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  1. "I have to much money for my own good" @ZeRo
  2. @Megasubbie:"Zero have you pre-ordered the new Geforce gtx 2080?" @ZeRo:"Yes i have." @TheSinkingSponge:"He probably ordered like 5 of them."
  3. "Look the size comparison" Context kids. @paradox
  4. listen i can see the aim-bot clearly by your crosshair sitting still and you hitting in addition what zero said i believe you don`t have Parkinson`s which highly true seeing as you didn`t say it in your appeal and now also bhop at 1 minute onward does not help your case the reason why it easy to see because increase speed have constant jumping landing (although it is easy bc of the old source) and not actually moving you screen which is bhop scripting. As people above me said your ban appeal has been declined so stop trying. (edit) Hours mean nothing on steam because you can just afk for them and can be bought or a bot.
  5. Megasubbie

    Music Help!

    Deadmau5-Beneath were me Axwell-More Than you Madeon,Porter Robinson-Shelter Daft Punk- Superheroes Major Lazer-Roll the bass Feder,Lyse-Goodbye radio edit Mdk-Fingerbang Edx- Feel the rush
  6. "I was going to say. You have a pug addiction and im a genocidal maniac. Let the man be a weeb" @FaZe Taylor Swift Geuss the roles
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