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  1. It's time

    Good to hear at least someone found my introduction useful!
  2. It's time

    Yeah, roughly ofc
  3. It's time

    But you're also fat af with your kapsalon's
  4. It's time

    ... to finally write something here, since, I started to become a bit more active again So, most of you know me, and under different names such as su, krnz and keranoz, with possible capital letters in there. IRL I'm a 1,87m Dutchie, I've met several people here during meetups or randomly For those who don't, I've been here a while, back when WZ "v1" had MW2 servers, I pllayed on them every single day (this was in 2013 or 2014...), and was an admin and later the manager of the (I believe 8 or so) MW2 servers WZ hosted. Now since MW2 is mostly dead, I'm ex management. Tbh I've got no real interest in gmod, I've played surf a few times, liked that, but not enough to actively play it. So now I just hang around here for shits and giggles Since I think I'm an open person, feel free to ask me anything I'm a linux nerd and like big butts. How's that for a conversation starter?
  5. Discord Link?

    In the menu: Community -> Discord https://discord.gg/DewAmxJ
  6. What are you listening to at the moment?

  7. Do I really need to say it? (Also TS3 though, gg IVIodern) And....
  8. Post your desktop

    During the LAN party I had this weekend somebody actually asked if I could send the picture lmao
  9. Introducing Cards Against Humanity

  10. :forsenE: Against Humanity

  11. Looking for new games to host

    Minecraft, obvious choice...
  12. Release: WarzoneDarkMode

    Ah, okay, how great.... Thanks for sharing though
  13. Release: WarzoneDarkMode

    So, when will this be an IPB theme we can aply at the bottom of the page?
  14. Shit Men Do: with their Testicles

    I hope I am not the only one who also washes his hands afterwards...