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  1. Felix


    Not to worry @ZeRo. Your complaint has been sent to me and will be looked at in around.. 7 Years?
  2. Felix

    The Nuke Experience

    I wanted to but that got corrupted. I think puk has a video of it though
  3. Felix

    The Nuke Experience

    Me @ZeRo, @Callum (Blazingstardude), @puk413 and @EmbersOfTheFlame Thought that it would be a good idea to play some late night CS:GO. Here is what happend. (and some random clip at the start )
  4. I would like to list some songs i would love to be added to the radio. The Last Stand - Sabaton Christ & Combat - Powerwolf Spread Your Fire - Angra Take Me Home, Country Roads - John Denver I Love It - Kanye West, Lil Pump (Some extra meme spice to the radio) Changes - XXXTENTACION The Top - Ken Blast Brain Power - Noma (More meme spice) Sad Machine - Porter Robinson EON BREAK - Virtual Self/Porter Robinson Good Guy - Eminem That's it, thanks for considering it
  5. Felix

    Armin Van Buuren | Shivers

    Why are there oofs Edit: Why are there so many background sounds EditN2: Why is Vsauce Michael in the background
  6. Felix

    Surf Zone Updates 3

    The end zone in surf_forbidden_ways might be a bit low, raising it a bit would be very nice. The speed boost secret in surf_kitsune should be a bonus stage.
  7. Agreed with Sponge, looks like a nice looking purple skin.
  8. Felix

    The 2018 Anniversary Update - Operation Hydra

    Poggers Poggers Poggers Poggers Poggers Poggers Poggers Poggers Poggers Poggers Poggers Poggers
  9. Felix

    Music Kit | Smash

  10. Felix

    Mac-10 Derelict Machine

    This looks awesome! I wanna replace my current Mac-10 for this.
  11. Felix

    Garry's mod MoTD timer

    When i join a server without a timer i just skip it, as most people do. I think it's needed to atleast get players to pay attention. That's why it should stay. Maybe having so people with 150+ hours could disable it would be fair but otherwise i think it should stay.
  12. Felix

    Garry's mod MoTD timer

    I don't think it's necessary. When i used to be a VIP i barely felt a difference, It's there for a reason and it should stay that way.
  13. Felix

    Ursus - Shatter

    I like the blade, the handle is a bit too bland IMO.
  14. Music kit name: Felix - Zero Escape Cover Image: Background Image: Kit Description: A music kit made from all three of the "horror" visual novels Zero Escape. Why do you want your music kit to be added to WarZone Gaming: During the last month i played all three Zero Escape games, and it's one of the best gaming experience that i have ever had. The music is amazing and the story is mind bending. I want more people to play Zero Escape and i want to make a tribute to the music. That's my reason. Additional Comments: This is just the music kit that i made a week ago, but when ZeRo announced this competition i saw it as a good opportunity to fix what i did not like with the original. For Example: The Round Won theme just "started out of nowhere". Even if i get disqualified for using something that i have already created i'm just glad i fixed the kit New Preview:

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