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    The community market themes system has now been back-ported to the main website and now allows for more options than before. What themes would you like to see added? You can post images as suggestions, just make sure they are 1920x1080 and don't have any watermarks.
  2. ZeRo

    Game Nights

    For 2019, we're bringing back Gamenights weekly (For most weeks, however this may change depending on schedules etc). Today we had our first of the year, Quake III in Garry's Mod, and we want to do more. What Garry's Mod gamemodes would you like to play, or other games for that matter. Side note: For the majority of games, we expect that it has a dedicated server system, that allows us to create servers and modify any settings required, however depending on the game this may not need to be a requirement.
  3. ZeRo

    Minecraft is here!

  4. ZeRo

    Wire Frame | Set #1

    Declined. It's unique but not the kind of skins we're after.
  5. ZeRo

    Weapon/Skin plans for S&Box

    Couple of things: In Sandbox we can create a really good workbench tool, not only could you import existing files, but we could have some form of editor within there to create skins, allowing people to bypass photoshop completely. We can probably do an inbuilt skin render tool built directly in to workbench. I think we should start looking at adding more and newer weapons, for example, it would be great to have a WW2 pack of weapons. We also need to review our existing website code base, we are most likely going to run both Garry's Mod and S&box at the same time, in that case we need to make sure that the market is 100% compatible with multiple games, and that RPC will only deliver item creation messages etc to the correct game. I'll start filling up the S&box Trello board we have with the stuff that's going to be worked on, of course I think the first priorities are core stuff like Inventory Server integration, MOTD, Rules, RPC etc etc.
  6. ZeRo

    TTT 2 Ideas & Suggestions

    It seems like you only registered to promote your own addon. I'd still much rather write our own version from scratch. Thanks anyway.
  7. ZeRo

    TTT 2 Ideas & Suggestions

    I put out a poll in Discord yesterday asking what everyone's general opinion is on WarZone creating it's own version of TTT. Although this is not yet confirmed, I started this thread to start a discussion about how we should go about it, how we make it unique, but also changing it, what would you like to see added, changed or removed? I'd like to get as much feedback as possible.
  8. ZeRo

    Sign in with Steam

    Today we're launching a new website feature: Sign in via Steam. We already use this on the community market, however it is now available on the main WarZone website. Simply head on over to https://warzone.gg/login and click the "Sign in with Steam" button. Along with this, site registrations are now Steam only, meaning any new accounts will need to be created using a Steam account.
  9. ZeRo

    Server Move (IP Changes)

    Now Moved: Surf Tier 1 Bunny Hop
  10. ZeRo

    Server Move (IP Changes)

    As part of our ongoing commitment to provide a great gaming experience, we are doing a server migration on Sunday 6th January 2018 to new hardware. As part of this, server IP addresses will be changing and you can find these below. Stronghold: TTT #1 Minecraft Only: Cinema: SurfDM: Gungame: Movie Night Events: Surf Tier 1: Bunny Hop: TTT #2: Surf Tier 2+: Skin Testing Environment: Hide and Seek: Team Deathmatch: Wingman: EDIT: The following have now been migrated. (04/01/19) Cinema TTT#2 Surf Tier 2+ Skin Testing Environment Hide and Seek Team Deathmatch Wingman
  11. ZeRo

    Server Move (IP Changes)

    The following have now been migrated: Stronghold TTT #1 Gungame SurfDM Movie Night Events The last two: Surf Tier 1 & Bunny Hop will be moved later this evening.
  12. ZeRo

    Server Move (IP Changes)

    The following have now been migrated. Cinema TTT#2 Surf Tier 2+ Skin Testing Environment Hide and Seek Team Deathmatch Wingman
  13. ZeRo

