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  1. Minecraft B5 Changes I would like.

    Im quite disappointed you didn't suggest for the gamemode to be shutdown, as its complete cancer. But seriously, you're one of the very few people who have actually made detailed and serious suggestions and not something that's stupidly impossible. (apart from the pubg/fortnite circle) And I thank you for that, its nice to see someone actually putting in an effort instead of saying "moar guns liek shotgun pistol" and such.
  2. Emote Purge & Competition

    Yes, Discord does limit you to 50, but we haven't reached that limit yet. And even if we do, I doubt you need to worry about it.
  3. This month's events

    You're welcome :3
  4. With or without mayonnaise

    No comment. ;-;
  5. Surf Coaching

    Do you think having coaches in surf would be a good idea? The idea of a coach would to be able to noclip around, but their time would not be counted. They could help players that are stuck on certain levels and show them how complete the level/stage. They could possibly (don't know if its possible) draw a guide line for players, so they have a general idea of where to go. That option could be useful for finding shortcuts. People would be able to apply for coaching like they would for staff. Anyway, let me know what you think! If you have any suggestions for this feature, then us know.
  6. buying Blue case only Gloves

    Hey there, you could also ask in the discord in the trading channel, you'll probably get a faster response there. https://discordapp.com/invite/DewAmxJ
  7. Crsshair

    If you're talking about stronghold or TTT, you cant. On surf dm and gungame you can through different console commands, im sure @ZeRo knows them.
  8. Banned for cheating??

    Not the best way to talk about an admin.
  9. Warzone Reticals and Scopes

    You can counter snipers with any assault rifle or submachine gun, you just need to aim. (Not trying to say you're bad) I can take out snipers easily with an m4a4 (probably because the m4a4 is OP) The point being is, you don't need a crosshair, you just need to get used to where you will aim when you ADS. The developer of stronghold didn't add crosshairs in for a reason. You can look down the iron sights of the gun and make it 100% accurate.
  10. Warzone Reticals and Scopes

    That's what the reflex sight is for.
  11. Surf_Classics

    Well, looks like surf_classics is going to be removed then.
  12. Surf_Classics

    Me and a few other players have been talking about surf_classics and some don't like it, some do. I personally don't like it because it has way too many ramp glitches for such a long map. The idea of putting all the classic surf maps into one was a great idea, it was just executed poorly.
  13. request of unban

    If you wish to submit a ban appeal, please do so here: https://warzone.gg/banappeals