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  1. The princess bride https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0093779/ Great movie, THE PRINCESS BRIDE OR RIOT
  2. Yeet his gay ass off the servers
  3. Alfred betrayed me. This cannot go unnoticed. He needs to be executed by the people.
  4. @Callum (Blazingstardude): "A crab is going to fuck me"
  5. Do you think I am a woman? I am a trap! @Megasubbie @Megasubbie_old
  6. puk413


    I'll have you know I'm roughly 621,820,800 seconds old
  7. a good old dicking by @archilles392
  8. Hello mister mister KRNZ, Nice to see you finally introduced yourself, I had no idea who you were.
  9. Hey at least you can play again, so there's that. Besides there are better skins now.
  10. @vlodern: "Do you have a left right and an altright? "
  11. @archilles392 - I have pussyflaps in my balls
  12. In-Game name: Dictator Perpetuo puk413 SteamID: STEAM_1:0:56635713
  13. "Suck my fat inch cock" @Zumba
  14. It's an Eurotruck simulator 2 event, some of us have played that game together for a while and our glorious leader made WarZone Logistics an official part of WarZone.
  15. Rip Aug Smaug. Still sick skin m8
  16. Another drinking party? Let me check my schedule boyos
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