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  1. NightFurious


    Welcome back! Don't really know you, just the roast stories Anyway I hope you'll stick around longer!
  2. NightFurious

    The Quotes Topic

    @Not Alfred ;-;
  3. NightFurious


    Looks awesome! Welcome to WarZone! You seem like a friendly guy and if you are, I hope you stay in the community
  4. NightFurious

    Sorc is back again!

    Dunno who you are but..Welcome back! I guess?
  5. NightFurious

    Still banned?

    20:31 BST aka 2 more hours. BST = British Summer Time
  6. NightFurious

    How do I..

    I mean if you can let both accounts run at the same time and trade it's possible
  7. NightFurious

    The Adventures of an NF.

    Second of all Yes, I love the Neko section on pornhub and Hentaihaven
  8. NightFurious

    The Adventures of an NF.

    So now we are getting some Sex Fanficiton of me....AIN'T THAT GREAT!
  9. NightFurious

    The Quotes Topic

    @Muffin @Le dude We getting Le Baby Muffin!
  10. NightFurious

    Post your Console Crusher

  11. NightFurious

    UncertainlySeb's Intro !?!

    Welcome the da WarZone! This community is Amazing, So i'll hope you'll be part of it for a long time!
  12. NightFurious

    Pink's Return

    No clue who you are :') Anyway Welcome back I guess!
  13. NightFurious

    Another looking for new games to host thread.

    Minecraft survival Minecraft tekkit Minecraft feed the beast Minecraft factions Minecraft skyblock Minecraft adventure maps on a serious note though...I'd like to see a 7DTD and/or a Day-Z server, hell maybe even unturned...just a co-op survival game would be fun.
  14. NightFurious

    Dan's Introduction

    Hey, I've seen you around alot on ts and on the servers, you fit in well. Apart from your sexy voice, you seem like a great guy. I hope you'll like it here and stay around for a long time.
  15. NightFurious

    Garry's Mod Map Suggestion Thread

    Download link doesn't work, is there any other link you can give us? @Fabio I'll look into these maps, zone them if Added and will be add in the rotation. Thanks for the Suggestions!

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