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This Week's Events

Christmas Movie - Elf: https://warzone.gg/movienightinfo?id=28 

Gamenight - Attack of the Mimics: https://warzone.gg/gamenightinfo?id=20

SurfDM & Gungame Testing: https://warzone.gg/gamenightinfo?id=21

Euro Truck Simulator 2 Convoy: https://warzone.gg/gamenightinfo?id=19


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  1. This month's events

    This month's events. With the end of the year around the corner I'd just like to announce some events (Either already planned in the upcoming events part of our website, or not yet announced) Starting with the movie night: Home Alone (8/12/2017 20:00 GMT+1) Then continuing on with the movie night: Elf (15/12/2017 20:00 GMT+1) and The Polar Express (22/12/2017 20:00 GMT+1) On the first day of Christmas (25/12/2017) the WarZone top 200 (Perhaps more, it depends on how much songs have a rating) will play on the WarZone Radio, this is planned to go through the entire day, though it depends on how much songs end up in the queue (This will both be of the removed ratings done by me about less than a month ago, and the one's that currently exist now) Continuing on that same day the 2X XP event will start off, lasting all the way from 25/12/2017 01:00 GMT+1 to 2/1/2018 01:00 GMT +1 And last but not least on that same day is the mad market giveaway, which basically puts the whole inventory of the WarZone bot up for sale on the market, including the knives (All equipped with Stattrak) and the weapons (Also all including stattrak) along with over 400 cases. (Thanks to @Kitty Cat for helping me unbox over 200 of these) Then on the 31st of December at 19:00 GMT+1 starts the fireworks on Stronghold, at this point the hourly Christmas case giveaway also starts (You only have to be connected to a server for a set few minutes to get the case) until 1/1/2018 01:00 GMT+1 That should be all, have fun
  2. I did actually start a Trello card for this about a month ago as it has been talked about before, though as of October 19th it's still under planned idea's and features as a idea that would allow certain player models (Namely the ones that do have proper hitboxes) to be used in-game. That card can be found here: https://trello.com/c/xov8glhx/43-allow-player-models-to-be-ran-regardless-of-restrictions-set-on-gamemodes-stronghold-etc
  3. Purging of WarZone Radio changelog

    *Added: - Reputation (Taylor Swift) - After Laughter (Paramore) - A best of compilation of Twenty One Pilots. - A best of complilation of Coldplay. - Added a best of compilation of Kensington. - Added a Christmas category in preperation for Christmas. - Added a pushed songs category, which has been attuned to play hits from all kinds of genre's, whether it was Throwback Thursday's or just liked songs. Singles: - Added Human & Skin from Rag'N'Bone man. - Added Fireflies from Owl City *Changes: - Moved over the AutoDJ system to a clockwheel category rotation system. - Removed the promo adverts for now (Mostly due to their 1 minute + length.) - Moved the news to queue one minute after the hour, instead of 15. - Removed all the Sabaton songs and replaced them with a best off compilation. - Removed all Billy Talent songs and replaced them with a best off compilation. - Removed all Billy Idol songs and replaced them with a best off compilation. - Removed all Metallica songs and replaced them with a best off compilation. - Removed the whole Linkin park discography and replaced them with a best off compilation. *Deletions: - Cleaned up various duplicate files (I'm sure there are many more around but whatever, it's a start :P) - Cleaned up songs that didn't have any metadata and or corrupted metadata set (If any of these were requested and are now missing feel free to re-request them)
  4. Purging of WarZone Radio

    Heyo, As of today I've reorganized the radio to work with categories rather than just picking a song at random, this way controlling whatever it plays becomes a lot easier, as we can just attune the category list to what it plays. I've set up a pretty basic one for now, but it should get better by the time the likes / dislikes go up again (They are now reset so measuring becomes more accurate) of course I'll have to manually move songs around (lole) to fit the likes / dislikes on a particular song, but that should be no problem. With this change I might have overdone or underdone a particular category of the radio, so if you think a category is coming up too frequent or too less then feel free to put a message in by the discord server in the #radio channel, also feel free to let me know if something you've previously suggested isn't able to be requested anymore. As all the folders had to be sorted out in the categories, and I might have missed some.
  5. Help?

    It's because it's down due to the new update, it'll be back up once the update scripts have completed running.
  6. Actually it's completely secure, just because a image doesn't load over https doesn't mean it's insecure. It just means that if people have logs that they can see that you downloaded one image sent over http (Wowie) But fine.. Just because of this one image I'll just swap it over to https so that you can be completely satisfied that our home page is secure. Fixed the issue. /locked
  7. The Quotes Topic

    "We'll get straight to the point. Today we ask you to help WarZone. To maintain our independence. we'll never run ads, but we'll always run a server full of 12 year olds on TTT. If everyone who reads this donated £2, we could keep TTT online for another week making countless 12 year olds extremely happy. That's right, keeping 12 year olds happy. That's all we ask. If WarZone is useful for getting brain tumors, please take a minute and to keep it online by donating." - @ZeRo
  8. New Reputation System

    Just a heads up, It's been a few months now since we've moved over to the standard IPS4 content rating system (As they've integrated it in their own way, making it so that we don't have to use a external add-on) However we had the old addon still running in the background, causing issues like profiles not showing correctly. Today that add-on has been disabled and removed, however that means that the reputation (Forum points) that you earned whilst that add-on was enabled now no longer count, meaning that your points that you had will most likely have been decreased. The reason that I've had it recount the points is because it now fits in again with the likes leaderboard, and makes it so that there's no missing reputation on any of the forum accounts.
  9. I've been looking at CoD4 zombies now, just need to get the server parts for CoD4 all up and running first. Then CoD4 might expand into deathrun, a TDM server or two, and we would be getting back 1-2 MW2 servers based on IW4X to see how good the population is. Team Fortress 2 will most likely happen after all the Activision games are up. As for gamemodes that's not been decided yet. As for MW3, Plutonium (Which works on the MW3 side) isn't open to the public / in beta yet, though they have stated that it would most likely be before December, so we'll keep our eyes on that as well.
  10. Prev Thread: Heyo, Since CS:GO has practically been killed off and Unturned never really kicked off even with a quite active admin playerbase, we're again looking for new games to host besides our Garry's Mod Servers. Suggestion game modes for Garry's Mod is allowed as well, besides DarkRP. Because that's being worked on. If you do suggest a game in particular saying what game mode (or map whichever game it is) that game should run, seeing as I might not have knowledge about some games that might get posted here. Also please don't post Minecraft, ZeRo hates it
  11. Gwiffin is an awful admin

    Please submit a admin report here: https://warzone.gg/reports/newreport /locked.
  12. Post your desktop

    Don't have a desktop background because I'm barely on the desktop, never use the three icons still left on it either. PS: Never changing the taskbars to other sides again. We're not on Linux / OSX here.
  13. The Quotes Topic

  14. PUBG Wins!