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  1. The New gamemode idea i was thinking of was like a trade server so it can act like a hub for people to trade on
  2. So there is a bug in the bunnyhop server which i don't know why but for some reason after a map change it adds a random knife without a skin on your Screen and it only goes away after restarting your game or just rejoining the server. i hope this gets fixed
  3. I thought of I new idea for a game mode and I thought why not have a game mode where your only weapon is a few grenades and a knife You get to restock your grenades back at spawn You can only use the primary fire with the knife You get punished for staying at spawn for too long like 30 seconds and then you get punished by taking a lot of damage I think this might be a good idea for a game mode and I think it should be called Grenade galore
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