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  1. Definitely like this more than your other Bayonet, but I'd suggest turning down the contrast and brightness. Also.. It's nice, but do we need another galaxy-esque skin?
  2. I'm not sure TDM cars would be the way to go. Beyond how they look, TDM are all basically the same thing and almost a "meta" will emerge for the single best car rather than having 70% of the cars being genuinely viable.
  3. @Kitty Cat also fuck you blossom
  4. Sorry for so many suggestions but this one is short. All I'm suggesting is that the spawn protection works the same way that Stronghold's spawn protect works: Your screen is grey until spawn protection ends. As it stands right now, it's hard to tell when your spawn protection is on and when it's not which makes it difficult to tell when you should fire and when you shouldn't without lots of time spent figuring out how long it is.
  5. The issue with that is discord limits you to 50, but I'm sure it's much more for ingame.
  6. So, like the title suggests, I want to purge all the underused/unwanted emotes. The only emotes I've seen in my time here on both discord and ingame are: :lole:, :luul:, :emofdr:, :forsenE:, :thonk:, :monkaS:, :banhammer:, :cage: (sometimes), (sometimes), and I used to see :dancinghotdog: and :dabba:. So I vote the ones frequently used stay. And also, that discord and ingame emotes be synced, and all other emotes be purged as nobody uses them at all. (incl vip emotes.) And in their place, I say we have a competition similar to the music kit comp, where people submit, suggest, and things get added to the game, except a lot more will be added this time since there's a lot more emotes to be had.
  7. @archilles392 @Viledas
  8. I think that'd be sorta annoying to code, maybe later down the line, and for now we could have the effect the Visualizer has in TTT
  9. I'm not sure about receiving an item, but maybe some kind of flair? Like a badge which tracks how many times you prestige. Could also be abusable though and would have to make it so you're a certain high level to able to prestige. Say for example, 1 million EXP (I don't remember the exact level) to prestige server-wide, and bhop/surf wizurd to prestige for those modes? Either way, huge +1 for this though, especially server-wide exp prestige.
  10. That was my concern when thinking about this suggestion, hence the "disadvantaging or no visible benefit" models. E.g, everyone's favourite Mossman. And thanks for pointing that out @Archangel!
  11. As it says in the title, I want to suggest that people can use models that disadvantage or provide no advantage to the player in pvp. For example, models with hitboxes that are harder to hit, or playermodels that look like they should have bigger hitboxes but they don't (similar to using the Deadmau5 hat) shouldn't be allowed, but I believe personally that if someone has a model that makes them easier to see, or with bigger hitboxes, or if it makes no noticeable difference, people should be allowed to use them. It's like putting a trail on in Stronghold, people can show off their flair and it's much more customised to you. ((i was going to use hats as an example but a lot just trick you into trying to headshot things like the Rubix Cube or the Deadmau5 hat, and you miss.)) As it stands right now, the only place you can actually use any playermodels are in surf, cinema and bhop, and I hope people can use more models in other gamemodes like TTT, Stronghold and Gungame. Edit for extra clarification: Models I'm putting in advantages are either smaller or bigger than their designated hitboxes or provide some other advantage that you wouldn't have access to otherwise. (e.g, if Neko-Chan has regular HL2 hitboxes, but because it's shorter, people will think the head is lower than the hitbox actually is. Similar to PuggaMaximus.) Ones that are just a tiny bit misleading don't really fall anywhere, like Reaper, Darth Vader, or Boba Fett, who have extra parts to their models like capes and wings, but don't make sense if you'd try and shoot them. This isn't the same as models like Skeleton which are VERY misleading, but that goes back up to the advantages section. Disadvantaging models either have bigger hitboxes or have regular hitboxes but ways that tell you where people are, like Mercy, (I don't know if any of the other models have fucked hitboxes.)
  12. STEAM Name: Sky! STEAMID: STEAM_0:1:49593571 URL: http://steamcommunity.com/id/skyishappy/ Nominee: @MrTwD Reason: He's better than me at league. :c
  13. This is a quality of life suggestion but I think it'd go a long way. Put comma's in prices while you're pricing it (e.g 1,000,000). It's painfully annoying to have to do this pricing by counting when selling expensive items or selling en masse, and it'd help a lot of players sell quickly without fuck-ups or hassle. (if you need a reason on why I'm suggesting it now, I accidentally sold a dusk fade karambit and gloves for 2.7 mil when they were meant to be up for 27mil because I miscounted. It's sorted out now though.)
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