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  1. AnimaVestra

    Community Challenge #2

    Notify Me For the funs.
  2. AnimaVestra

    Custom Crosshairs

    @Callum (Blazingstardude) This is mostly focus on gamemodes refered by zero, I too share the same opinion for SH as I would find it pointless as you can ADS in it whereas TTT the ADS is quite slow and much would prefer crosshair.
  3. AnimaVestra

    Custom Crosshairs

    I been wondering if we could get custom crosshairs, like the ones in CS, as though there is the option it change it slightly in the options menu, that certain crosshair doesn't work with me due to the difference it has with my CS:GO crosshair. I would like to ask for changes such as gap length, thickness ; style and finally colour.
  4. AnimaVestra


  5. AnimaVestra

    Social Media Giveaway #16

    In game name: |WZ| Izunagi Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:65521564 Profile link: http://steamcommunity.com/id/CookiePandaMonster/
  6. AnimaVestra

    Just joined

    Since you joined, the way you view things will never be the same.
  7. AnimaVestra

    STAFF Q&A TIME!!!!

    Question - (''' Where would you live to live or travel to? Which culture do you find the best? What's your favourite food? ''') Staff = all
  8. AnimaVestra

    STAFF Q&A TIME!!!!

    That's quite questionable but for me you're all the same, loving cuties.
  9. AnimaVestra

    STAFF Q&A TIME!!!!

    Well that took a wrong turn. Moving on, What's everyone view on the community as a whole; what occupation or education is everyone in right now.
  10. AnimaVestra

    STAFF Q&A TIME!!!!

    What's anyone daily routines.
  11. AnimaVestra

    1 year break has ended.

    Well I had a name change - SebastainPanda but I'm back, I probably be on TTT mostly or gungame. Side note, love how the server has developed further on to stretch to things I thought they would never do.
  12. AnimaVestra

    Give Me Music

  13. AnimaVestra

    Tv Shows

    The Goldbergs/Modern Family/New girl
  14. AnimaVestra

    another player, another post

    Dank memes Errr? Ok. Welcome

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