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  1. spacejam is a fucking classic, you just need to surf better , the other one is not even a surf map imo
  2. your talking pure fucking bullshit, that was one reason the servers died, but the changes in the beginning fucked everyting up. but guesssss boss gornot knows everything
  3. Look @ the counter strike servers after they changed allot of stuff
  4. wauw, this post is cringe worthy, it feels like you only made this post to get ''presents'' wauwie happybirthday <3
  5. Surf_Congo_Black_Ow is sheit, 100% agree with everything stated above.
  6. r u for real........ jezus
  7. why do, why would you stop being yourself, whats your reason behind it?
  8. i also have problems with mods, they say niggerdick is racist
  9. actually yes, they use allot of different commands to remove your weapon/knife on different servers so if you dont know that it is !rknife of this one i can understand that he thinks its not there. and knowing commands has fuck all to do with surf or bhop knowledge.
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