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  1. Gamemode?

    I know i'm very Creative you can close this one
  2. Gamemode?

    Sorry for 2 topics seems to happends when you press the create 2 times
  3. Gamemode?

    Hey , hello and Hoi Weebs (Not everyone is a weeb i know) Warzone Basewars ? Earn Money , Build Bases , better bases, defend your self and raid , oh , claim land easy to say but maybe with more ''Warzone feeling '' ''Warzone Quality'' sorry i can't describe it better Thats all ... Bye
  4. Rly...

    How to delete the acc on Warzone.gg ?
  5. Surf Map Vote

    Remove Life of a Duck pls its so annoying and glitchy , Space jam ... yes remove it too
  6. Dan's Introduction

    I'm in Love with the shape of Dan :3 Your are nice , your voice is awesome! Pls stay and never leave <3 we need somebody like you and i know sometimes i'm rude in gmod sry for that XD
  7. The Quotes Topic

    2017 @CuteGriffin ~ "i would happily rape the wanker"
  8. Another Idea

    Nice No Problem Faction events would be nice too like this faction vs other faction
  9. Another Idea

    HELLO, My Name is Stabby and i have an Idea since 1 week i'm thinking about Clans or Factions on Warzone , like ... he has a tag and you see were he is and that he is online on Warzone like a little extra hud for every server ... That you have a own group on the server not for texting , just for you have you own group you can make with them events etc.
  10. AutoDJ Suggestions

    Some of my most fav. songs SIAMÉS - "The Wolf" - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lX44CAz-JhU Delta Heavy - White Flag - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ebILIKHi9wo EXGF - We Are The Hearts - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FVpG-RtZFE0
  11. HELLO GUYS Stabby again , so my question ... is it possible to get an different Stronghold map? Don't be a meanie
  12. Hello!

  13. I got an Idea :D

    Okey was just an Idea and Thank you Holy i will burn in Hell
  14. I got an Idea :D

    Hello Guys , Community .... I want to talk about Vapes because they are Existing in Garry's Mod an are Fun , Smoke will hurt nobody and its relaxing ( The Vape /Case) i wanted to know is this a nope /never on Warzone or a maybe /yes ?
  15. Warzone case 1 - 2

    Okey i just wanted to know i don't know my point either so sry i know its gamble but sometimes its just annoying me when i get a case with store and non-store items