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  1. Viledas

    Best Ban Appeals & How to Ban Appeal

    Well, he was having a bad time already, so I was already stating the obvious. As Gornot said, you remember almost all of your bans (and appeals), which makes for good times when scrolling back through them! Very nice guide/list though! I would rate it a solid 5/7!
  2. Viledas

    Warzone Pokémon Cards

    I feel like there should be more, besides the "disapointing"-one in the second part of my text!
  3. Viledas

    Warzone Pokémon Cards

    Oh my fucking god, I love these pokémon cards! As a fellow graphic designer, I say: job well done!! This shit is great! PS: corrects* #LearnYourOwnFuckingLanguage #OrLearnEnglish
  4. Viledas

    Admin resignation (Viledas)

    Thanks for all the nice messages and all the support! This really shows why I love this community and why I became an admin here in the first place. Thank you for the "serenade", @puk413! Maybe I am already a commie, @EzZ! @Le dude, I can be mean to you, if you'd like! I'd be happy to oblige! @Dinosaur, Yeeeeeeeeeeeees @Puff the Magic Dragon: Thank you for noticing! I am in fact a teacher of English as a foreign language! Did you find the typo/mistake in the text though? #TeacherThings @All The rest I didn't give a special mention: You guys all rock! Thank you for all the nice comments and I can assure you, I will be back!
  5. Viledas

    Admin resignation (Viledas)

    Some of you might have already heard, for others, this will come like a bolt out of the blue. Trust me, for me it was like that as well, kind of. As of today, I will be resigning as admin on Warzone Gaming. I have had a good run and was still having a good run, but real life is more important to me than Garry's Mod. Some of you may know that I am a teacher and I was working part time. Starting tomorrow, I will be taking on an extra full time, meaning I will be working 1.5 full times. This means that I will not be able to do a lot else but eat, sleep, work, repeat. After my work as a teacher and going into the holidays, I will be traveling through Cuba and I will not be able to put in any hours on the servers again. I would have almost no hours on the servers until the start of August. If you are an admin on this community, that is unacceptable. This awesome community deserves to be moderated by active admins who only wish the best for the servers (and I think the current team of admins is up to that task). I have enjoyed serving with every single one of them (except Bloody Biscuits, he thinks I am mean and just to prove his point, I will say that I did not like serving with him). You will definitely still see me around, but only as a player who will annoy the shit out of you, and not as an admin anymore. In August, when I have more time to play, you can probably expect me back as an admin if you still need me. Special mention to ZeRo, the managers and the admins for having built this awesome community! You guys are the best (except for Bloody Biscuits). Gents, it's been an honor and a privilege! I bid the farewell (but you will see me again, that is a promise).
  6. Viledas

    How to win TTT on Mine-craft map 100%

    You forgot to mention that you might get shot doing this. So 100% win rate is a lie! The cake is also a lie!
  7. Viledas

    Recording On Gmod Servers

    It's tricky I think. It is not allowed to film people recognizably in real life, because you violate their privacy. The same could be true for online servers I guess. I would personally think that a warning (that you can be filmed and by playing you accept the fact that it can happen) at the start, on the welcome screen, would be the safest way to go. Just to cover every angle
  8. Viledas

    More Perks to Detevtive or Traitor

    Big fan of grapple hook and boombodies here! And I don't know if the detective ball is in there, but don't use it please, it's too op!
  9. Viledas

    New Gmod Game Mode?

    I actually did something similar in the past with some friends (not a programmed gamemode, but a sandbox with similar rules to this) and we found that the following maps perform quite well on potato pc's (yes, some of them had potato pc's) and are fun to play on: gm_valley: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=104483504 gm_atomic: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=105984257 gm_aridvalley: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=510346779 gm_floatingworlds: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=122421739
  10. Viledas

    Skins - Ideas

    Could you maybe do some GoT-inspired skins? I think the logo's would look awesome on some guns.
  11. Viledas

    New Gmod Game Mode?

    This does sound like a good idea indeed. I would go for a bigger map myself and maybe give radar to players after a certain amount of time. Just to make it fun for every type of player (snipers, sneaking with knives, just straight up rambos, ...). On small maps, the straight up rambos would always win.
  12. Viledas

    New traitor additions to TTT servers

    True maybe!! Extra D weapons would be nice too!! But I like the boombodies a lot tbh I just want those
  13. Viledas

    Can't connect to server

    It was fixed!! Thanks!
  14. Viledas

    Can't connect to server

    She has tried reconnecting and restarting (both pc and steam). So no avail there. And she gets the "Inventory services not available"-screen too.
  15. Viledas

    Can't connect to server

    LunaSophie is trying to connect to the servers on gmod, but every time she wants to connect, she gets disconnected and gets "error message 10". Any idea on what it is and how to solve it?

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