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  1. Looks a bit like the Shard and Hex collections. Other than that, they're pretty nice.
  2. That's really fucking cool. These are definitely some of the best looking skins I've seen on here. Would happily buy these.
  3. A lot of thought and effort went into this skin. Definitely going to buy it if it gets added - let's just see if ye can get the bloody cat sorted xd
  4. Personally, I don't like the idea. A large part of the Stronghold gamemode is your ability to build quickly and efficiently under threat of being raided. It's constant building, repairing, and repelling raiders. Implementing a building mode, to me, would detract from the atmosphere and authenticity of the gamemode. As always with changes to Stronghold, the gamemode is a mixture of spaghetti code and stubborn veteran players who don't want to see any drastic changes being made. I don't think the effort would be worth the return.
  5. Hell yeah Replace K/D ratio with the highest amount of kills, though. If not, someone who joins in the last few minutes and goes 10-0 will likely win the tournament.
  6. That's why there's numerous warnings. Spacing out the warnings will eliminate false flags like ping spikes. It would have to be a consistent issue for people to get kicked for it - e.g, west coasters or Aussies with 200-300 ping.
  7. With recent updates to client-side hitreg on player-vs-player gamemodes, there's a rising trend of high-ping players being given a considerable advantage over other players. Due to their ping (particularly when it reaches the 200+ threshold) players with high pings become more difficult to hit and have a sizable delay on being seen while shoulder peeking corners. Due to the recent update regarding client-sided hitreg, players with high ping benefit from it greatly. I suggest adding an automatic system which removes players with high ping from the game. The older Counter-Strike iterations benefited greatly on a community-server level by implementing ping checks and automatic removers. A player with a high ping or with a ping higher than a set threshold (for example, 200) would be warned up to 3 times with the message "Your ping is higher than x. You will be removed from the match if this continues." These warnings would appear every thirty seconds until 3/3 warnings were reached and the player was removed from the game. A system like this would be particularly beneficial on the player-vs-player servers: Stronghold, TTT, Gungame and SurfDM, as well as perhaps Hide and Seek if it creates issues with catching hiders. Would be interested in hearing people's thoughts over a system like this being implemented. Are there any cons to this system that are outstanding enough to not have it added?
  8. Really loved this gamemode back in the day, the older Polish 1.6 servers especially. Really active and engaging gamemode. I feel like they haven't aged too well, however. They're a perfect gamemode for players who still play 1.6 and enjoy it, but it wouldn't convert very well to Garry's Mod's playerbase in my opinion. More conventional weapons are more appealing to the current meta/expectations. I'd love to see it, but I don't personally think it would be worth the effort to develop and manage the server.
  9. Welcome to the community, Xedharoq. You've already done what I aspire to do once I'm done with school - travel the world. You're very lucky to have been to so many countries, I'm envious. Be sure to join us on Discord!
  10. Thank you for your extensive post, it has been very insightful and I appreciate the feedback. I've forwarded a lot of your points to ZeRo and the development team. You and I share a lot of ideas for the server, particularly the "reset to last checkpoint" zoning along with the timer extension options - these were both intentions of mine from the get-go. There are a few points I have left out, however. • The standard mode will remain as Autohop. From my experience, setting the standard to 'Normal' is an aged, elitist approach to a bhop server. We welcome players of all calibers, and it's a reality that a majority of the bunnyhop players currently active on Garry's Mod are new and inexperienced. As a functioning server, it's within our best interest to make things convenient for the majority. While I love 'Normal' to bits, I'm very aware that the mode is there for when I wish to play it. The same can be said for other players who are adept at scrollwheel hopping. • I will be taking all due care in deciding what is a skip and what is an exploit. We have tools at our disposable which make zoning very easy and hassle-free to accomplish, without sacrificing effectiveness. With the implementation of a "reset to last checkpoint" zone, the need to edit maps in Hammer will become extremely minimal. Like yourself, I've been bunnyhopping for quite a few years now - I assure you I'll do my best to differentiate between one and the other. • An additional Bunnyhopping server is not currently an option. In my experience, it has caused playerbases to suffer greatly as it not only splits the actual numbers, but also segregates players of different skill levels quite a bit. New players benefit from mixing with experienced players, and in general it makes the atmosphere much more enjoyable and enthusiastic. We need only look at the two Surf servers to see how successful such an idea would be. You'll be happy to know, however, that additional extension timers have been deemed viable by ZeRo. This will create more time for players to complete longer, more difficult maps like bhop_null_v2. • A separate map voting feature to the rest of WarZone has been deemed unviable. This is likely due to the unique case drop system we have, along with future planned updates. • Changes to XP rewards upon completion will need to be gauged after the rest of these changes have been made. As it is currently, I feel it may be unneeded to change things like these when adding more maps (as is planned) may very well fix the issue regardless. As it is currently, you only gain a sizable amount of XP after beating your own time. This is a competitive step that I would rather not see lost, as it rewards players for completing one of the fundamental pillars of the gamemode - surpassing your previous milestones. • A new leaderboard is a possibility, but not right now or any time soon.
  11. Hello! I'm Ronan, the maintainer for WarZone's Bunnyhopping server. With a string of new gamemode maintainers recently assigned, many of WarZone's servers have seen a new breath of life and care dedicated toward them. Our Bunnyhopping server is no different. In this thread, anyone who's enthusiastic about the gamemode or would like to see changes made to it will be offered a line of direct communication to both the developers and myself. You will now have a convenient method to voice your concerns and outstanding issues with the server. There are a number of areas regarding the server that I'd first like to address, just to clear the air regarding my views and proposed approach to the server: Over the course of the next few weeks, I will be going through all the maps currently on the server to ensure that all zones are working in proper order. If you know of any zoning issues, please feel free to report them below. Additionally, if you have any map suggestions that haven't already been posted HERE please feel free to post them below, with the name of the map and a link to a download. I'd love to hear your current feedback for the server. Whether you're a new player, or someone who has put many hours into the server, your feedback is valuable and will help us to refine and improve your experience on the server.
  12. I like the look of it. Great job, Reple.
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