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  1. ZeRo

    WarZone 2018 Summer Sale

    The days are getting longer, the temperatures are now in the 70's and 80's, this can only mean one thing.. Summer! The WarZone 2018 Summer Sale is now on! Use Coupon Code: SUMMER2018-UTRECHT at checkout for a whopping 60% off all items. Happy Buying!
  2. Update 14.49.5 was released today. You can find the change logs here: https://warzone.gg/wiki/viewchangelogs?id=31
  3. ZeRo

    Update: Discord Rich Presence

    Back in April we launched Discord rich presence for our Garry's Mod Servers, here: However, recently the ability to update rich presence via HTTP was removed as it was never intended to be used, only there by accident and never officially supported. Rich Presence is now optional to those who wish to install our client, which you can do by going here: https://downloads.warzone.gg/discord_rpc_http/Discord RPC over HTTP.msi The installer will add the program running as a Windows Service and simply runs in the background. Your game client will then communicate with the service over HTTP and the service will then forward the rich presence requests to Discord over RPC. This is not a very practical solution, but it allows us to keep the feature implemented for those who want to still use it. The source code is open freely for anyone to modify to their liking, you can find this here: https://git.warzone.gg/5echo2/csharp_solutions/DiscordRPCHTTP
  4. ZeRo

    Movie Night Suggestions

    This is now the permanent suggestion thread for movie night suggestions, and we're changing how the voting works. The existing system took movie suggestions and waited until each one had been voted for and played, however that process is long, tedious and towards the end, you always get left with movies no one really wants to watch. So, we're changing it up a bit. We are still going to ask for a lot of suggestions, however now this is the permanent thread for suggestions, we intend to keep adding movies every few weeks to the voting, movies of which get no votes after a certain amount of time will get removed from the voting, but these can be added back later if re-suggested. So, please use this thread to suggest any movies you'd like to see during a WarZone Movie Night. Please format your post as shown below. Movie Name: Movie Year: Genre: You can repeat this if you wish to suggest multiple movies in one post.
  5. ZeRo

    Low fps report

    Thanks for the report, the error in question is being fixed in tonight's patch.
  6. ZeRo

    Stronghold Help

    We have a guide on our help center https://confluence.warzone.gg/display/WHC/Stronghold+Guide Maybe if you'd like to contribute to that also, since it's also shown to players who type !help in-game.
  7. ZeRo

    Surf. Choose the gun you want.

    My question is, why does it matter? Guns are not a requirement to play Timer based Surf, the only reason it's there is because you may need to shoot glass on some maps. Does it really matter what weapon it is?
  8. This is an Item Removal Notification. We intend on removing certain items from the servers which will affect players inventories within the next two weeks. The final removal date will be 31st May 2018 ✪ Tactical Gloves The tactical gloves model and the ability to make skins for tactical gloves will be removed, we are deprecating the gloves model in favour of newer high definition glove and hand models. ✪ Tactical Gloves | Country Variants We will be removing all country variant gloves which are at present, available to purchase in the in-game store. As we are deprecating Tactical Gloves in favour of Hard Knuckle, Full Finger and Fingerless gloves, we have no intention of re-making the country gloves at this moment in time and as such will be removed. We do intend that as part of this removal process to create some new store buy-able gloves on the 2 other Full Finger/Finger-less models. Items to be removed: https://warzone.gg/wiki/viewitem?id=683 (Belgium) https://warzone.gg/wiki/viewitem?id=686 (Bosnia) https://warzone.gg/wiki/viewitem?id=687 (Brazil) https://warzone.gg/wiki/viewitem?id=692 (China) https://warzone.gg/wiki/viewitem?id=694 (Denmark) https://warzone.gg/wiki/viewitem?id=702 (France) https://warzone.gg/wiki/viewitem?id=704 (Germany) https://warzone.gg/wiki/viewitem?id=709 (Ireland) https://warzone.gg/wiki/viewitem?id=710 (Israel) https://warzone.gg/wiki/viewitem?id=711 (Japan) https://warzone.gg/wiki/viewitem?id=713 (Netherlands) https://warzone.gg/wiki/viewitem?id=714 (Norway) https://warzone.gg/wiki/viewitem?id=715 (Pakistan) https://warzone.gg/wiki/viewitem?id=716 (Poland) https://warzone.gg/wiki/viewitem?id=720 (Russia) https://warzone.gg/wiki/viewitem?id=722 (Scotland) https://warzone.gg/wiki/viewitem?id=725 (Spain) https://warzone.gg/wiki/viewitem?id=727 (Sweden) https://warzone.gg/wiki/viewitem?id=730 (UK) https://warzone.gg/wiki/viewitem?id=731 (USA) https://warzone.gg/wiki/viewitem?id=732 (Wales) https://warzone.gg/wiki/viewitem?id=789 (Serbia) https://warzone.gg/wiki/viewitem?id=847 (Austria) https://warzone.gg/wiki/viewitem?id=848 (Canada) https://warzone.gg/wiki/viewitem?id=849 (Switzerland) https://warzone.gg/wiki/viewitem?id=850 (Czech Republic) https://warzone.gg/wiki/viewitem?id=851 (Mexico) https://warzone.gg/wiki/viewitem?id=852 (Uganda) https://warzone.gg/wiki/viewitem?id=853 (South Africa) https://warzone.gg/wiki/viewitem?id=854 (European Union) https://warzone.gg/wiki/viewitem?id=855 (Italy) We highly suggest that any owners of these gloves to sell them as quickly as possible, although we will refund anyone who currently owns these gloves once they are removed. ✪ Tactical Gloves - Case Only Variants We will not be removing the case only variants, these will be remaining, however these are being completely re-made from scratch on the new Hard Knuckle gloves model, you can see a few previews below. These will change automatically for the current owners.
  9. Country gloves have now been removed from all players' inventories and the owners refunded. The ETA on the replacement of existing case only tactical gloves is 15th June.
  10. This is going to be the last update for a while, next is Update 15 with SurfDM2 See the change logs for Update 14.49 which is coming out tonight at 11PM BST. https://warzone.gg/wiki/viewchangelogs?id=30
  11. ZeRo

