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  1. ☆ Karambit | Crimson Kimono

    This'll probably get declined because you didn't use the format. Also you should activate windows.
  2. M9 Bayonet - Hydrosphere

    Cant really tell if you're saying nice skin or calling it bad. Either way, this wasn't a copy and paste like most skins that get submitted.
  3. Smol Kyoot Cat :3

  4. Bayonet | Planets

    It's just a CTRL C + CTRL V Not much effort really.
  5. Surf DM Map Feedback

    That map was removed a long time ago.
  6. Surf DM Map Feedback

    Heyo, we're going to be changing Surf DM soon, we'll also be bringing in new maps and we want to know what you think of our current maps. We'll have room to remove the bad maps that someone decided to add without considering anything *cough* Matt *cough*. So if you could post here the maps, and whats wrong with them. You can also use this to make map suggestions. If you could post the map name + link, i'll check it out when I can. I'd prefer CSS maps.
  7. Hi

  8. Music in loading screen please

    I already hate maps that play music you cant turn down without turning down your game. A loading screen would just be painful.
  9. Get To Know Me 🅱

    The constant change of font makes me sick. smol
  10. Glock 18 | Emoji

    I like the concept, maybe you add more variations like the cat emoji's for one float value and just different emojis for different float values?
  11. Its an auction for a reason. You're meant to bid. Plus we already have that feature, its on the community market.
  12. Handwraps | Hyperbeast (feat. Thonk)

    CTRL C + CTRL V :c
  13. Surf Zone Updates 2

    Hey all, i've updated a few things on surf. You can get the changelog here: https://warzone.gg/wiki/viewchangelogs?id=22 Also, if you have any map suggestions, feel free to message me on discord with the map link and everything. Happy surfing.
  14. My introduction!

    Welcome back!