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    Bhop Zones

    Hello all, happy spooktober! I am the new gamemode maintainer for Bunnyhop. I was wondering if you wanted the bhop zones to be like the surf zones I did a while ago. Making the start and end zones as low as possible and making the end zones fit all of the end platform and fixing any zones as I go along. This will take a lot of time, but if you want it, I will work on doing it. Also, if you want more bhop maps and have some in mind, send me a link to the map either on here or Discord Kitty Cat#0986 you can also tell me about zones that need fixing/adjusting through the methods I mentioned too.
  2. I'll note it down and take a look at it. (sorry for the late response)
  3. Hey all, i've become the new Bunnyhop maintainer and i've got a smol update that fixes a few exploits for you. https://warzone.gg/wiki/viewchangelogs?id=42
  4. I don't think it should come back, its one of those maps that was designed for early surf days. (when not everyone could surf as easily as they can today) therefore, its full of ridiculous boosts and such that just propel you through the map, most of the time, the round either ends due to the timer or people falling onto the floor and dying. There's barely any killing going on because of that. There's also not a lot of surfing going on, its a small map with like 5 surf ramps. That's not a lot of ramps, there's no jail for when you fall either, so people can hide in the houses and such. I've had several people say they don't like the map, and I personally don't like it either. If people decide they want it back, they can either make a poll on the forums or DM me on Discord. Kitty Cat#0986 until then, I wont add the map back into surf dm for the reasons stated above. If you wish to have other maps added, you can suggest them here:
  5. Hello all, since the new CSGO update, they have allowed CSGO maps to be played on gmod without going into hammer and doing things to convert them so we can put them on gmod. We can now play CSGO maps on gmod easily. If you don't have CSGO, you can now download it for free on steam, its not the full version but it should give you the textures required to see CSGO maps on gmod. If that still fails to work, or you just simply cant join because it says you don't have the map, or your version differs from the server, you can ask in our Discord support channel for the map and we might be able to give you the map file for it. You can expect new maps soon for both Surf and Surf DM. So here you can suggest Surf and Surf DM maps from CSGO and CSS. (Normal surf maps can be a Surf DM map, but we may have to modify it slightly, like forbidden ways.) Also some T2 maps that get suggested may get put on the T1 server depending on how difficult/easy they are.
  6. Hey all, i've done a lot of zone changes and have experimented a bit with a few maps, let me know what you think and I can make changes around the things you dislike. https://warzone.gg/wiki/viewchangelogs?id=32
  7. I think it should stay, because like Zero said, it helps reminds players of the rules. I do think a feature of having a certain amount of hours would allow you to skip it, but then it gets rid of that as a VIP perk, which I don't think should happen.
  8. Trying to appeal your ban here isn't going to work, you're wasting your time. The evidence is very clear that you're cheating, just because you got let off twice, doesn't mean it will happen again.
  9. I'm assuming you want the weapon inspect bind. To do this, you need to open your console ( ` for default) and type bind key "+alt1" An example would be bind f "+alt1"
  10. You can still use it, you have to press F2 while near it.
  11. Hey! I saw you on bhop the other day and you were quite nice! Welcome to the community :3
  12. Very funky :3 I do think the MVP could be a little more like the team selection.
  13. I need your opinions for an idea I've had with the surf start and finish zones. Do you think I should lower the start and finish zones so people cant exploit the start zones? It could possibly give the main replay bot a better replay for you, because it would show from the start to end. No hidden things behind the start zone. (Apart from maps that let you gain a permanent speed boost at the start like aircontrol) If you have any questions, feel free to post them below.
  14. Maybe it'll be a thing in the new timer engine update. Its all up to the people who make it
  15. We've been suggested this quite a bit, I cant remember the reasons why its not a thing. But one huge negative point about this being a thing would be, people would just choose a negev and start spraying their life out of it. It would get really annoying.
  16. Welcome back! Goodluck on your GCSE's, hope you do extremely well on them! :3
  17. Hey, welcome! I hope you have a good time on our servers, and hope to see you around! :3
  18. Some people actually like that map, I personally don't, but some people do. That's staying. I agree on this, we will probably keep one variant of machine. Thanks for the feedback.
  19. This'll probably get declined because you didn't use the format. Also you should activate windows.
  20. Cant really tell if you're saying nice skin or calling it bad. Either way, this wasn't a copy and paste like most skins that get submitted.
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