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  1. Get Circumcised - PUBG

    that frag kill in the end. Awh yiss. So I figure you died shortly after?
  2. STAFF Q&A TIME!!!!

    Would you personally appreciate it if we had a Minecraft server?
  3. STAFF Q&A TIME!!!!

    Can we please get a Minecraft server?
  4. CS:GO Drinking Game #3

    Not 100% sure if I can join, but registered anyways. Team Pentahotel for the win u private bar fgts
  5. How many people play mw2(not just on our server)? How many servers are there in total?
  6. Guess who's back.

    Welcome back! Hope you'll enjoy your stay here once again!
  7. Casino+New Obtainables

    I remember suggesting this to Z a long time ago, I think there were legal issues(at least with my idea) so I'm not sure if it's possible. I would really like to see a Casino mod or map tho, but Blackjack and Texas Hold'em are the games that I would like to play.
  8. Summer Meetup 2018 - Date Voting

    I will not be able to attend in July due to exams. Unfortunately I have to work from the end of July to the end of August, but that usually lasts 'till the end of August(20th ish). With that said, End of August - start of September would be the best time for me(but I could make August work. It would just be a hassle to deal with). Glad that Utrecht is the location this time around, can't wait to see it (KRNZ hyped me up). Tom, if Utrecht is a shithole I will blame you, make you drink five liters of petrol and set you on fire from the inside ♥
  9. Say no to SJWs!

    1. Papa Gornot
    2. vlodern


      savage fucker xdxd /pussypassdenied/

    3. KRNZ


      Social Jew Warriors?

  10. Shit Men Do: Freeballing

    Maybe that's why I can't get laid
  11. What am I doing with my life.

    The key to overcoming Nihilism is to make clear to yourself, that you have two options in life: 1) Suicide, because nothing matters and nothing ever will or 2) live for the joy in life. So live to receive joy in short or long terms and to make yourself happy EDIT: corrected a typo
  12. Gamemode idea

    This sounds a lot like the Division Multiplayer with the tdm zone being the dark zone
  13. System Build

    Hmm weird. I got the same Cpu as you, a worse gpu and no issues (I Do have 16gb Of ram tho). Try opening your pc, maybe theres a lot Of dust. Also try logging your pc temps, i suggest cpu Z for that. About the boot issues. Are You booting from your ssd or hdd? How full is your ssd?
  14. Movie Night - Series 2 Suggestions

    City of God Arrival Donnie Darko American Beauty Her Good Will Hunting Ex Machina Boyhood Cowboy Bebop - The Movie The Accountant The Lobster Nightcrawler Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb LA Confidential Note: I watched all of these and can highly recommend them
  15. The 2017 UK Meetup Bucket List

    My personal bucket list (Feel free to do them with me): -suck Zero's dick -steal a car, kidnap Alfred's sister and lock her in the hotel room -steal Zero's pc -use every chance to talk drunk about Brexit and the iq of brits in bars/restaurants -eat fresh fish -give Alex the adress of the airfield bar -get bombed -die shitfaced under a third reich flag in the airfield bar