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  1. Hey there Stooner. Usually when someone gets banned, he can make a ban appeal, but since your ban is shorter than 24 hours, you can't. I'm guessing that's why you made this topic. Unfortunately for you, since this isn't a ban appeal, Reaper isn't required to show the evidence for your ban. If he wants to share this with you, he can, but that's his own choice. To reaper: if you do share your evidence with him, do it in a discord or forum pm. Ban appeals aren't public for a reason, and evidence doesn't belong in a topic like this.
  2. We will soon be working on TTT 2, however this is going to be much more than just another TTT server. I do not know yet if this will be a 1 map server or a rotation server, I think the options are kinda open for that one, so perhaps there will be various maps available for that one. For the normal TTT server tho, there will likely be no or not that many changes, and we intend on keeping it a 1 map server, with minecraft_b5 being that map. Again, this is not about mine or your opinion about the map, it's about the experience we have with the different kinds of servers and we know that at the moment, this is what works best for us. If you want to check out the ideas and suggestions for TTT 2, you can look over here:
  3. Alright so the only thing I can really say something about is your third point, as the other things are more about nerfing or improving weapons and I think zero knows more about that. I can understand that you personally may get bored of the same map over and over again, but for some reason a lot of players really like to play on a server with just one map, and minecraft_b5 is actually one of the most (if not the most) popular TTT maps as far as I know. We've had rotation servers multiple times in the past, but they were never as popular as the main TTT server, and after a while they were just empty. As far as I can remember we've tried this once here on warzone and once on overwatchgaming, and I've also seen it happen in a community I was in previously (pvp-gamers) and it all had the same result. I'm sorry if you feel like the map is a bit boring, but I don't think we're going to add another rotation server or add maps to the current server.
  4. The Dark Knight trilogy Pirates of the Carribean 1, 2 and 3 (cause the other ones don't matter) the Three Flavours Cornetto trilogy
  5. tfw you get memed
  6. Cyberpunk Theme: Witcher Theme:
  7. The competition is over, so here are the correct answers and the winner of the quiz! 1. What show did I go to in 2018? The correct answer was 40 trips around the sun - Toto. I went there in March this year, in Amsterdam. 2. How many people from WarZone did I meet in real life this year? The correct answer here was 10. The people I met irl this year were: Zero, Alfred, Vlodern, Puk413, Screamoheart, Megasubbie, Keranoz, Archangel, Muffin, Tomandpc 3. How many items (weapon skins, music kits) did I make in 2018, and how many of them were accepted? The correct answer was 5 items submitted, 4 accepted. I made 4 music kits that all got accepted (Toto, Vicetone, Sofi Tukker & Batman) and I made a knife skin all the way back in January, but it wasn't accepted. 4. Which character did I NOT use as a discord profile picture during the 31 days of Spooktober? The correct answer was Michael Myers - Halloween. 5. Beep I seriously don't get why so many people got this wrong. Some of you were probably too stubborn to not vote "No". Obviously, the correct answer was Boop Bap Bip Bup Bonk Burp 6. What is my favourite Christmas movie? My favourite Christmas movie is Die Hard. Yes, it is a Christmas movie! 7. What does Glenn have? As pointed out by me and ZeRo during our drunk radio show, Glenn has the driest, crustiest dick that has ever existed 8. What am I going to do next year? I'm going with ZeRo and Vlodern to A State of Trance in February, gonna be sick The winner of the competition is @EmbersOfTheFlame! He got 6/8 questions right. Congrats Embers Here's the complete score list:
  8. Hey everyone, I also wanted to do some kind of giveaway, because of all the Christmas nonsense, so I decided to make a quiz. You'll be able to participate untill Saturday next week (December 29), then the winner will be announced. Obviously, the person that gives the most correct answers will win. In case of a tie, a winner will be chosen at random (only from the participants with the most points, of course). So, you might be wondering, what can you actually win? Well, since it's the steam winter sale at the moment, there are a lot of good deals out there. I thought about buying a game and giving that away as the prize, but then people who already owned that game wouldn't have any reason to do the quiz in the first place. So instead of doing that, you can choose what you want yourself! I will buy the winner of the quiz a game in the steam winter sale that costs 25 euro/pounds. Of course, multiple games that have that as a combined value is also fine. So here's the quiz, good luck everyone. And yes, I know a lot of these questions are about me, but I need to know the answers in order to check em https://goo.gl/forms/8B1qzssNCjzvpFW12
