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  1. "The English queen is so hot, I wank to her every night" @Screamoheart
  2. "i can`t have first world problems because i`m black" @Dinosaur
  3. "why so many 911`s" @FaZe Taylor Swift
  4. <3 Night-Senpai <3: Should I hand myself over to Dutch Borderpatrol? I'm actually French and I :heart: it "sticking my dick in pringels can" @NightFurious
  5. Megasubbie_old

    PUBG Wins!

    My man @FaZe Taylor Swift dies around 25th and my 6 year blind autistic aim carry me
  6. roses are red an animal is a cow in case you were wondering you can stop worrying about grenades now @FaZe Taylor Swift
  7. "if i die i want a british .50 call up me arse" @FaZe Taylor Swift
  8. "<23:47:18> "archilles392": gornot is a great gay" @archilles392
  9. "<21:36:31> "archilles392": Alfred's dad is probably hot, after all, he made alfred's sister" @archilles392@Not Alfred
  10. "Cheap labor is good labor" @Not Alfred
  11. Star Wars: Episode IV: A New Hope Star Wars: Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back Star Wars: Episode VI: Return of the Jedi @FaZe Taylor Swift
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