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  1. Stabby


    I know i'm very Creative you can close this one
  2. Stabby


    Sorry for 2 topics seems to happends when you press the create 2 times
  3. Stabby


    Hey , hello and Hoi Weebs (Not everyone is a weeb i know) Warzone Basewars ? Earn Money , Build Bases , better bases, defend your self and raid , oh , claim land easy to say but maybe with more ''Warzone feeling '' ''Warzone Quality'' sorry i can't describe it better Thats all ... Bye
  4. Stabby


    How to delete the acc on Warzone.gg ?
  5. Remove Life of a Duck pls its so annoying and glitchy , Space jam ... yes remove it too
  6. I'm in Love with the shape of Dan :3 Your are nice , your voice is awesome! Pls stay and never leave <3 we need somebody like you and i know sometimes i'm rude in gmod sry for that XD
  7. 2017 @CuteGriffin ~ "i would happily rape the wanker"
  8. Nice No Problem Faction events would be nice too like this faction vs other faction
  9. HELLO, My Name is Stabby and i have an Idea since 1 week i'm thinking about Clans or Factions on Warzone , like ... he has a tag and you see were he is and that he is online on Warzone like a little extra hud for every server ... That you have a own group on the server not for texting , just for you have you own group you can make with them events etc.
  10. Some of my most fav. songs SIAMÉS - "The Wolf" - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lX44CAz-JhU Delta Heavy - White Flag - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ebILIKHi9wo EXGF - We Are The Hearts - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FVpG-RtZFE0
  11. HELLO GUYS Stabby again , so my question ... is it possible to get an different Stronghold map? Don't be a meanie
  12. Stabby


  13. Okey was just an Idea and Thank you Holy i will burn in Hell
  14. Hello Guys , Community .... I want to talk about Vapes because they are Existing in Garry's Mod an are Fun , Smoke will hurt nobody and its relaxing ( The Vape /Case) i wanted to know is this a nope /never on Warzone or a maybe /yes ?
  15. Okey i just wanted to know i don't know my point either so sry i know its gamble but sometimes its just annoying me when i get a case with store and non-store items
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