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  1. Forest gump is my daddy

    Music kit submission

    idk what that means lol plz vengabus lol
  2. Forest gump is my daddy

    Music kit submission

    Music Kit Name: We like to party Cover Image: Kit Cover description: People really like to party especially in a bus I would like this music to be added into Warzone.gg because when i win a round( SURFDM- GUNGAME) it would be cool to party around with my music and just feel good! Additional Content: Funny SFM made by an0nymooose
  3. Forest gump is my daddy

    Surf. Choose the gun you want.

    Maybe you could just make it silent, or put a silencer on it that allows you to still hear it but not alot
  4. Forest gump is my daddy

    Surf. Choose the gun you want.

    SURF Every time I log onto surf or switch weapon its always the counter terrorist pistol. I would love to have an AK-47 or M4A1-S in place of that gun. Please consider my suggestion and hope to see this in-game. _Forest|
  5. Forest gump is my daddy

    AutoDJ Suggestions

    Hello! I am recently new to Warzone and would like to listen to some music through the in-game radio, but the song or songs I would like to listen to are not in the database. The music I am requesting to be added into the in-game radio is a relaxing and "chill" style of music. The youtube link is down below, or the MP3 file is too. Flamingosis - Sunset Park.mp3

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