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  1. I'm here to eat ass: IGN: WinterPwnd Steam Profile: http://steamcommunity.com/id/WinterPwnd/ Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:28178998
  2. I successfully survived the first 5hours and 32 minutes of 2018 without dying.
  3. This man knows whatsup, although mine would be afghan/skidrow <:)
  4. Man haven't seen one of these in a while
  5. Mazda RX7 I've always wanted 1 of these since I was a kid tbh. Looks very slick imo
  6. Are we actually getting WZ servers back or is this just a tutorial on how to play it?
  7. Uhh yall already know whas bout to happen My current name is "Low elo animai" we're 5 people atm using the same name with chef and a couple others in case someone wants to play.
  8. Whats the situation with the mw3 clients btw? Did those iw4x/5x or whatever the client was called also support mw3 servers? Might be a nice option if there are any players even playing that nowadays.
  9. I don't know how the nova works in the current surf DM but a shotgun has always been the to go weapon on surf DM since 1.6, or a scout/awp. It's supposed to be accurate both on ground and in air.
  10. I slammed like 5 effects onto the picture so now it looks even worse: Default picture:
  11. I don't know about other games, but why not a "classic" "casual" csgo server? I used to love playing on those 24 man servers on source on either only 1 map or with map rotation where it was casual, but at the same time you had to buy armor/defuse kit and at the same time had a restriction 1-3 awps per team to prevent people going full 12 man awp per side. Those were very fun and I'd prob play there often if it has players to play against.
  12. Idk man she was a very weird person in general.
  13. 1 of my teachers that retired had 1 of these, she was 64 y/o btw haha yes
  14. What's the difference between harry potter and jews? Harry made it out of the chamber.
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