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  1. hi

    1. WinterPwnd


      You're are maternal unit homosexual

  2. #watching a 80 minutes league of legends game at 5 am and that's only 2-1 in a best of 5 series :)))

  3. I should be more active on Warzone :DDDDDDD 

    1. keranoz
    2. Satti




  4. How Did You Find Warzone?

    I found Warzone.. by getting banned ;DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
  5. League of Legends.

    Lmao I was better than you with a 20fps laptop :>
  6. League of Legends.

    Everyone who play league on EUW / EUNE put their summoner names here! That is all folks. See you again until next time! P.S : Zero play lg plox
  7. I wish BCE Ghost was single :>

    1. BCEGhost


      I wish Dino wouldnt be scared of doing it in the butt.

    2. Satti


      I wish you'd handle my dick like a man.

  8. You aren't admin either huh? What has life become ghost..

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    2. Wetpenny


      you live in africa?


    3. BCEGhost


      okay here you go, I just shortened the link btw: https://goo.gl/nszMRp

    4. Satti


      wtf is this retardation

  9. I like you guys! 

    1. Cat McThicc Boy

      Cat McThicc Boy

      yes man i like you too. we should meet up and have a kid

    2. Vikker
  10. I got work and school , still trying to do the duties when I can <3

  11. Is this, like the real WarZone :O

    I'm not real , we're in a simulation inside your brain.
  12. There's a problem with my inbox, I can't send a private message that's why I'm writing here, anyway it would be really awesome if you could visit WZ servers on MW2 more often, your activity seem to have died the day you unbanned me, since that there has been a lot of hackers, specifically on Skidrow. Pls, appear once in a while

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    2. Jovanka_Broz


      Fucking low lifers, either visit and enforce the rules or disband them alltogether.

    3. mynamajeff
    4. Satti


      Weird I messaged.. saying I was gonna log on but it didn't show.. and uhhh Calling me a low lifer isn't the best term when I got work/school.. I am usually one of the most active admins on here.

  13. goodbye America . no matter whom is chosen it will be a weird day.

    1. mynamajeff


      meh the world goes on, doubt much will change

    2. BCEGhost