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  1. Felix

    ZeRo Father

    Are you black?
  2. Felix

    ZeRo Father

    ZeRo is now our father and you need to call him dad. I'm sorry but it has to be done.
  3. Felix


    Not to worry @ZeRo. Your complaint has been sent to me and will be looked at in around.. 7 Years?
  4. Felix

    The Nuke Experience

    I wanted to but that got corrupted. I think puk has a video of it though
  5. Felix

    The Nuke Experience

    Me @ZeRo, @Callum (Blazingstardude), @puk413 and @EmbersOfTheFlame Thought that it would be a good idea to play some late night CS:GO. Here is what happend. (and some random clip at the start )
  6. I would like to list some songs i would love to be added to the radio. The Last Stand - Sabaton Christ & Combat - Powerwolf Spread Your Fire - Angra Take Me Home, Country Roads - John Denver I Love It - Kanye West, Lil Pump (Some extra meme spice to the radio) Changes - XXXTENTACION The Top - Ken Blast Brain Power - Noma (More meme spice) Sad Machine - Porter Robinson EON BREAK - Virtual Self/Porter Robinson Good Guy - Eminem That's it, thanks for considering it
  7. Felix

    Armin Van Buuren | Shivers

    Why are there oofs Edit: Why are there so many background sounds EditN2: Why is Vsauce Michael in the background
  8. Felix

    Surf Zone Updates 3

    The end zone in surf_forbidden_ways might be a bit low, raising it a bit would be very nice. The speed boost secret in surf_kitsune should be a bonus stage.
  9. Agreed with Sponge, looks like a nice looking purple skin.
  10. Felix

    The 2018 Anniversary Update - Operation Hydra

    Poggers Poggers Poggers Poggers Poggers Poggers Poggers Poggers Poggers Poggers Poggers Poggers
  11. Felix

    Music Kit | Smash

  12. Felix

    Mac-10 Derelict Machine

    This looks awesome! I wanna replace my current Mac-10 for this.
  13. Felix

    Garry's mod MoTD timer

    When i join a server without a timer i just skip it, as most people do. I think it's needed to atleast get players to pay attention. That's why it should stay. Maybe having so people with 150+ hours could disable it would be fair but otherwise i think it should stay.
  14. Felix

    Garry's mod MoTD timer

    I don't think it's necessary. When i used to be a VIP i barely felt a difference, It's there for a reason and it should stay that way.

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