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  1. vlodern

    Minecraft is here!

    Minecraft is coming to WarZone! The game loved by all (mainly ZeRo) is making its way into our glorious server list With that comes 2 things The IP address of this server is wzuksrv002.warzone.gg The modpack the server is using can be found here, please make sure you have the latest 64bit Java installation. https://www.technicpack.net/modpack/warzone-gaming-modpack.1357036 The following rules will apply to this server No griefing protected bases, doing so will result in a ban English only Don't complain if you get killed in a non protected area No griefing by spawning too many blocks, exp with spawners, please do clean it up every now and again as this is to prevent lag If any rules are broke please ping either Archangel or myself in Discord (Archangel#1337 or lé xyz™#0420) We now have a new section on the forums. In this section you can post suggestions and feedback and discuss minecraft here
  2. Yo, give me some of those sweet memes.

  3. vlodern

    New game mode idea

    Maybe have this as a fun round for stronghold?
  4. vlodern

    The Quotes Topic

    get cuckt
  5. vlodern

    Euro Truck Simulator 2 Convoy

    Apologies about the ETS2 convoy not happening, it turns out I spend around 4.5 hours playing golf instead of the expected 2 hours. I'll re-schedule it soon.
  6. vlodern

    Euro Truck Simulator 2 Convoy

    This Sunday we will be hosting a convoy in Euro Truck Simulator 2. Anybody who wishes to take part please be on Teamspeak at 6PM this coming Sunday the 30th of September. You may require some DLC depending on the route we decide to take. If you do not have the DLC you may be able to meet us along the way. ETS2 and TruckersMP recently had updates. One of the very interesting ones from TruckersMP is that you can now drive with double trailers around Europe except middle Europe (Calais - Hannover - Liege - Hamburg) Check out other changes here: https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/topic/74713-02250-released/ To get reminded you can post "Notify Me" below and I will be reminding you before the event starts.
  7. vlodern

    Movie Night Suggestions

    Zero Dark Thirty
  8. vlodern

    Movie Night Suggestions

    Phone Booth Edge Of Tomorrow Gone Girl Training Day The Warrior Escape Plan Total Recall Michael Collins Mickybo and Me Grabbers King Street Green Street (vote for this motherfuckers) Green Zone
  9. vlodern

    WarZone's Second Birthday

    If you didn't realize already, WarZone is now 2 years old. There has been iterations of WarZone before, the version you are on now is the latest one and the greatest one. There's a few things I want to talk about here so lets start with a few messages from management. ZeRo Wow! 2 years! it has been a blast, over the past year WarZone has made many advancements, from the massive gamemode re-writes to now introducing WZNet, our brand-new match making system, the next year in WarZone, I’m even more excited for. Going forward from September the 15th, WarZone is going to continue to innovate in both Garry’s Mod and S&box (Once released). Over the past year we’ve had our ups and our downs, however we can only move on from the bad and continue in to the future, of which is very bright for WarZone. I hope everyone is excited as I am for the next year of WarZone. Archangel (the man with many words) Alfred These 2 years have gone by quickly, but in that time we've done more than any other version of WarZone. Feature-wise, the updates, community content, and new additions have gone far past what we did in Overwatch Gaming, but that's all for and by everyone who makes it a Community. Talking, working, playing, and even meeting some of you has made it the best run we've had yet. Massive shoutout to the Staff team for helping keep the servers clean, the recently huge amount of content creators, and to the Manager team for keeping everything afloat. We've come a long way, and there's much more to come with gmod and S&box that will be well worth the wait. Happy anniversary, folks. Archilles This second year of Warzone was great for me personally, as a staff member but also as someone’s who’s lucky enough to be a part of this community. A lot has happened in the past 12 months, mostly good stuff Unfortunately also some bad stuff happened, can’t really avoid that, but it’s best just to leave that behind and keep looking forward. As a staff member I finally reached my goal this year by getting 2000 bans, hooray As most of you know, the moment I reached that goal I quit the staff team because Garry’s Mod didn’t really interest me anymore. Imagine my surprise when only a few days later I got offered to become Alfred’s partner in crime as a second senior manager. I never intended to leave the community itself and I felt like this could be the perfect way to still support and help Warzone and Zero. The other absolute highlight of this second year was of course joining the 2018 summer meetup in Utrecht. I had a great time, finally met people I’ve known for years IRL and we had a real life cinema party ^^ I can’t wait to go to the summer meetup in Ipswich next year, I really want to visit the Warzone private bar and eat a full English breakfast with Zero while he’s lecturing me on why British food is better than wet drownie food. vlodern Right so ye, how times changed. We started off with Call of Duty, went through hell and back with them servers and that community. It was great though. Years ago I never thought WarZone would get to the place it has, I've been to 3 meetups and with another few planned within the next year, it's going to be a good one. This community is great, it obviously has its up and downs like anything else but overall the community is in good shape. I've haven't been an admin on WarZone in many years now. Garry's Mod just doesn't really interest me to that extent anymore and mainly in the old WarZones I was an admin for Call of Duty servers, but I'm hoping with S&Box coming any century now that will change. With S&Box we can do almost all of the things we want to do, all limitations hopefully will be gone out the door. There will still be lots of development going on then and personally I am hoping to expand WarZone Radio into a much bigger station than it currently is, not limited to WarZone only. If any of you play ETS2 you may know of the station called "truckers.fm", think along those lines. Statistics ZeRo has used his infinite wisdom came up with a few stats for you to enjoy. Next anniversary I will do another post like this so it will be very interesting to see the change year to year. Forums Registrations Total Money across all players: 14,552,180,134 Total XP across all players: 1,845,170,367 Total Kills across all players: 11,309,254 Total Deaths across all players: 11,321,165 Total time played: 361,979 hours or 15,082 days or 495 months or 41 years or 4 decades (Or .41 of a century) Total cases opened: 283,445 746 Knives opened 11,533 Covert Items Opened 9,437 Classified Items Opened 81,323 restricted items opened 171,925 Mil-Spec (Blues) opened 163,940 unique players 468,368 total inventory items 538 inventory folders 9,428 Trades 13,553 item's sold on the market 573 Auctions held 1,380 Auction bids 6,256 total bans 18 trade bans In the next year we will add much more content to the servers and keep growing it as much as possible. We scheduling 2 meetups happening over the next year if anybody is interested. https://warzone.gg/events/meetups
  10. vlodern