  9. Just some random ideas that could be added to TTT 2.0 Items: - A helmet detectives can buy in the detective menu. Would basically work the same as normal armor, but then for the head, meaning that they would take less damage by headshots, and even survive one deagle/scout/awp shot. - There's this detective tool which is basically a grappling hook. If it works and isn't too op, we could add it, but from what I've seen of it on other servers it wasn't that great and kind of op. Maybe it would be better if you could only use it like 2/3 times? Gameplay: - A buy menu for innocents, where they can buy certain items (special weapons, armor, dna scanner?) with credits. Innocents would gain these credits by killing traitors / "looting" dead bodies. Might make the innocent role more interesting for people. - Rotating upgrades all players can choose at the start of a round. Say there are 9 upgrades in total, at every start of the round you see 3 of these 9 ones, and you can choose one. These upgrades could be something like "dealing slightly more damage", "having slightly more health", "having slightly less recoil", "having slightly faster movement", etc. No clue if it's possible or if people would even want this, just an idea. - All players being able to throw their knife? No clue if this is possible animation wise, but it could be interesting as a feature to throw away your only melee weapon just to get an instant kill / deal a lot of damage. Also, reacting to the other ideas presented here: - I agree that whatever gets chosen, the most important thing is clarity towards the players. It will have new features, but it should still be recognized as a version of TTT. - I do think we should keep the weapons on the ground and you pick them up by walking over them, but like Chaotix said, completely random weapon spawns could be interesting. I usually always go to the same 3 places on the map to get a scout. The gamemode would be more challenging if you don't have your favourite weapon because you couldn't find it, and at the same time you could learn to play with other weapons as well. - Same weapons with different stats idea from Zero could work, however custom skins probably shouldn't work for those weapons, just so it's clear those are "special rare" weapons. They should have a specific colour imo. - Can't really comment on the "Deputy" role as I don't really know what it means. If someone could explain to me what a Deputy can actually do and what the exact difference is from a detective or a normal innocent, that'd be great. - I personally never really had a problem with the F8 menu as it is, but sure, things like this can always be improved. I wouldn't really know how tho tbh. Adding something that adds "being able to see shooting in close proximity", like Chaotix said, would only work in some cases, as people get shot from the other side of the map as well. - Fun rounds are nice, although I'd rather see it once every 10 rounds than 5. - Personally not a big fan of the special loadout / weapon inventory idea. I think part of the charm of TTT is that you're never sure what weapons you're gonna start with.
  10. Music Kit name: Dark Knight Cover Image: Background Image: Kit description: This music kit contains different themes and soundtracks from Batman films such as The Dark Knight, series such as Batman the Brave and the Bold, and games such as Batman Arkham City. Why do you want your music kit to be added to WarZone Gaming: Not gonna lie, I doubt this music kit will be accepted since the soundtracks used weren't the best for a music kit, mainly because most of it is classical music and in my opinion that's hard to fit in a music kit. It was an experiment and it did still turn out better than I thought it would. If the reason why I made this wasn't clear yet, I'm a huge Batman fan and this is my way of showing it. Additional Notes:
  11. Music Kit name: Batshit Crazy Cover Image: Background image: Kit description: The Batshit Crazy music kit is a combination of some of the best Sofi Tukker songs. The title is based on the song that was used for the MVP-sound, Batshit. Why do you want your music kit to be added to WarZone Gaming: I haven't known Sofi Tukker that long, only really discovered them recently, but I'm already a big fan and I like most of their songs. Just as with Vicetone, I don't have a feeling they're THAT well known compared to other artists, but in my opinion they bring some unique sounds to the world and they deserve a music kit. Additional Notes:
  12. Music Kit name: Vicetone Cover Image: Background Image: Kit description: This music kit features 9 different Vicetone songs. Just like a lot of other Dutch dj's, Vicetone makes great music that is loved all over the world. Why do you want your music kit to be added to WarZone Gaming: Vicetone has been one of my favourite artists for a while now and they're one of the first artists that made me get into progressive house/electro house. I've been listening to their music for years and I'm especially a big fan of their End of the Year mixes they bring out every December. I found out that not that many people are familiar with them or their music, so hopefully I can introduce more people to them with this music kit Additional Notes:
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