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  1. dovavirtuoz

    Low fps report

    Hey, When i tried to play in Bhop today ,I had an error script spam my consol.Can't play whit it . [ERROR] gamemodes/timer/gamemode/vgui/vgui_surf_hud.lua:143: Tried to use a NULL entity! 1. GetVelocity - [C]:-1 2. DrawVelocity - gamemodes/timer/gamemode/vgui/vgui_surf_hud.lua:143 3. unknown - gamemodes/timer/gamemode/vgui/vgui_surf_hud.lua:136 Fluffy help and find the solution (typing /options and go into bunnyhop and untick show velocitvisualiser) restart game
  2. dovavirtuoz

    Gloves For Sale/Trade

  3. dovavirtuoz

    Gloves For Sale/Trade

    Hey i offer flip knife autotronic + 1million$

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