are fighting for their lives against zombies. When a game begins, everyone starts out as a human. Before the round starts, there is a countdown which gives the players time to purchase items and find a base. After the countdown ends, the players closest to a zombie spawn will respawn as zombies . The zombie spawn points are marked in green smoke. After a round has started, you will take damage from the poison if you get too close to the spawn. Before a round starts at least one player will need to buy an Arsenal Crate. When a round has begun it is best to stick with other survivors, as lone survivors are typically the first to be killed. You will also want to stay inside of bases with other survivors for a greater chance of surviving the round. Hope you guys enjoy! We'll see you slaughtering some zombies there soon
  21. So guys, I'm bringing forward to the community an idea I've had for quite a while now. It's basically having different nights for different genres of music. For example, on Monday evening we play an hour of chill music, Tuesday evening we play an hour of rock music, Wednesday evening we play EDM music and so on. The biggest problem I would personally have achieving this would be that I don't listen to much music related to specific genres. This is where I am asking you to help me. I would like the community to put forward playlists to be played for these evenings. Here are some guidelines to follow - they aren't rules but just guidelines to keep everything smooth and easy. Playlists should be between 1 and 2 hours - anything in excess or much less than this will be put under review Try play music currently in the radio database - anything else I can try to source myself but it would be a great help if you could choose something from the database Roughly 20 songs or more will need to be submitted as 20 songs at roughly 3 minutes a song will turn out to be 1 hour. I am personally going to do a "Top 40" night on Thursdays - I will be posting a song list when it comes time to do so. I will personally dedicate 30 songs to my first music night, happening this Thursday the 15th of this month. Also we currently play A State Of Trance by Armin Van Buuren on Friday evening at 9:30 so that will be continuing, and as such we will not be accepting entries for that night. I know it may seem like a lot to choose more than an hour of music, but as you seen above, 20 songs on average will turn out to an hour. Please PM me on discord (@lé xyz) a song list or PM me here on the forum. Please do this at least a few days in advance of your show. For any show successful show you will be rewarded 1 million WZ$. Your name will also be announced as the DJ of the show. This will be officially starting on the 19th of February - this gives people time to gather songs and submit them. Thanks guys, I hope we can get some good radio shows running.
  22. What do you identify as?

    I identify as a java server.
  23. What do you identify as?

    also dislike that video above for free cases
  24. What do you identify as?

    also the best wan is S I C C W A N Z
  25. Hide & Seek suggestions

    I do like the concept of this idea - but gaining fall damage would be fairly useless as it's generally only 1 button to find the hiders and you don't have to give them damage anyway (from what I understand). Instead of gaining fall damage I think a better way to implement this idea would be to lose some sprinting stamina if you fall from a height. Or to make people walk/sprint slower if fallen from a height. Yep, I'm 99% sure it will be disabled in a future update.