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  1. Been a long time here, and of course real life always come first for anyone, but of course I'll still be at the game nights and movie nights, the servers might be down, but the community is still alive.
  2. So what you are trying to pass on is for the poltergeist to lock onto someone upon a first kill? I would think that's a little overpowered. The biggest issue the weapon has is that it's being used on minecraft ttt. It's a lot more handy for maps that have many more dynamic props within them. It's better suited for rotation you could say. But it's just a shame that rotation doesn't appear to be as popular as it once was.
  3. im surprised that all this happened over a radio competition. i wasnt at wrong, you gave everyone instructions of the competition when you shouldnt have, and that warrented your punishment. but if you want to guilt trip me, then go ahead. im not gonna be upset about you leaving on a case of sour grapes really. oh yeah, a little thing to let you off with, you would have won that competition if you kept your mouth shut too. but bye then!!
  4. dont know about it, but i would love to see the godfather
  5. you know i had to do it to em, he called me adopted (ps this is now an anime thread)
  6. Soo many fucking memories. actually breaks my heart a little to hear this all. Ever since i joined in early 2017 i have been made soo welcome to this community from these gmod servers. ive met soo many people, opened soo many cases, listen to soo many radio shows, and every single moment i felt welcome. through the thickest and thin, we got through every single situation. When i applied for staff, to make my mod position for gmod, and get through helping in every little way i wanted because every player made me feel soo welcome. every single day was great on here. which explains my 1000 hour playtime. back in staff, every single staff member for gmod made me welcome and fit me to my position, and i was raring to go for every single situation, and every single person i helped even the slightest by what i did in a staff position made me feel good inside, because i want to always give it back, and the players of gmod didnt just give me a community, it gave me a new family. when i became an admin, i wanted to increase the amount of shit i did because i wanted to. then to be placed in a wonderful spot as senior admin made a good time. even through the shame of having some others ruin the position through all devices. i had such a hard time then, and mentally i started to decline because i wanted to please everyone whilst dealing with strggles of my own, which still riddle me sometimes. i wanted to be useful when this expanded into me being one of the first few people in the newly expanded radio presenters, i was overjoyed as its what i wanted to do for soo long, and i was given a chance, and for people to enjoy it when i did my show, i loved it all. every song, every comp, every shoutout and every single message, you all made it what it was and it was an overjoying thing to do, no matter the energy it took from me. i apologise i couldnt give the radio a goodbye this week, and i hope i can be pardoned from such as i would have loved to give the servers a final goodbye in senses that youd never believe being a content creator has been a new learning curve for me, skinning was new to me, and to get my first plan accepted made me happy that i could contribute to this all. and this expanded to me learning all forms of content, expanding to maps till late 2018. every other content creator is such a huge credit to the community, no matter what the style, every single skin has made the skin wiki much better than csgo could ever try to implement, and you are all blessed with such a phenomenal talent. all of you!! i wanted to write this long winded thing of a sappy essay style message because i want every single player of gmod to know this. i love every single one of you. youve all made me love this community more and more every day. every single day on the gmod servers has been the best treat of my life, and has gotten me through the worst of times, and created memories i shall cherish. every single player is such a wonderful person, to contribute to this absolute gem of a community. every single personality here is different in the best way, and the harmony in the community is absolutely wonderful. but as well as this, i want to say a huge thank you to @ZeRo for making the gmod servers in the first place, and contributing to what would be the best community in GMOD period. every single update has built up incredible speed, and new ideas have flooded with each update. i hope you are proud of what youve built from these servers zero, you deserve all the credit i could give ever, and every single person i have gotten closer to along with it. i love you all soo much, for both giving me a chance, and making me feel so welcome. so we shall advance, hopefully to sandbox, and i hope we get even more greatness out of it. i will continue to plan gamenights as usual, i hope you are all inclined to attend, just to keep the community together and playing games like we all should be. we are gamers after all and youve all made this place what it is. and so lets prepare one of the last songs of the concert for the servers shall we. let the community live on, but for now it pains me to come to the fact. RIP gmod servers, greatness, friendship and gaming greatness from the best servers ever!
  7. the beta does not ban people. the beta only kicks them. so you are a tad mistaken there as far as it goes. so ........uh.......yeah
  8. nice skin, wouldnt mind one for collecting, looks dope
  9. These look sexy. Gotta get me some if I can.
  10. Map Name - Facility Images: Map Description: An old manufacturing facility is still usable as long as it aint been knocked down by the horde right? well a strike team should be able to hold them off whilst we still have the damn place. go get em, and maybe your job will be useful. Setting: Derelict Manufacturing Facility - UK Uses Custom Models?: No Uses Custom Textures?: No
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