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  1. Need a girlfriend plox give me a call

  2. waow pls gib me im new
  3. hi

    1. WinterPwnd


      You're are maternal unit homosexual

    2. Satti


      You're a nice individual


  4. #watching a 80 minutes league of legends game at 5 am and that's only 2-1 in a best of 5 series :)))

  5. I should be more active on Warzone :DDDDDDD 

    1. keranoz
    2. Satti




  6. Satti

    How Did You Find Warzone?

    I found Warzone.. by getting banned ;DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
  7. Satti

    League of Legends.

    Lmao I was better than you with a 20fps laptop :>
  8. Satti

    League of Legends.

    Everyone who play league on EUW / EUNE put their summoner names here! That is all folks. See you again until next time! P.S : Zero play lg plox
  9. I wish BCE Ghost was single :>

    1. BCEGhost


      I wish Dino wouldnt be scared of doing it in the butt.

    2. Satti


      I wish you'd handle my dick like a man.

  10. You aren't admin either huh? What has life become ghost..

    1. Show previous comments  9 more
    2. Wetpenny


      you live in africa?


    3. BCEGhost


      okay here you go, I just shortened the link btw: https://goo.gl/nszMRp

    4. Satti


      wtf is this retardation

  11. I like you guys! 

    1. Cat McThicc Boy

      Cat McThicc Boy

      yes man i like you too. we should meet up and have a kid

    2. Vikker
  12. I got work and school , still trying to do the duties when I can <3

  13. Satti

    Is this, like the real WarZone :O

    I'm not real , we're in a simulation inside your brain.

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