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  1. WarZone Bhop is currently one of the best servers around, in my opinion. However, there are some changes I would like to see, as a very experienced player (started bhopping on gmod in 2012, and have 4000 hours of experience over multiple engines and games). I think there should be some revision to the Styles Personally, I don't understand why there is a backwards style but not a sideways style, this makes absolutely no sense. Second, styles shouldn't reset your position and style-settings when you press a wrong key accidentally, it should just be unresponsive to input. And most importantly, I believe the first-and-foremost style should be "Normal", which disables the autojump. Of course an auto-bhop mode is essential, but the main wr should be based on scroll/space only. Skips Almost every map contains at least one or two skips, most of these aren't very important and can be a key element to the game(mode), however, some of these skips are straight up exploits that spoil the map. In my opinion, the right way to get rid of these skips is to edit the maps in Hammer Editor, and name them something such as bhop_dots_v2_wzfix. This would also allow us to skip certain "annoying" or "buggy" parts of maps, simply by adding in Teleport Triggers, or improve buggy features such as music/sounds (bhop_gizmo_v2). Maps There aren't a ton of maps on the server, and some of them are still missing thumbnails on the voting screen (I would love to put in some elbow grease to get these thumbnails looking slick again). I've compiled a list of maps that I believe should be added to improve the experience of playing on the server. Servers I believe there should be an extra server added, on this server the mapchange timer is twice as long (30 minutes) this server could host either 'hard' / 'long' bhop maps, or climb/kz maps, a combination of this is also possible. Voting The map-voting features on WarZone are marvelous, and very innovative in my opinion. However, it simply doesn't work for bhop, the mapvoting menu should be tiny, unobstructive, and controllable via keyboard-input. I suggest using a small menu (look at Counter-Strike:Source bhop servers for an example) with 5-6 options, one of these being Extend Map, run the map for 15 minutes, start a vote after 10, and repeat this for a maximum of 3 extends. This way players know what is going to happen, if they can start a new run of will be interrupted by the mapchange soon. Rewards Currently the reward system on bhop does not offer much incentive to staying on the server, I believe (as a Globalist Master) all ranks should be reset. A map should only reward a player for completing it once until mapchange. This means that in order to "grind" experience, you must wait for the map to reset to a different one, and then complete that. Why does this work? It offers players a challenge, and makes their time feel more valuable and invested, the map loads, players complete it, then hang around and socialize whilst other players complete the map, and the server changes to a different one, this formula has proven to be exceptional in the past, especially in Garry's Mod communities. Moreover, there should be a slightly more competitive leaderboard or scoring system, to give experienced bunny hoppers some incentive to playing competitively, this could be a point-system based on WRs and top times, or similar, I'll be more than happy to provide insight and information regarding this subject, as I am knowledgeable on various systems that have proven to be succesful in the past. All in all I hope you take my suggestions to heart, feel free to contact me on Steam or on here if you'd like to know more, I'm always open to helping out developing/mapping/hosting of WZ. Love to hear what the rest of the community thinks.
  2. Now this map is just ridiculous, the spawns are insanely T-sided. Terrorists spawn inside a bunker, with many routes to choose and lots of options. Counter-Terrorists spawn out in the open with fences around them, literally trapped in a cage. There's even a big watchtower DIRECTLY on top of the CT spawn to camp them. I suggest completely removing this map (it's got some missing textures as well)
  3. Yes, hence why we suggested lowering it to 5 or 3 seconds, 10 is far too long to keep every player interested, especially in fast-paced gamemodes like gungame, this is making players leave.
  4. Hey, As many of you probably know, there is a 10-second timer on the message of the day pop-up when joining a WZ Gmod server, or even loading a new map. Is anyone else bothered by this? Especially when solo in Bunny Hop or Surf this can get very tedious, I would suggest changing this to 5 seconds, or even lowering the timer after a person has seen the MoTD x amount of times, it's not really necessary to force down our throats every single time we load a map. Love to hear how other people view / experience this.
  5. Utrecht is around 25-30 minutes with train for me, would it make sense to just travel every day? I got free public transit and it wouldn't make sense to stay in a hotel in Utrecht.
  6. Fabio

    IPhone vs Andriod

    Nail on the head!
  7. Alright, I'll post some quality maps. Maps: bhop_wouit_v2_gm bhop_addict_v2 bhop_areaportal_v1 bhop_omn bhop_mist_3_gm bhop_danmark Gamemodes: Bunny Hop Download: https://www.sendspace.com/file/jmiuw9 Virustotal:https://www.virustotal.com/nl/file/7bea6d9320e49af9e092b0e39d1e7ade83f1b16f8d50b679f0840d7eb10cc1d0/analysis/1494184198/
  8. It's very uncommon actually, most servers use an invisible weapon like knife / usp for easy switching, the command is fine though.
  9. I didn't know that, thanks for the info!
  10. Hey everyone, it has come to my attention that there is no "Invisible" weapon, allowing you to fully see your screen without a weapon being in the way. This is absolutely crucial for performing on bhop maps, and I'd love for one to be added. Just try playing bhop_aquatic with this knife / usp swep, it's nearly impossible to see the small tiles below you. Example:
  11. Sorry about that, just trying to make the forums a bit more lively!
  12. Share your thoughts, WAYWO (What are you working on) or anything else related to creating music! Whether you're making punk-rock, rap or producing lo-fi beats, let's discuss it here! Share your creativity I'll start; my first (and only) track: https://soundcloud.com/de-hazelaar/2011a Let's see it!
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