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  1. gmod would be a great game to host, prehaps a TTT server
  2. What's long and black? The waiting line at KFC.
  3. PokéTard

    money bugged

    you can report bugs here:https://warzone.gg/reports/reportform?id=3
  4. I have no idea why this wasn't suggested before, but: white stripes, seven nation army
  5. excuse me, but i thought you were somebody nice and a great person in the community until this, you are being a dick about me trying to inform new players because yes, when you say "all this", it means all this, including the things you got equiped.
  6. Hey there, i hope you have a good time on the forums and generally with warzone, i hope too see you around even if i don't really play on the servers anymore frenchmasterrace
  7. maybe make the target ragdoll for 5 secs or something similar, but don't exept the sound to be added.
  8. the lil keine can be bought in the shop, just a heads up to those who are interested
  9. when you come back from a week of vacations and see this.... holy shit, warzone really has a great community. will exclusive shoes exist? because i will spend a thousand dollars on em' if i can.
  10. i think he means trading for cases not sure tho
  11. hello ,and have a bloody good time on the forums o/
  12. PokéTard

    Play some Games

    I can play with you once in a while, but i see your profile is private. mine isn't, you can check it by clicking my profile pick -> steam profile -> my profile picture if you want to add me, or just search pokétard on steam. i hope we will have fun together (if you accept of course). also, i don't have a microphone, just so you know.
  13. PokéTard

    Help Me

    you should should probably say wich game you've played to prevent people to suggest those, and if you are on IOS or android. Try dan the man if you like retro plaformers, you can try Dan the Man, or if you don't, the gigantic amount of clickers game that exist, like cookie clicker. I also just saw that the escapist is released on android, it's a fun prison escape game (costs 4$)
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