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  1. great job they look amazing but where is TheLonelyBonner XD xx
  2. Hello and welcome ! I don't think we have met but hey anyway XD
  3. use out burst!! you have captured a wild Grizzly!
  4. http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198349895573/
  5. I kind of agree with this but people shouldn't have to RDM but maybe need some looking at but atm I think it should say the same.
  6. hello, my name is TheLonelyBunney I am 16 from the south of England (Norfolk). I like rick and morty I play Gmod, surf, gun-game, stronghold so if you ever want to say hello feel free, I try to be as friendly as i can be sooo ya don't be scared. somethings about me in real life I like sports and I like to be as healthy as i can be. I live in Norfolk but i was born in Cambridgeshire. yes, my last name is Bunney. not like the rabbit but said like the rabbit XD I have a curly brown hair (like an Afro) i'm a 23 year old girl who likes walks on the beach and hand holding I have been going in teamspeak and i have met lots of friendly people and I am also glad that i have got on to the moderator team and i hope to stay in the community meeting lots of new people. _-_ TheLonelyBunney
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