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  1. The Quotes Topic

    @MrTwD I like shooting a lot of things into Callum. It's kind of my hobby Callum-shooter at daytime, Narrating sleepy-head at nightti
  2. Mac-10 Fire Fusillade

    Skin Name: Fire Fusillade Weapon/Glove: Mac-10 Images: Skin Description: A hot skin based upon ideas of medieval dragons and fire breathing Why do you want your skin to appear on WarZone Gaming?: this skin is relatively nice in its state. it took a lot of time and preparation in which i was dedicated to make this skin. it would be awesome to see in game and was great to see that it turned out as well as id hoped. Additional Comments: nope
  3. M9 Bayonet - Hydrosphere

    skin Name: Hydrosphere Weapon/Glove: M9 Bayonet Images: Skin Description: A skin based upon ocean creatures and water splashes Why do you want your skin to appear on WarZone Gaming?: this is a nice skin and i thought it looked awesome upon implementing it, making another new m9 bayonet skin Additional Comments: nope
  4. Remind me to never eat spicy food again please? xD


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    2. DongerKun


      Callum have you had your spice bag today yet ?

    3. vlodern


      I care about your health Callum, don't eat spicy food.

    4. DongerKun


      Seriously Callum don't have any spicy food today

  5. Top of 2017.

    favourite game - Overwatch (yup, gonna get slated for that) Or Cuphead favourite Tv show - i actually dont have an answer for this xD favourite movie - Suicide Squad Favourite Console - Nintendo Switch Best Moment - Potentially finding this server :3
  6. CZ-75 - Uranium Infusion

    Skin name- Uranium Infusion Weapon/Glove- CZ-75 Images- Skin description- A skin inspired by the thought of fumes emitted by the Element uranium and scientific experimentation. Why do you want your skin to appear on Warzone Gaming?- Its a shame not to see many cz75 skins in cases and in game. most pistols are often under looked and i feel like they need some more attention at some times. This is what has driven me to create this skin. it would be nice to see it added to create a more varied choice of skins for these gun types. Additional comments- This was a challenge for me and is the first gun skin i have ever done.i hope i can improve it from here
  7. A Customisation idea

    hello guys. so ive recently been playing and i thought of a small idea that could be added to player customization. a player "suffix" or player "tag" the way i thought about this idea is to add a similar idea to minecraft suffixes (yes i know this might cause many sighs but hear me out for a sec xD) this could add a tag in which the player could customize to place on the end of thier in game name to allow a little added customization, which could be alike certain forum titles. Id love to see what is thought of this, and would love to see what you guys think.
  8. Butterfly Dos meurtos

    skin name- Dos Meurtos weapon- Butterfly Knife image skin description - a knife based upon the well known celebration in Mexico. Day of the dead. why do you want this skin to be added to warzone gaming? - its an absolute enjoyment to have made a knife and to successfully port it into the game. it would be awesome to see as an item in which adds some new decoration to the butterfly knives in general which it seems aren't used by a lot by people. additional comments - this is an image from the skin testing environment whilst it was tested in its final state.
  9. music is truly a great tool to utelise


    1. Ohago


      Who is she.

  10. The Zero Show!

    @ZeRo why? tho?
  11. The Odd Happenings Topic

    hello everyone! thought i would make a topic based upon personal experiences with odd things we may have done over the years. this can be anything along the lines of embarrassing moments, bizzare funny happenings, derp moments of the sort. anything that has happened from personal experience that you would find odd and/or amusing. id love to hear exactly what things you guys can do or have experienced. ill start, i was once told to mind my head on my home's loft door. a few seconds later i hit my head on the same thing. why? because i was too busy humming im a believer
  12. Happy 2018!

    happy 2018 man!
  13. Gamemode idea?

    this sort of feature is planned for something else if i am not mistaken. I think its for the tower unite, but its not started development as of yet i dont think
  14. Minecraft B5 Changes I would like.

    i can see where you are coming from. some things about some little weapons are a little bit odd to some, but to add to that, its hard to change such. changing little as one weapon's statistics ruin the balance of others, which is a hard thing to combat. Deathmatch i will agree, is pretty problematic in some areas, but the plugin creates more issues which i doubt can be changed. but to see you take the time to provide some suggestions is really nice. has lots of detail, opinions provide valid points and you took a long time to write this. so i thank you a ton for taking the time and going about it in the right way. props to you sir! :3
  15. Things can be hidden in the deepest and darkest places, but those things are never truly forgotten

    1. HulaHoop


      Dont worry Callum! I SAID DONT WORRY you wont be forgotten its ok, We will never EVER EVER forget your pro Csgo times.... Things will be ok..