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  1. Hello there.

    Come over to SurfDM and we might meet. I'm looking forward to it.
  2. MP5 | Velvet (feat. Not Alfred)

    probably in sfm if I had too guess but I agree it's phenomenal
  3. Bayonet | Chrysant

    This is too low of a resolution for a smart watch xD. Seriously thou update the pics.
  4. Mac-10 Fire Fusillade

    Those two stripes kinda fuck it all up for me:/ Sucks 'cause it really isn't necessarily your fault...
  5. Name: Minimalist Weapon: Bowie Knife Images: Skin description: Basically all I retextured is the blade and some smaller details. The blade now features a minimalistic/material design pattern consisting of several greytones and the accent color orange. I also changed to saturation of certain textures, basically the handle and the safety thing between it and the blade, and overlayed them with a semi-transparent gray layer in order to change their color to gray. I wasn't having a special theme in my mind other then the skin having a minimalistic design approach because I think it's underrepresented on this server group and in CS:GO skins in general. I could see why people would think this is lame and that's why I'm asking for sincere feedback. I'm willing to change a lot 'bout this design, so please just hit me up. Why I want me skin to appear on WarZone: I'd like to give something back to this great community and since I'm underage and don't have access to PayPal I figured creating some skins would be the way to go. Edit: I just forgot to underline some headers so I corrected it.
  6. Inventory loss when temp. banned

    Absolutely, that's why I ain't complaining. Thanks for the reply.
  7. IPhone vs Andriod

    Android is fucking great with all of it's possibilities for modding, flashing, rooting and modifying. Also there are a lot of OEMs that often do a way better job then Samsung, the "main" Android mobile manufacturer and this at lower price tag. I personally own a Leeco Le Pro 3 and I am a huge fan, although I miss water protection:/.
  8. I have just been banned for 2 days because of racial slurs (the actual reason was racism but I'm not a racist and even am a foreigner in my country), wich is understandable and I'm not complaining, since I said "happy hollidays u niggers I hope you shoot yourself with the mp7 of urs". Now I was wondering, if any of my inventory will be affected by the ban. Can anyone help me with that?