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  1. Get her over yours mines coming and hopefully I'll get her on the ole teamspeak too lewl
  2. ??? Do you not think this is a quality skin?
  3. Wow really nice hope this is added soon! Load of detail absolute love it my 3 favorite things; originality, detail and elegance.
  4. HyperBeast Gloves Giveaway!

    Congrats @TheSinkingSponge!! You have won a FREE pair of hyperbeast gloves you shall receive your items within 48 hours!
  5. The Zero Show!

    After a well deserved break i am pleased to announce that The ZeRo Show will be returning this Saturday from 8PM. For those who have never tuned in before, The ZeRo Show is a 2 hour interactive radio show packed full of Top Music Requested by you and Giveaways with NO ads. The Zero Show takes place every Saturday live on WarZone Radio from 8-10PM (GMT). Make sure you tune in, as there will be 4 yes FOUR items given away; Midnight Forest Gloves, Karambit | Lore, AWP | Zenix & Gold VIP (Wiki Links below) Radio: https://warzone.gg/radio
  6. We are starting 2018 big! Hyper Beast Big!! Want a change to win a pair of Hyper Beast Gloves? Simply complete all 4 steps below! Like Either Facebook or Twitter Post Follow Twitter or Facebook (Link Below) PM me your Facebook / Twitter Name! Comment Your Steam Name and Steam ID Goodluck all! Winner announced on Sunday!! Hyper Beast Gloves: https://warzone.gg/viewitem?id=838
  7. Want Sapphire/Ruby Gloves. Will pay >30Mil

  8. Big Glitch in Minecraft B5 TTT

    From my knowledge we dont own the gamemode Minecraft TTT B5 we run the server and can change things within it however soon as a updated version of the gamemode comes out it wipes all changes.
  9. Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas all!
  10. Application Process

    WarZone Logistics is now recruiting drivers! You can apply here -> https://warzone.gg/applyforadmin/applicationform?id=10 It will take up to 24 hours for an application to be accepted or declined. Once you are accepted you will be placed into the applicable forum, Discord and Teamspeak groups. You will need to download the VTMLive application outlined here. Once you've joined our VTM group you're all set to go.
  11. VTM Process

    VTMLive is the application you need so the Logistics Management can log and keep track of the jobs submitted to us. You need to join WarZone Logistics here on the forum. Apply here. You will need to register a account on VTM here. The register button is in the top right corner of the website. Once that is done, please go over to the WarZone Logistics VTM and hit the apply button. Download the software that can be found here. Make sure Euro Truck Simulator 2 is not running Go to the settings tab and select your Euro Truck Simulator 2 file path. The default path for this is generally C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Euro Truck Simulator 2 but you could of changed while installing the game Log in with the same username and password you just created on the VTM website. Once you have been accepted to join the company, login and select WarZone Logistics from the list of companies. When your status changes to ready, open up either Euro Truck Simulator 2 or TruckersMP and starting playing. For VTMLive to track your information you must complete the job. Disclaimer: We have to accept jobs manually to be put onto the company profile, don't expect it done instantly but everything will be processed as fast as possible.
  12. Christmas Game GIVEAWAY!

    Day 20: (8 Letters) Day 21: (8 Letters) Day 22: (8 Letters)
  13. Christmas Game GIVEAWAY!

    Day 19: 8 Letters Guess the word!
  14. Christmas Game GIVEAWAY!

    Day 18: http://prntscr.com/hpa5ov (8 Letters)
  15. Just joined