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  1. This gives me conniptions. I had a good time boys.
  2. Felix

    Game Nights

    Jackbox 3/4/5
  3. I have some ideas on how to not make it a disaster. 1A: There should be a whitelist. To get on the server you first have to apply. In the apply should just be some basic information why you wanna join. 1B: There should be a whitelist. To get on the server you first have to be allowed in by atleast two trusted players/staff members. 2: Make sure the mod list is for minecraft only just like darkRP had it. Even if you are a staff member on garry's mod you still need to apply. 3: Cities. There should be cities where you can setup shops and you house. 3 Part 2: A new city can be created if you get permission from atleast 1 staff member or 2 trusted members. (You need the material to make a railroad system to the new city) 3 Part 3: You can of course build a house anywhere you want but you should stay close to a city to make it feel more like a community. 4: Grief protection should not be active unless there are big problems with people stealing and griefing. 4 Part 2: If something big happens there should be a rollback. 5: The first day should be helping to build the spawn. During this time only trusted members of the community will be able to join. Edit: Trusted players could just be replaced with Staff members.
  4. Felix

    ZeRo Father

    Are you black?
  5. Felix

    ZeRo Father

    ZeRo is now our father and you need to call him dad. I'm sorry but it has to be done.
  6. Not to worry @ZeRo. Your complaint has been sent to me and will be looked at in around.. 7 Years?
  7. Felix

    The Nuke Experience

    I wanted to but that got corrupted. I think puk has a video of it though
  8. Me @ZeRo, @Callum (Blazingstardude), @puk413 and @EmbersOfTheFlame Thought that it would be a good idea to play some late night CS:GO. Here is what happend. (and some random clip at the start )
  9. I would like to list some songs i would love to be added to the radio. The Last Stand - Sabaton Christ & Combat - Powerwolf Spread Your Fire - Angra Take Me Home, Country Roads - John Denver I Love It - Kanye West, Lil Pump (Some extra meme spice to the radio) Changes - XXXTENTACION The Top - Ken Blast Brain Power - Noma (More meme spice) Sad Machine - Porter Robinson EON BREAK - Virtual Self/Porter Robinson Good Guy - Eminem That's it, thanks for considering it
  10. Why are there oofs Edit: Why are there so many background sounds EditN2: Why is Vsauce Michael in the background
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