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  1. SkinUtils

    Er ma gerd ! YUUUUUUUS. Porn aint got nothing on this. THIS is what makes my pepe hard. NORMAL MAPS AND AMBIENT OCCLUSION!!!!!! Ma prayers have been heard!
  2. I kind of want to try and turn this into a series, but it requires that the game I'm taking photos of allows freecam movement and pausing, which most games don't. BUT, Mad Max does allow these things, so after hours of capturing 50+ screenshots per planet and stitching them together, here are some samples of what I've been able to capture of Mad Max's dystopian world.
  3. The Quotes Topic

    "Come on Gornot! Give us the juice" - @Not Alfred
  4. CS:GO & CaH Drinking Game

    I slept at the Stay! hotel, but I can't have a drinking night without stabbing @ZeRo in the back, so I have to stick with the A&O proletarians...
  5. IPhone vs Andriod

    Both. Don't really have a preference. It's more if I'm in the mood for paying more for a better product (iPhone) or save money (android) for something else.
  6. Made from the remainders of a crashed Chinese racing car; the tec-9 is as versatile as it is deadly. Any name suggestions are greatly appreciated.
  7. Faces That You Frag V4

    Tribute to @Hotradremixlx
  8. Are you a Superrecogniser?

    After the 15 minute survery and the 30 minute psychiatric analysis you guess which dick belongs to whom. Very interesting stuff.
  9. Minecraft Server :D

    We already have one. It's got some cools mods on it that makes people look realistic and stuff. You can shoot with guns around this lighthouse and you have to find out who's evil. You'll love it!
  10. Thanks for good tips :>. You are first people write what i don't write.

    1. Dinosaur


      No problem man! Glad to hear you found some use of them

  11. Don't nerf knifes

    Might as well change the subject to "Don't look down the barrel of gun"...
  12. Help

    All games are on steam: Celestial Crossing 遊魂2 -you're the only one- No Man's Sky LoveKami -Divinity Stage- Arma 3 - Apex (Don't buy the game, just the DLC) Last Days of Spring 2 My Riding Stables: Life with Horses You're welcome.
  13. That doesn't sound like too bad of an idea! I think I'm going to do that, thanks!