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  1. Karambit | Fire vs. Ice (2 skins)

    So, does that really matter as there are a few others that used images and they just turned out fine? It's not just about stretching it over it with a bad res, but also getting a good resolution picture, of course self made are higher quality, but they're much rarer. That said knives that don't look that great aren't going to get added in or might not ever get added in at all, I appreciate the fact that you're giving criticism, but you're literally going off of every comment he posts.
  2. @Callum (Blazingstardude) Don't eat spicy food again. 

  3. MP5 Skin Contest

    Hello, I'd like to announce a small contest today, one of which is making a skin for the MP5. Because as you know the MP5 doesn't currently have any skins on our community whatsoever, and as it'll get introduced as a new gun in TTT we'd like to now take the opportunity to change that. As for the prices there will be three places, and the rewards will be as follows: 1st place: 20,000,000$WZ + A creator copy of your skin once it gets added in-game. 2nd place: 15,000,000$WZ + A creator copy of your skin once it gets added in-game. 3rd place: 10,000,000$WZ + A creator copy of your skin once it gets added in-game. You can send me a private message on the forum with your submission, @ZeRo and me will be the judge on the submissions. This contest will close on the 18th of March. Good luck!
  4. A Customisation idea

    Locked as this was already planned with the https://trello.com/c/5xEBXUm9/10-factions system, thanks for the suggestion though.
  5. Mine would be my first leg strain of 2018 just as I was getting out of bed, hurts like shit.
  6. Minecraft B5 Changes I would like.

    I don't feel like any of the gun's at the moment need changing, the thing is once you start fucking around with the weapons that haven't been changed at all from the standard TTT game mode, only have had their models replaced. And once you start messing around with them you throw other guns off balance, making some more or less useful than others. There is a rule for camping in TTT in the rule's list, which doesn't permit people to sit longer for 20 seconds on one spot. This is not something that can be changed easily due to having to create a text file, and modifying set positions as to where gun's spawn, some spawn's are randomized, some are just hand picked to spawn the specific guns in question. No comment on this really, I honestly believe that the feature (And it's price) is fine as it is. Making them even more common would fundamentally ruin the economy in some ways, as well as having people reach their limits for case drops even quicker. In the end there's still quite a huge struggle for rarer items (Knives / Gloves) So I feel the economy is currently fine as it is. I feel as if maybe adding these two would be alright sometime, although there's already a few pistols around here and there, a new SMG would be alright. So it would practically be another Nova, I don't really see the point in adding guns to TTT that do the same thing. --- Thanks for most of the suggestions though, and with the entire way !dm looks I think needs to be re-worked, sadly most of the choices for DM wasn't made by us, but by the developer of the deathmatch plugin.
  7. This month's events

    The Events are slightly changed, as with tomorrow I'm putting some of our admin's favorite songs in the queue to play, so that'll be tomorrow around 7PM, and then the top 386 (Yes, I managed to get only 386 songs considering with the merge I had a huge amount of duplicates) Will be played on the 31st of December, lasting all the way to somewhere in the afternoon of the 1st of January. The market giveaway will be a hour after the playlist starts, so that's 8PM GMT +1 (7PM for British people)
  8. Gungame & SurfDM weapon's update

    Hello Everyone, As of today the SurfDM & Gungame weapons's stats have been re-vamped and re-worked so that some guns aren't ridiculous to handle (Previously the AK-47 in SurfDM) If the weapons prove to be better than their previous counterparts then I'll consider moving it to SH2 as well (As well as a few other changes for SH2 including it's map and it's 'pro status') Let me know the feedback on these changes.
  9. Ban appeal on discord

    You've already been unbanned days ago. /locked.
  10. This might be a bit out of the ordinary

    Yes! I was thinking for something along the very lines of this as well for quite a long while, being able to mod your car's paint job, upgrading the Engine, Transmission, you name it! (Yes I took most of this from Most Wanted 2005, a amazing game btw) The problem that I have with Garry's Mod's cars (And not just me, more people as well) is that they're very clunky, don't behave very well in general or either just accelerate at light-speed, as for how changeable that is I don't know, but considering the add-ons out there that can change car stats I'm pretty sure there must be something to fine tune it (Have found a add-on for doing such a thing, never really tried it though) but if that could be fixed, it's already a huge step towards a actual racing game mode that uses just more than the standard HL2 buggy. I have added this quite a long while ago to the Trello board under the WarZone Tower United card, though I've never really went in-dept on how I wanted it to look like yet as we haven't started working on that at all. I might pester @ZeRo about it sometime for a bit, but the Development board is quite full of other features for already existing servers.
  11. This month's events

