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  1. I can't join the discord, probaby because I got perm banned. I sold an item for 15 milion (gloves) and did not receive money. I made a report but it seems as if no one wants to pay attention to that so hereby maybe this topic will grab some attention. I hope someone is able to help me with the problems I have stated above. ( You can check my report at (servers > reports > bugs) Thanks for reading and if you did, help me.
  2. Steam name: S1mple Steamid: STEAM_0:1:70324061 it might not be funny but it was fun (is raw dont judge me)
  3. IGN: S1mple SteamID: STEAM_:1:70324061 Nominee Name: Blossom Mcbitch Nominee Reason: He helped me through tough times when i needed a GOOD friend
  4. Steam ID: STEAM_:1:70324061 IGN: S1mple Nominee Name: Nop3 Reason for Nomination: He teached me most of the things when i just started playing on this server Gl ! Quiz screenshot: ( there is 1 mistake in the quiz at its in 10 idk why but i talked to the guy and he isnt ) so free point for meh
  5. Gornot I've played on multiple servers that where empty and full if this server gets created again i will be online almost everyday because i never had the chance to join it because i never saw/noticed it was here or not > I even asked most of the staff if there was/is one and most of them said: not that I know off. I like rust as i said it is 1 of my favorite games. if there are not lots of people i understand it whould get removed again. i asked most of the players ingame if they played rust and if they liked it and most of them actually like it! At least try it for a certain amount of time who knows it might become crowded! I hope you understand that I love rust much and want to play it in 1 of the servers that you guys could create.
  6. This server has like many game modes But 1 of my favourite games is Rust. And this server has no Rust server which i find very unfortunate perhaps it could be modded or vanilla i don't mind either of them I just hope it at least gets created! (if you think there should have a rust server plz support i would appreciate it!)
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