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  1. i had this problem too a while ago, after a quick gmod restart everything worked fine again.
  2. "STAHP GIVING YOURSELF COOKIES" "DANNY DEVITO" "DANNY BURITO" "DANNY FUCKING ANYTHING THAT ENDS IN ITO" FUCK YOU -Bloody Biscuits @Vaporeonus I already thought I shut you up. I guess not, maybe i'll have to fucking continue digging until we're in fucking China. Maybe when we're there you'll SHUT THE FUCK UP! -Bloody Biscuits Lets all give a round of applause to @Vaporeonus for noticing that I hate him more than I hate @Puff the Magic Dragon. Well fucking done. -Bloody Biscuits (tbh i dont think bloody likes danny devito) -Puff the Magic Dragon
  3. Congrats to everyone who participated, I will definitely buy all of these and check them out!
  4. The secret of surf_kitsune Welcome to a quick guide on how to activate the secret on the popular surf map surf_kitsune. This will teach you how to make everyone on the server have epileptic seizures step-by-step. IMPORTANT: If you fail even once during activating it, you have to start again from 1. or it will not work. At the start of the map, don't walk into the red doorway, but turn around and walk through the wall. Then, walk into the rainbow doorway and step on the launchpad. This will launch you forward, so prepare to press "s" to stop before you fly through the red door. Now, walk through the red door and touch this zone: Doing this will teleport you to the second stage. In the 2nd stage, first jump onto the goal platform and touch this zone: Then, jump back and touch this zone: This will, once again, teleport you to the next stage. There, you first jump onto the goal platform, touching this zone: and then, you jump back down and touch this zone: 4th stage: As usual, jump onto the goal platform: BUT MAKE SURE YOU KEEP YOUR MOMENTUM! And then, jump into one of these zones: In the 5th stage, again, jump onto the goal platform: and then jump into either of these zones: Now you should be in a big, dark room, on a ramp like this: Shorty after you arrive there you will be boosted, as soon as you get boosted, flick up and land on the platform. Now press the button, and the fun will begin! Again, if you fail EVEN ONCE it won't work and you have to start over by going through the wall at spawn, standing on the launch pad, etc. I hope this guide helped you. Now, go and have fun annoying everybody by doing this all the fucking time! Sincerely, Vaporeonus
  5. Vaporeonus


    Why can't i delete dis?!
  6. Vaporeonus


    STEAM_0:1:126131083 |WZ| Vaporeonus Haters, go away plez ;-;
  7. Doesn't have anything to do with the content of the post, but you can add a poll to the post without using externals websites. Just a friendly tip
  8. Found one! Exadons resistance: Bulying. #EnglishIsExtremelyDifficult
  9. I dislike star wars.... By... A lot, but I think star wars fans would enjoy it.
  10. Vaporeonus


    Welcome to the forums, enjoy your stay! Also, Rule #1 of beep club: You DO NOT talk about beep clup
  11. For the main menu music, can you play 2 songs after each other, or does it have to be 1 song per clip? because i can't decide wich awesomeness of a song i should use
  12. In what format? wav or mp3, or what?
  13. Great, because I don't know how to make music.
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