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  1. HarryW


    BUYING: '★ M9 Bayonet | Doppler (Sapphire)' , '★ Bayonet | Doppler (Sapphire)' , '★ Butterfly | Doppler (Sapphire)' , '★ Gloves | Doppler (Sapphire)' .
  2. "ITS TINY" - @Holy Ham
  3. 1) Talking About Moderators in Moderator Chat @Archangel @Matt 2) Lance talking about the Managers Chat @Corporal.Lance
  4. (Whilst Opening Cases) For clarification Zaben is ZeRo Crossed with Gaben @Corporal.Lance
  5. HarryW

    Post your desktop

    I cannot have anything on my Desktop it annoys me
  6. Hello Guys, I am sorry to tell you that Holy Ham isnt who he says he is, he is really called 'Rogue Agent Rice' He is not even a real meat, he is a fake quorn imposter. Please spead this message as he needs to be brought to justice by the meat packing court. His bounty has been set to 1.5$WZ Many Thanks, Harry W (Exposer Of Fake Meats)
  7. Im Interested: https://warzone.gg/user/inventory?id=1055 Lemme know
  8. HarryW


    GL HF Name: Blossom McBitch SteamID: STEAM_0:0:119360473
  9. "I love little girls" "Im going to get wanked for this" "Do you ever feel like shoving a stick up your ass?" "Oh, Fuck me" @NightFurious
  10. HarryW


    HAVE: 'Gloves | Doppler (Black Pearl)' WANT: 'Gloves | Crimson Web' , 'Gloves | Doppler (Ruby)' , 'Gloves | Howl ' , 'Gloves | Slaughter'. If you would prefer something else look Here!
  11. @FaZe Taylor Swift "6.50 and a handjob"
  12. HarryW

    Gloves TRADE

    I own "✪ Gloves | Fade" These are the only pair as of now. https://warzone.gg/viewitem?id=701 Looking to Trade for: "✪ Gloves | Howl" "✪ Gloves | Ruby" "✪ Gloves | Crimson Web" Or Offers.
  13. "Nice, Juicy Otter Tits" - @FaZe Taylor Swift
  14. "There is worse kids to fuck" - @Not Alfred
  15. HarryW

    Trading READ

    Trading my "Karambit | Emerald" for a "Karambit | Ruby" or "Karambit | Sapphire"
  16. HarryW

    Trading READ

    Trading my "StatTrak™ Karambit | Emerald" for a "StatTrak™ Karambit | Ruby".
  17. Case Only, Message me with price
  18. I have 2 mio rn but I also have expensive skins I could trade. Preferably Bayonets, Butterfly's.
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