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  1. Hello my name is Andreas and some people might remember me from the beginning of Warzone. It was Zero and me who started the Clan |WarZone| on Call Of Duty UO back in 2005 (best years of cod) We grew in numbers and in 2007 we changed the clan name to Special Air Service |SAS| and expanded into call of duty 4. Two years went by and by 2009 we decided to close down the clan because of lack time and the fact that COD UO was dying Then in 2011 zero contacted me and asked if i wanted to start a call of duty 4 gaming community. And from there it went really fast with servers on different games. Eventually WZ got so big that i feelt like it was to big for me, so i stepped down. But now Im back! But as COD admin and looking forward for some gaming again
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