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  1. Yea, well youve tried, this seems to be a very very strange issue, i dont think im willing to waste another hour on this tbh, but thanks for your help anyways!.
  2. Ive ZERO clue why its crashing, no idea, ive tried launch options, settings, addons, reinstalls etc. nothing seems to have worked so far.
  3. Okay, well ive tried with hl2016, suprisingly still crashed, ive just removed all fonts, ill try again.
  4. Okay, with the content reinstalled it crashes, problem found. ill remove content 1 by 1 untill i find whats killing it.
  5. And after allowing all custom content no crash, gonna re-add css content and hl2
  6. We've got a breakthrough, if i stop custom content then i dont crash, its to do with something in the lua maybe
  7. Ugh tried again with diff ingame settings, after the round ended the game died.
  8. Oh, bit more, i just unmounted csgo and tried to join via gmod, crashed immediately after joining
  9. Ok, so my hardware firstly : i7 8750H 16GB ddr4 1060m 6gb, game is on a 1tb hdd. Currently i have no additional content installed aside from warzones required and non required content, there is no non-standard content either, so no css content or hl2, CSGO is mounted. but i have also done a fresh install of gmod. To replicate what I've done, join surf dm via the servers tab on this site, after that all you can do is play, i seem to die from either pressing mouse 1 or being killed. those seem to be triggers.
  10. Game has been cleared of addons, then the necessary ones reinstalled, i can get in and im there for a bit longer but the game can just randomly close again.
  11. Hmm, I've tried to verify but no cigar, would likely have to reinstall, could do it, would just be a little hassle, but I think ill do it anyways. thanks for your help though and vlod too!
  12. I've just cleared the addons folder, I tried to rejoin and it crashed again, it seems to be after I click anything tbh.
  13. Ah, Will do, also another thing to note is when ingame it doesnt seem to crash until i dismiss the motd menu, requires me to click to crash.
  14. Hi vlod, well I get no errors, after the loading screen ends I spawn, quite a lot of stuttering happens, no console errors, I'm in and can walk / talk for about 15 seconds then the game locks up and just closes.
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