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  1. Value of Life?

    Stronghold Tournament

    I think it's the best automatic rifle. Previously, it wasn't just the best, it was also the worst to play against. It had a almost no recoil whatsoever. Now, after the recent updates, I find myeslf in situations where I lose to players with AK's or even P90's. It has been nerfed, but it still remains the best, though now other weapons can challenge it. And just for a comparison, the auto snipers are a two shot with a scoping. The M4A4 kills in 3 shots most of the times, and has just a red-dot. Yes, one is a sniper, and the other is an automatic rifle, but there's a reason they're called "Auto Snipers", because they combine both into one.
  2. Value of Life?

    Stronghold Tournament

    Considering AWP is banned from the tournament, may I suggest also banning the two other auto snipers? They're equally OP, though I'd even dare to say the auto snipers are even better considering they're a two shot most of the time with the same scoping and quite a fast shooting speed.
  3. Value of Life?

    Surf start and finish zone changes

    Personally, I think the replay bot should include an X amount of seconds before we left the start zone, as in some maps, like rebel_scaz for example, where the falling is crucial for your speed and therefore affects your time, you can leave the zone really low and gain yourself a few milliseconds of an advantage, which is inevitable but at least the difference ain't too big, but by lowering the zones you give more experienced players a huge unfair advantage over others. The jump and fall takes time, therefore leaving the zone really low or missing it will play a huge role in your time. If you do make this change, I think you should also make the zones narrow on the edges so people cannot gain this advantage, thus making a fair game and a transparent replay bot. About the end zones - I do think they should be lowered to the lowest point possible, as then you will actually have to aim towards the lowest part rather than just shooting yourself. In maps like surf_derpis, for example, you will then have to play more smart, which adds to the challenge in my opinion.
  4. Value of Life?

    Social Media Giveaway #20

    In-game name: owo SteamID: STEAM_0:0:31511824 Steam URL: http://steamcommunity.com/id/CatlessCat/
  5. Value of Life?

    Casino+New Obtainables

    So the suggestion here is to add a cs:go gambling website to the servers? :thonk: Anyway, gambling features to a GMod community? Never seen that before. Though some originality wouldn't be excessive. The suggestions at the moment are a straight copy-paste of the countless cs:go gambling websites, changed a bit to fit the servers. Also, 10% green on roulette? The percentage here is a bit too... Profitable. I do like the idea with the scratch cards, though I don't think they should be given away for free. We already have $WZ cases that are given from time to time via drops. Seems raw, uneven, but with some polishing could be worked with. And a question, how do you see it working ingame?
  6. Value of Life?

    Surf Zone Feedback

    On surf_minuet there are two start zones. One of them is set too high.
  7. Value of Life?

    SurfDM/Gungame Weapon Changes Megathread

    Gungame: M249 is too accurate. First shots of the negev are OP (You can run around and it doesn't affect the recoil. Here are two examples of what I mean: 1. http://plays.tv/video/5966183edf1c5fd712 2. http://plays.tv/video/596618e57de355a22e ) Automatic sniper rifles require a damage boost (G3SG1, SCAR-20). The Deagle has too much recoil without aiming. The Glock has too little recoil without aiming. The previous version of the AK-47 was better. M4A1-S deals little damage. XM1014 deals little damage even on close distances. Nova deals way too much damage in my opinion.
  8. Value of Life?

    Surf Tier 1 Map Removal

    oh shit my favorite map gets removed nooooo finally this cancer is gone
  9. Value of Life?


    It was 00:27 according to this "1 hour ago" post of yours. It was a new day and you scammed me.
  10. Value of Life?

    Looking for cases

    Since I'm just this type of human. The administration team is working on new rules. Rules hadn't been written/updated yet. This thread was opened to specifically purchase in game items for in game currency. That's written directly. Trading is done through the game, which means that it breaks the in game trading rule. Here's the contradiction. The Community Market was created to "trade" (which is buy and sell) comfortably, and trading in game items for in game currency became forbidden, because of the 6% $WZ fee the market takes. Otherwise, there's no point in the market. Temporarily changing the forum trading rule and the description of this section should fix the "misunderstanding".
  11. Value of Life?

    Looking for cases

    There's no trading rules for the forum in the first place, and there should not be any. Trading is done through the game, therefore declaring something that overlaps with the game rules makes no sense whatsoever. Just to be specific: this guy was present at some incidents where people were told not to trade, and knows about trading items for $WZ being forbidden.
  12. Value of Life?

    Looking for cases

    As far as I know, you can not trade items through the website. I see the contradictory in this. Please do not try and, "use", if I can call it that, those misses and report them instead. I will mention it on Discord.
  13. Value of Life?

    Looking for cases

    It's written there...?
  14. Value of Life?

    Looking for cases

    12. Do not advertise the selling of items. Not Allowed Advertising the selling of items Asking if anyone is selling Item X ??
  15. Value of Life?

    Bug with Music-Kits?

    To me it seems like you're missing files. Try going to the WarZone GMod content page ( http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=768121352 ) through the game and unsubscribe from everything. Probably restart your game, open this page again and subscribe to everything. Not sure about restarting your game after downloading everything, but try that too. Install and uninstall the files ingame.

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