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  1. Felix

    M9 Bayonet - Hydrosphere

  2. Felix

    Dual Berettas - Scarlet Sidearm

    Looks great, keep it up fam squad!
  3. Felix

    Lit Trash

    I like the the name on the Usp-s, it's just like me!
  4. Felix

    Movie Night Suggestions

    Jigsaw Year: 2017 Genre: Horror, Crime, Mystery (It's not for everyone but i enjoy it hehe he... he he...)
  5. Felix

    Sport Gloves - Spectral Refract

    Looks amazing, yoink!
  6. Skin Name: Bowie Knife - Splatter Weapon/Glove: Bowie Knife Images: Alternate versions: No purple on the handle Skin Description: It's a black and purple bowie knife inspired by blood splatter. Why do you want your skin to appear on WarZone Gaming?: I just wanna give back to the community and server. It's really nothing else External images used: Non, unlike the last knife skin i made this skin is completely original. Additional Comments: I watched a bit to much Dexter. Might remove the purple on the handle, depends on what people think
  7. Felix

    Music Kit | Manners Maketh Man

    I love the kingsman movies gib me! Hypers
  8. Felix


  9. Felix

    Skin Creation- Important Reminder

    I fixed my post. I did not really know what it meant but it's fixed now.
  10. Felix

    Bayonet - Brax

    Skin Name: Brax Weapon/Glove: Bayonet Images: Skin Description: This knife is a blue/white/black knife. It's supposed represent something broken, but everything that is broken can be made into something beautiful. Why do you want your skin to appear on WarZone Gaming?: I think it looks great, i also wanna give back to this awesome community! There is really no other reason External images used: Additional Comments: Thanks to @Chaotix for the inspiration i got from his "Shard Collection". I wanna thank @Thonk and @Chaotix again for the "feedback" they gave me. (This is my first skin) Also, i know that you don't accept knives right now but i feel like it can be here until you do
  11. Felix


    The Glocks and gloves looks amazing. Give me!
  12. I have the perfect song for it.
  13. Felix

    Music Kit | Best Of Pendulum

    Maybe abit to late but Pendulum is amazing, i would love this to get added.
  14. Felix

    The Jakobs Rig

    Very nice
  15. Felix

    Gamemode idea?

    Don't SIN

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