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  1. Yes of course I'd eat mayo with pretty much everything.
  2. @HulaHoop @TheLonelyBunney Is it true that this Q&A exists to justify your position as community managers? Also can we get a minecraft server?
  3. You sell them overpriced on Warzone market
  4. The most recent and funny experience I had was in Dark Souls 3 (don't play much since i am waiting for new pc now), I was having some duels with my cousin with ridiculous sets, however there's an area where you can play as a boss against other players if you have a certain brand. So while I wait for him to summon me, I get automatically summoned as a boss in the Cathedrial, in the most anticlimatic and ridiculous looking outfit ever, wearing a mushroom helmet-holding the fire greatswords and completely naked after that, vs a host and two summons (players) to help him. The summons are not visible since they spread to triangle due to an AoE item.
  5. Wanted to find a server that I can get easy admin on so I can once more abuse my powers
  6. Git gud But in all seriousness the spawn protection gives you enough of an advantage to pre-aim or move enough to get in a favorable position, you are not forced still in a place while being protected by it. Being able to kill while having a spawn protection completely kills small maps and makes it quite unfair for those that join the game later since it can minimize the handicap between having a rifle or a p250 As for the second suggestion, you yourself mentioned that gungame is fast paced, especially when its full, so you do realise its borderline impossible for the admin in charge to maintain a "No spawnkill" rule (which technically isnt spawnkill since you are protected after spawning), while sometimes it happens to both spawn sides at the same time by multiple players. All in all, the player balance system either was or is already reworked, the only way this can happen in the future is if there is a skill gap between the two teams, which would dominate either way.
  7. ING: Le Dude Steam_ID:Steam_0:1:63403484 https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198087072697
  8. EUW: LitAFGreekGOD69 (smurf acc) EUNE: nioykos
  9. In-game name : WOAH MAMA Steam ID: Steam_0:1:63403484
  10. Le dude

    The Story Topic

    president of USA who at the time was
  11. Le dude

    The Story Topic

    who had already weaponized autism
  12. Le dude


    You definitely forgot one of the most important traits: Pokemon grandmaster Besides the jokes, welcome back, hope you enjoy the stay longer this time around !
  13. hi i was just banned for rdm but didnt kill anyone  I just misclicked I didn't even get a warning  I just got banned please help

  14. Bears > Dogs Welcome to the community Dan, enjoy your stay
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