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  1. Thank you for considering my point of view and I'll make sure nothing like this will happen again.
  2. Because this is simply not true. If you look through my activity you can clearly see that I have always been constructive when giving criticism. I have never called anything "copy & paste shit". The immediate reason that I have been banned for is commenting "sure weeb's skins are lazy but this is the shit!! great job my ass" and defending my point, which I can absolutely see why it could be considered rude, but I did not give any unconstructive criticism, in fact, I didn't give any criticism, I only pointed out the hypercriticism of users like The Degenerate Weeb, who called weeb (le funny is his current name) out for not putting much work in his skins, which would be fair enough if he wouldn't glorify Callum's skins. Also please do not think that I agree with everything that weeb or Blue Lagoon FM said/says, only because weeb featured me in a lot of his skins for basically only making screenshots. I have never even really spoken to Blue Lagoon, he only added me on Steam to congratulate me on my accepted entry. I did never mean to offend anybody and as much as this must seem like I'm only apologizing in order to be allowed to submit and comment skins again I genuinely mean it when I say that I promise not to respond or act in an unnecessary rude fashion again, whether or not I'm gonna be allowed to comment on skins again.
  3. Pi.mp3

    M9 Bayonet - Hydrosphere

    hypocrite. my donald skin is old as fuck.
  4. Pi.mp3

    M9 Bayonet - Hydrosphere

    Yeah it does. I dunno how I got the idea of making this shitty skin but I asked ZeRo to take it down months ago (I hope I made you waste time searching for the thread), just like I asked to take down all the other duck related crap. But even the Donald skin wasn't entirely copy/paste & go, it too has been altered (partially because the texture is weird). I know that you can hardly call that work, but that (and the fact that it's ugly and stupid) is precisely why I took it down. Also, I extended the sunrays. Screenshot of the thread when accessing the link that's indexed by Google:
  5. Pi.mp3

    M9 Bayonet - Hydrosphere

    Link me one skin of mine that has been copied/pasted. Weeb's skins don't count I only did the screenshots. It's absolutely okay if in your opinion my skins suck and I'll accept your opinion, but the closest you'll find to copy/paste is my Minimalist skin. It's my first skin and it has been altered from the original images used.
  6. Pi.mp3

    M9 Bayonet - Hydrosphere

    sure weeb's skins are lazy but this is the shit!! great job my ass
  7. Pi.mp3

    MP5 - Propaganda

    Name: Propaganda Weapon: MP5 Images: Skin description: I made the skin when I was obsessed both with making skins and North Korean propaganda posters (after I heard of the unfortunate incident with the American tourist). It features things that can be commonly found on these posters, such as nuclear warheads. I originally intended to enter the mp5 skin contest, but dropped the project and it looks like I missed the deadline. Why I want my skin to appear on WarZone: As always I'd like to give something back to this great community and since I'm underage and don't have access to PayPal I figured creating some skins would be the way to go. Plus I was obsessed with North Korean Propaganda for a short time and I still think it looks great. External images used: Couldn't find the rest but you get the idea. north-korea-sentenced-a-us-college-kid-to-15-years-hard-labor-because-he-stole-a-poster-vgtrn-body-image-1458144371-size_1000.jp north-korea-sentenced-a-us-college-kid-to-15-years-hard-labor-because-he-stole-a-poster-vgtrn-body-image-1458144371-size_1000.jp
  8. Pi.mp3

    MP5 Skin Contest

    How much time do I have left?
  9. Pi.mp3

    The Omega Collection

    Looks fucking great exept for the lava texture. It doesn't fit at all in my opinion.
  10. Pi.mp3

    Music Kit | Narcos

    Description: This music kit features songs from the Netflix Original Narcos. The general genres can be described as Latin American Bolero, Ranchata and similar genres, there are two exeptions though, one being the mvp anthem, which features a dubstep/electro remix of the show's popular opening "Tuyo" and one Latin American Rock song. I don't listen to none of those music genres mentioned, but I think they are very unique and would definetly give variety to the list of music kits currently in-game. Why I want my music kit to appear on WarZone: Because I think it sounds nice and I'm kinda sick of the same three music kits being played again and again. Cover: Background:
  11. Pi.mp3

    Social Media Giveaway #15

    IGN: pi.mp3 Steam Profile: steamcommunity.com/id/pimp_mpeg_layer3 Steam ID: STEAM_1:1:123139908
  12. Pi.mp3

    Art Collection(feat.Pi.mp3)

    *I digitally upscaled the source images. Worth it, those are some nice skins.
  13. Pi.mp3

    Opinions on what to work on

  14. Pi.mp3

    Specialist Glove | Trip

  15. Pi.mp3

    Bayonet | Mukuro

    Nice skins, but you're posting in the wrong place. I'd suggest you copy the content of your post, delete it and make another one in here: https://warzone.gg/forum/index.php?/forum/46-skin-submissions/ Generally I like your approach and I had a similar one with the movie poster of "Your Name", but I didn't end up submitting the finished skin because of the following reasons: -I'd have felt like a massive weeb in front of everyone who hasn't watched the movie or at least seen the poster, which doesn't really apply to you since your skins work pretty well even for someone who doesn't know the franchise -originally I wanted to make a pair of shadow daggers, but their blades are triangular and the skin ended up looking weird and I thought making two seperate skins like you did would defeat the entire purpose of the skin, it's duality. To me it's like if Ying and Yang were two seperate circles.

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