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  1. It's time for another Social Media Giveaway! To enter this competition you need to like and/or comment on the following post: https://www.facebook.com/warzone.gg/photos/a.1753281948297916/2127539917538782/?type=3&theater When you like or comment on the post, you need to send me your name which you used to like or comment on the post with. All data protected and will not be used in any way other than for the purposes of this giveaway. Like = 1 entry Comment = 1 entry Like + Comment = 2 entries The following items will be given out. If lots of people enter, I will give out more prizes! 1 Rare Item Case 1 Rare Item Case 10 Community #5 Case 1 Item Of Your Choice 50 Cases Of Your Choice (Except rare item case) Remember, you need to like and/or comment and you also need to send me your name you used to like or comment on that post. Send via Discord (@lé xyz™) or here on the forums Winners will be announced next Saturday at 9PM!
  2. So, movie night 100 is coming up in the next few weeks. We want to see what your guys' thoughts are on having a movie weekend where we watch a series across 3 days, for example, on Friday watch Iron Man 1, Saturday Iron Man 2, Sunday Iron Man 3. Is there a specific series of movies you would like to watch? A suggestion was put forward to watch some Marvel movies, however sticking with the original format of movie night we are going to put it to a vote once the week comes around. So basically, what 3 movies would you like to watch? Try and keep it to a 'series' of movies like the example I gave above, however we will accept any 3 movies as a suggestion and put it to a vote. Showing times and voting will be put forward to you once the week comes around, this week is the 98th movie night.
  3. Does the game come up with any errors? Or what happens more specifically when it crashes, do you go into any menus in-game? etc
  4. The bug tracker would be best for something like this. https://warzone.gg/forum/index.php?/bugtracker/
  5. Hi everyone, today we are running another competition. As you may or may not know we are branching out WarZone Radio into it's own entity, Frag Fm. With this we will need some content so why not do a competition here so can everyone can participate in it. What we need Discord Logo (recommended size of 512x512) Website logo The requirements for the Discord logo is that it must contain F.FM or alternatively FFM in some form, whatever suits. The requirements for the website logo is pretty simple, it must contain Frag.FM (capital letters doesn't matter if you can make it work) in some form. Generally simple works for something like this, the WarZone logo text is just some simple gradient but it makes it unique. Participants will earn the following: Custom FFM development pin in Garry's Mod Access to the development of FFM Access to the Discord server before anybody else Some in-game items and cases for the participants. Competition will end in 2 weeks, winners will be announced in #contentcreation and on here. To submit any entries please PM on here or on Discord.
  6. vlodern

    Puk is a muslim

    your all terrorists
  7. vlodern

    Minecraft is here!

    Minecraft is coming to WarZone! The game loved by all (mainly ZeRo) is making its way into our glorious server list With that comes 2 things The IP address of this server is wzuksrv002.warzone.gg The modpack the server is using can be found here, please make sure you have the latest 64bit Java installation. https://www.technicpack.net/modpack/warzone-gaming-modpack.1357036 The following rules will apply to this server No griefing protected bases, doing so will result in a ban English only Don't complain if you get killed in a non protected area No griefing by spawning too many blocks, exp with spawners, please do clean it up every now and again as this is to prevent lag If any rules are broke please ping either Archangel or myself in Discord (Archangel#1337 or lé xyz™#0420) We now have a new section on the forums. In this section you can post suggestions and feedback and discuss minecraft here
  8. Yo, give me some of those sweet memes.

  9. Apologies about the ETS2 convoy not happening, it turns out I spend around 4.5 hours playing golf instead of the expected 2 hours. I'll re-schedule it soon.
  10. This Sunday we will be hosting a convoy in Euro Truck Simulator 2. Anybody who wishes to take part please be on Teamspeak at 6PM this coming Sunday the 30th of September. You may require some DLC depending on the route we decide to take. If you do not have the DLC you may be able to meet us along the way. ETS2 and TruckersMP recently had updates. One of the very interesting ones from TruckersMP is that you can now drive with double trailers around Europe except middle Europe (Calais - Hannover - Liege - Hamburg) Check out other changes here: https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/topic/74713-02250-released/ To get reminded you can post "Notify Me" below and I will be reminding you before the event starts.
  11. Phone Booth Edge Of Tomorrow Gone Girl Training Day The Warrior Escape Plan Total Recall Michael Collins Mickybo and Me Grabbers King Street Green Street (vote for this motherfuckers) Green Zone
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