    This month's events. With the end of the year around the corner I'd just like to announce some events (Either already planned in the upcoming events part of our website, or not yet announced) Starting with the movie night: Home Alone (8/12/2017 20:00 GMT+1) Then continuing on with the movie night: Elf (15/12/2017 20:00 GMT+1) and The Polar Express (22/12/2017 20:00 GMT+1) On the first day of Christmas (25/12/2017) the WarZone top 200 (Perhaps more, it depends on how much songs have a rating) will play on the WarZone Radio, this is planned to go through the entire day, though it depends on how much songs end up in the queue (This will both be of the removed ratings done by me about less than a month ago, and the one's that currently exist now) Continuing on that same day the 2X XP event will start off, lasting all the way from 25/12/2017 01:00 GMT+1 to 2/1/2018 01:00 GMT +1 And last but not least on that same day is the mad market giveaway, which basically puts the whole inventory of the WarZone bot up for sale on the market, including the knives (All equipped with Stattrak) and the weapons (Also all including stattrak) along with over 400 cases. (Thanks to @Kitty Cat for helping me unbox over 200 of these) Then on the 31st of December at 19:00 GMT+1 starts the fireworks on Stronghold, at this point the hourly Christmas case giveaway also starts (You only have to be connected to a server for a set few minutes to get the case) until 1/1/2018 01:00 GMT+1 That should be all, have fun
  12. I did actually start a Trello card for this about a month ago as it has been talked about before, though as of October 19th it's still under planned idea's and features as a idea that would allow certain player models (Namely the ones that do have proper hitboxes) to be used in-game. That card can be found here: https://trello.com/c/xov8glhx/43-allow-player-models-to-be-ran-regardless-of-restrictions-set-on-gamemodes-stronghold-etc
  13. Purging of WarZone Radio changelog

    *Added: - Reputation (Taylor Swift) - After Laughter (Paramore) - A best of compilation of Twenty One Pilots. - A best of complilation of Coldplay. - Added a best of compilation of Kensington. - Added a Christmas category in preperation for Christmas. - Added a pushed songs category, which has been attuned to play hits from all kinds of genre's, whether it was Throwback Thursday's or just liked songs. Singles: - Added Human & Skin from Rag'N'Bone man. - Added Fireflies from Owl City *Changes: - Moved over the AutoDJ system to a clockwheel category rotation system. - Removed the promo adverts for now (Mostly due to their 1 minute + length.) - Moved the news to queue one minute after the hour, instead of 15. - Removed all the Sabaton songs and replaced them with a best off compilation. - Removed all Billy Talent songs and replaced them with a best off compilation. - Removed all Billy Idol songs and replaced them with a best off compilation. - Removed all Metallica songs and replaced them with a best off compilation. - Removed the whole Linkin park discography and replaced them with a best off compilation. *Deletions: - Cleaned up various duplicate files (I'm sure there are many more around but whatever, it's a start :P) - Cleaned up songs that didn't have any metadata and or corrupted metadata set (If any of these were requested and are now missing feel free to re-request them)
  14. Purging of WarZone Radio

    Heyo, As of today I've reorganized the radio to work with categories rather than just picking a song at random, this way controlling whatever it plays becomes a lot easier, as we can just attune the category list to what it plays. I've set up a pretty basic one for now, but it should get better by the time the likes / dislikes go up again (They are now reset so measuring becomes more accurate) of course I'll have to manually move songs around (lole) to fit the likes / dislikes on a particular song, but that should be no problem. With this change I might have overdone or underdone a particular category of the radio, so if you think a category is coming up too frequent or too less then feel free to put a message in by the discord server in the #radio channel, also feel free to let me know if something you've previously suggested isn't able to be requested anymore. As all the folders had to be sorted out in the categories, and I might have missed some.