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  1. Welcome back! Don't really know you, just the roast stories Anyway I hope you'll stick around longer!
  2. Looks awesome! Welcome to WarZone! You seem like a friendly guy and if you are, I hope you stay in the community
  3. Dunno who you are but..Welcome back! I guess?
  4. 20:31 BST aka 2 more hours. BST = British Summer Time
  5. I mean if you can let both accounts run at the same time and trade it's possible
  6. @Muffin @Le dude We getting Le Baby Muffin!
  7. Welcome the da WarZone! This community is Amazing, So i'll hope you'll be part of it for a long time!
  8. No clue who you are :') Anyway Welcome back I guess!
  9. Minecraft survival Minecraft tekkit Minecraft feed the beast Minecraft factions Minecraft skyblock Minecraft adventure maps on a serious note though...I'd like to see a 7DTD and/or a Day-Z server, hell maybe even unturned...just a co-op survival game would be fun.
  10. Hey, I've seen you around alot on ts and on the servers, you fit in well. Apart from your sexy voice, you seem like a great guy. I hope you'll like it here and stay around for a long time.
  11. Download link doesn't work, is there any other link you can give us? @Fabio I'll look into these maps, zone them if Added and will be add in the rotation. Thanks for the Suggestions!
  12. "I swear it was xviii not iiivx" ~ @Le dude
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