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  1. euantp

    Sign in with Steam

    The hook didn't seem to be that flawless when I used it @ZeRo, it redirected me a couple of times and didn't link my steam account to the forums either.
  2. euantp

    Introducing The Workshop

    Looks wicked.
  3. euantp

    Bhop and Bonus Challenges

    Surf Space Jam Bonus Server Record Can't remember the name of this map but 33% done in 19.92 Any one fancy trying to beat either? Just friendly competition!
  4. euantp


    I'm Euan/crybaby Currently doing Economics at University, been around gmod for a long time but started to get into bhop and surf recently where I stumbled across Warzone. Nice to meet you all, hopefully meet you on the bhop/surf servers at some point or maybe the other servers when I venture to those.

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