    Top Gear Screenings

    Top Gear will be returning. 22/08/2018 - India Special 28/08/2018 - Botswana Special 04/09/2018 - Vietnam Special 11/09/2018 - Burma Special 18/09/2018 - Middle East Special
  11. As you already may know, WarZone is going to be celebrating it's second birthday. During this second year we have had massive growth within the community, lots of new members being introduced to WarZone. We welcome everyone that has only recently joined us and thank you very much for giving the support and feedback to make the community much, much better. We will be giving away more items than ever along with hundreds of cases over this 2 day period. I have a few things I want to go over in this post, mainly what events will be happening during the weekend of celebrations. There will be another news post coming on the day of the birthday, you'll just have to wait and see what will be included in that Game Nights & Massive Giveaways During both days on the 15th of the 16th of September, we will be running massive giveaways during game nights. The basic premise of it will look like this: we will play a few different servers, each server will take 20 minutes. There may be specific goals on each game mode, for example on Stronghold the top 5 people on the server will win prizes. It may be a specific goal or it may just be join a server and possibly win prizes. All game modes, what time it will be happening and prizes will be announced 1 week before event is taking place. This is subject to change as somebody organizes it, but that's what it may look like. Being active in Discord this weekend will come rewarded too. I would advise you to get the @Announcement Subscriber role in Discord using the command !role add news to learn of Discord competitions over the weekend. There will be giveaways on the Steam group and the Social Media Giveaway will come with massive prizes this weekend. Radio Shows The weekend of the 16th will be the best weekend of WarZone Radio so far. It's time to not leave your computer for the weekend, all of our presenters will be on air at some point during the weekend. During this weekend you can expect many skins to be given away, hundreds of cases to be given away along with some special prizes from us! Currently the schedule is as follows, all times follow the UK timezone. Friday - 14th 18:00 - 20:00 Chaotix Saturday - 15th 18:00 - 20:00 - Archangel 18:00 - 20:00 - Screamoheart 20:00 - 23:00 - ZeRo & Guests 23:00 - 01:00 - Armin Van Buuren - A State Of Trance Sunday - 16th Daytime - 16:00 - Puk413 16:00 - 19:00 - vlodern 19:00 - 21:00 - Callum 21:00 - 23:00 - Thonk/Happi There may be more events happening, stay tuned in Discord to find out. If you have any ideas of what to do, please message me and we may incorporate it into the weekend. Lastly, there's going to be a special news post coming on Sunday the 16th of September. Stay tuned for that, and feel free to speculate as to what it will contain! Is WarZone shutting down? Is ZeRo being demoted? Who knows
  12. vlodern


    Yes hello good sir I am good friend. First of all, the forums are quite inactive, join Discord or Teamspeak to speak with us. https://discord.gg/DewAmxJ or ts.warzone.gg. The best way to call an admin in TTT is by heading to #support in Discord, we can usually have someone on fairly soon. Typical scot going on the beer getting fucked every weekend, we have more around here just like you anyway yes I am @xyz on Discord. come spam ping me
  13. vlodern

    Social Media Giveaway #29

    @Seikatsu is the winner.
  14. So, as Alfred pointed out, there hasn't been a skin creation challenge in a long time. This however is changing today. I am announcing the third skin creation challenge. What is this you might ask? Great question. A skin creation challenge is run on a certain day with a specific time constraint (see below). The idea of it is to create a skin based around a certain theme, with for example 2 hours to complete it. This challenge will take place on the 28th of July at 8PM-10PM. If there is low attendance it will be moved forward 24 hours. I will announce the weapon at 3PM. Users who type Notify Me below will be notified as a reminder closer to the challenge.

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