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  1. MvP|NinjaOfNinja

    Game Night Games

    I would love to see another Drunk CSGO or maybe a Drunk Uno game night. WarZone hasn't had one in a while and since I can now play more on the weekends I'll maybe be able to join one now.
  2. MvP|NinjaOfNinja

    TTT 2 Ideas & Suggestions

    I feel like if we are going to have a custom and unique TTT game mode than it shouldn’t be over complicated. In my opinion, for newer players to either gmod or the game mode in general it would be a hard time getting into the game if it’s too hard to understand.
  3. MvP|NinjaOfNinja

    New Gamemode

    I think it would be really fun to have a sandbox gamemode where you can raid bases, hunt people down and kill them, or maybe even build while still using the CS:GO weapons. Not sure if this is even possible but I think it would be really fun.
  4. MvP|NinjaOfNinja

    TTT with new roles?

    I think of instead of roles we could do something like fun rounds, it might give the game something new.
  5. MvP|NinjaOfNinja

    TTT Rotation Map Requests

    https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=118623480&searchtext=ttt_community_pool - TTT_community_pool
  6. MvP|NinjaOfNinja

    Social Media Giveaway #29

    Link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/Ninja_Of_Ninja/home SteamID:STEAM_0:1:8735405 IGN: The Reaper I am doing this for fun so I'm not to sad if I lose
  7. MvP|NinjaOfNinja

    Who would want to see a Deathrun server with autohop?

    Yay im glad people love my idea. i do agree that b-hop would be overpowered in a deathrun server so im ok with the deathrun server didnt have it
  8. This is just to see how many people would play on a deathrun server. I know i would spend most of my time on that gamemode if it was added to Warzone
  9. MvP|NinjaOfNinja

    How do i do votekick on ttt

    i was wondering how to use the votekick command and the /me command. anything else that is cool to know about platinum VIP would be cool.
  10. MvP|NinjaOfNinja

    When will I get my rank perks

    thanks for helping me and it was strange because it didn't ask me that question before I bought it.
  11. MvP|NinjaOfNinja

    When will I get my rank perks

    So i recently spent the $40 for the monthly subscription for platinum VIP and haven't gotten it in game yet. When should I expect to get my perks for the rank.
  12. MvP|NinjaOfNinja

    Can someone help me

    thank you so very much
  13. MvP|NinjaOfNinja

    Can someone help me

    I need help getting the weapon skins. if anyone can get me a link or can help me that would be really appreciated.

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