    New Year, New Updates

    Today we're launching a new update which includes a few new features. Introducing Screenshots Screenshots are a brand new feature which allow you to capture your best moments and upload them to the WarZone Cloud. Press F11 at any point in-game to take a screenshot, and once done access the Screenshot Manager by pressing F7 You can use the Screenshot Manager to either upload your taken screenshots or delete them. So, what's the difference between this and Steam screenshots, can't I just use that? Well, yes you can, but WarZone Screenshots upload directly to your WarZone profile and also contain a number of meta data with the screenshot The Screenshot system is the start of our plan for a fully integrated game and community system, with features such as Friends and cross server trading coming in the near future. Profile Overhaul The profile page now has had a complete overhaul and now works for users who are not forum registered, as such this now uses the Steam API heavily for user lookup information The first two pages which we have started with are Screenshots and Inventories. Items have had a complete re-design and along with that, you can now perform some in-game actions by right clicking on these items: You can Quick Sell, Open Cases, Market sell and Delete items (if needed) Web Case Opening In this update you can now open cases online, however this is currently in closed beta and once ready another news post will be made to announce the general availability of this feature.
  14. The Post-Christmas update is deploying tomorrow morning. The highlights of this update include: Brand new Panorama UI Team Selection Menu This is currently on SurfDM2, Wingman, Snowball Fight! and Gungame Souvenir Items These are a new type of unique items which are only obtainable for certain events, at first meetups and special radio show prizes such as Anniversary and Christmas shows. Genuine Items Improvements Genuine items are now marked with a green border, these types of items are usually found on physical Series 3 pins that are given out during meetups. You can find all changelogs here: https://warzone.gg/changes/view?id=51 Sale Extended Although we have now removed the holiday cheer in-game, the 2018 Christmas Sale has been extended to 31st December 2018 New Years Radio Show A reminder that on 31st December from 8PM, There will be a drunk radio show up until midnight where we officially welcome the new year. New Years Fireworks From 6PM (GMT) on 31st December, you can join Stronghold to experience fireworks every hour up until Midnight to celebrate the new year. Movies Back to regular schedule Movie Nights are now back on track, regular voting is now enforced. This Friday, we're watching Pulp Fiction https://warzone.gg/movienightinfo?id=83
  15. ZeRo

    A report

    Please use the report system linked here: https://warzone.gg/reports
  16. ZeRo

    Winter Wonderland

    It's time to celebrate the winter season! This update includes a brand new gamemode: Snowball Fight! This gamemode is available between today and 31st December and is Christmas exclusive. 5v5 CS-Like gameplay, except that your only weapons are snowballs. Pick your team, Santa's Army or work for the Grinch. As part of Santa's army, you have to protect both Christmas Present Sites (A & B) from the Grinch army who intend on blowing it up with a C4 that has been wrapped up in Christmas paper. Although, unlike a normal match, both bomb sites need to have bombs planted in order to cause a win, so get out there and start killing each other with snowballs! https://warzone.gg/serverinfo/75-snowball-fight- Panorama UI Updates There is a lot of UI updates in this version, and this includes a new "Main Menu", the Escape menu has been reduced in clutter and now redirects to the new main menu. The new menu contains a character which you can select a weapon/knife skin and character of your choice If you have CS:GO Mounted, you will use the playermodels provided by CS:GO which contain a feature rich animation set and this will appear on the main menu, make sure you have CS:GO mounted! On the Panorama Inspect, there's a new button, "Use on Dashboard" which will show your selection on the main menu. There is also now a new Content UI, which gives you a clear visual representation of what you have subscribed and what you don't, along with the list of required content if you need to subscribe to it. Operations have also received an overhaul too, with a new panorama re-design 2019 Service Medal When you become level 140, you’ll be given the opportunity to reset your Profile Rank. After January 1, 2019 you’ll be able to receive the new 2019 Service Medal, an inspectable display item that will be visible wherever your avatar is shown. Veteran Coins We have now added veteran coins for those who have stuck around for a while. The coins will be available from this weekend. The Floor is Lava! We have now added this to WZNet, it's a fantastic gamemode to play with friends and a massive selection of maps to get started. You can click on the advert in the Main Menu or simply go and create a lobby as normal. Default Knives On CT/T based gamemodes, if the player has no knife equipped, CT's will now get their variant of default knife.
  17. ZeRo

    Game Night Games

    Agree 100% 2019 one of the things we're going to do is start getting back to hosting gamenights twice a month on a variety of different games, this year has been busy, so I apologize for the lack of community events.
  18. ZeRo

    TTT 2 Ideas & Suggestions

    That's the plan, as I said, I think the TTT UI is ugly and outdated, and I could in theory modify current TTT to support that, however we would have to keep doing merges between our version and the main version which can be a pain. Writing it ourselves allows a much nicer and cleaner code base as well as better integration in to our core modules, which is the option I'd prefer.
  19. ZeRo

    TTT 2 Ideas & Suggestions

    That was my thoughts on it also, I didn't want to do anything drastic, but the whole purpose for me was to: Improve the UI massively, I think the TTT UI is ugly and outdated Improve some mechanics Implement our weapons system (after a lot of testing if this is to go ahead) Implement our crosshair system Implement a proper MVP system Better F8 Menu. Of course I welcome other suggestions, and in some ways we will need to make it unique in terms of gameplay features also. Edit: I'd be also interested to hear everyones thoughts on the weapons Would you like to have them pick-up on the floor as they are now? or would you like it to be buy-menu based. What are your thoughts on an Inventory system e.g you can add a weapon you find to your Inventory and use it later. Same weapons with different stats, e.g a Rare negev that has more damage or less recoil for example, or do you think this would be too confusing with our skins system?
  20. ZeRo

    TTT 2 Ideas & Suggestions

    That has nothing to do with the game mode though, so it shouldn't even be in this thread, should be posted under it's own topic. Report system is external. I'm asking for purely gamemode feedback stuff here. Edit: I understand that the reporting system we have in place is not fit for purpose, and I will try to improve that. I do agree with you, however this isn't specific to the gamemode.
  21. I have spent the majority of today writing a new internal tool called WZDeploy. This tool will never see the light of day outside of our systems, however I'm writing this blog post for anyone who is interested in the internals of WarZone. So, WZDeploy has 3 components Command Line or "CMD" This does the brunt of the work, whenever we release an update, this will fire and update all the required packages on a server, simple enough right? However we wanted a solution that was stable, we could rely on, and most importantly we knew how it worked. So, for packages, each server has a "list" of packages that is subscribed to. Packages are a variety of things, such as Core, weapon models, hats & masks, gloves and even gamemodes, so picking the right packages is essential. More on this later. It was important that this tool should Not randomly overwrite stuff Be reliable Not crash Secure The CMD component does checking, it has a cache of what every server has and at what version. This component was also designed to be very similar to SteamCMD so we could fit it in with our existing automation workloads, as such it shares similar command line parameters such as app_update and force_install_dir Overall, it does what we need it to do and works really well. Publisher This is a tool which is used for pushing out updates and it looks something like this: You select the package you wish to update, set the version number, some changes, the folder with the source code and the installation directory for the gameserver. The application will then gather all the files in the content folder, upload it to the store and update the depot with a new version, and whenever the gameservers are restarted, they will automatically update to the latest package. We can also create new packages in the future very easily. This is a fairly simply utility which helps out in improving the speed of update deployments Addon Generator Again this is a fairly simply utility, this generates the manifest file for each server so we can select which packages we're interested in. This generates a .json file which is then fed to the Command Line module, fairly simple but better than manually creating files. Conclusion This has taken me about 3-4 hours to write (Not including testing), and I'm very pleased with it, and the next minor update will be released using this mechanism.
  22. ZeRo

    New Gamemode

    To me, it seems like you've just described Stronghold.
  23. ZeRo

    Christmas Movies on WarZone

    As with last year, we ran various Christmas movies in place of Movie Nights, this year is no exception! Join on Friday 7th, 14th and 21st for Christmas themed movies! Along with that, Top Gear Tuesdays is back, with Christmas themed Top Gear specials with: The Middle East Special The Polar Special Winter Olympics Top gear has no sign up required, for the Christmas movies you can sign up at the links below. Home Alone: https://warzone.gg/movienightinfo?id=79 The Polar Express: https://warzone.gg/movienightinfo?id=80 How the Grinch Stole Christmas: https://warzone.gg/movienightinfo?id=81
  24. ZeRo

    The 2018 Christmas Update

    The 2018 Christmas update is finally here! The update will be deploying at 08:00 GMT on the 1st December 2018 Here's the highlights. Weapon Re-Port The main focus of the update was re-porting the weapons from CS:GO to Garry's Mod to allow for a number of improvements such as a better and more optimized StatTrak module for guns, UID Nametags for custom names. Along with this re-port includes a new set of weapon sounds. Inspecting now includes StatTrak and UID models Panorama Inspecting For Weapons (For now) there are now multiple inspecting modes, namely weapon rotate and playermodel views. Nametag Improvements As mentioned previously, nametags have been improved, along with that, there is a new UI Server List Panorama Update This update also includes a Panorama UI update for the !swapme / Servers list Festive Updates As with last year, the server is very festive again. There is now a Christmas version of ttt_minecraft_b5 and the Skin Testing Market On certain maps, namely: sh_lockdown, Minecraft B5, Cinema, Market, there are Christmas trees placed with presents that are spawned. Every player can open one present from under the tree per day, and presents contain items from both of the new cases. Skin Testing Market Map Christmas Minecraft Christmas Menu & Advent Calendar In the escape menu there is now a new Christmas section containing a Christmas countdown, advent calendar and received items. The Advent Calendar, you can open a slot each day and get an item from both of the new cases.
  25. ZeRo

    Movie Night Suggestions

    All above have been added.

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