    Sleeve choice in Warzone Workbench

    I'll most likely implement it for all project types, I've logged it here: https://trello.com/c/TWZuBTw2/140-sleeve-toggle
  12. ZeRo

    Update 14.4.5

    Update 14.4.5 is being launched on 15/05/2018 at 07:00 BST Here's some of the new changes: Improved Glove Icons We have now improved the icons for the gloves, you can now see both the left and right gloves Skin Testing Environment Improvements STE has received a lot of updates, adding in support for pattern floats and stickers. When selecting an item with pattern floats, you can now select the float you wish to view By pressing the menu button (Q Default) you can also modify the weapon properties You can modify StatTrak, give it a custom name, the StatTrak kills and assign all 4 sticker slots. New Sport Gloves | Molten Float The float for the Sport Gloves | Molten has now been increased from 1.1 to 1.3 @TheSinkingSponge has provided us with a new pattern float variant. These are also glow in the dark, so if you ever get in to a dark place, check them out Sport Gloves | Molten (Bismuth) Conclusion We also fixed a bunch of bugs that you guys reported to us, so thanks a lot to the whole community for that. We have some more Gungame 2 changes on the way later this week, which will tweak shotguns. For now, Update 14.4.5 will be releasing later today!
  13. ZeRo

    Introducing Store V2

    After months of work, I am pleased to announce that Store V2 has now been released. See below for the new features which have been added. Re-designed In the store update, we done a complete re-design from scratch Old New Multi-Currency support A big part of this update is the introduction of more currencies. You can now pay in your local currency We support all major European currencies along with the USD Please note that exchange rates update every hour, so prices can go up and down depending on the live exchange rate. Item Store You can now purchase any case only item you'd like via the brand new Item store. There is also a WZD (WarZone Dollars) and USD exchange rate. Same with the main store, prices can go slightly up or down depending on the exchange rate. The rate for WZD & USD is changed daily. The item store also supports pattern floats, when you go to buy the item, you can select any pattern float that you desire. Support More for less In Store V2, we've added a separate donation system, you can donate from a little as $1/£1/€1 With it, you get a Bronze/Silver/Gold coin which are > 1, 20 and 30 $/£/€ respectively Along with that you also get a reserved slot and a "Supporter" tag on the scoreboard Buy in Bulk We have also added in the standard Basket/Cart system, you can now add items to your cart/basket and pay in one chunk Subscriptions We have finally added in a subscriptions system in the new store for the VIP packages, removing third party software to do this for us. At the moment, subscriptions only support PayPal, however in a future store update we will be adding more. Pay with your favorite payment method Along with PayPal we support a lot more. You can now pay with: PayPal Credit/Debit Card Bancontact (Belgium) Giropay (Germany) iDEAL (Netherlands) SOFORT (Various EU Countries) WarZone Wallet (More on that later!) Designed with mobile in mind Along with adding new payment methods, we wanted to go further. We have added in support for mobile. Don't worry about having to enter your credit card details on your phone either. We now support Apple Pay, Google Pay and Android Pay More Options We've also re-done the category system. You can now buy single cases along with keys, you can (It's cheaper) if you prefer still buy cases in bulks of 50 WarZone Wallet Similar to the Steam wallet, you can now add funds to your account using the same payment methods. The wallet will come in handy to buy multiple items without having to keep getting redirected to payment providers to authorize each transaction Conclusion I think that in this version of the store we've really improved the store and made it up to standards with most online retailers. We still have some more work to do. We'd like to hear your feedback on the new version. A note to all customers who paid using the existing store, you may notice your invoices and orders are missing, this is because the new store format completely different. You should see the existing invoices and orders come through within the next few days we convert them.
  14. @vlodern is already running Community Challenge #2 however I've decided to run my own one. So the challenge is simple, there's some clues hiding around in WarZone which contains a code for both WarZone and CS:GO for a Genuine Wildfire Pin https://warzone.gg/wiki/viewitem?id=1480 So, get looking, you'll find them eventually. Remember, this is a Steam code for CS:GO, if you have found the code, send it to me once you have activated it with a screenshot of the coin in your CS:GO inventory and you will get the exact same one in Garry's Mod.
  15. ZeRo

    Community Challenge #3

    Well, no one was able to crack it. I am now closing this challenge, the key will be given out on the ZeRo Show this weekend.
  16. ZeRo

    AK-47 | Segments

    I really like the pattern and the color scheme on this.
  17. Now that Gungame 2 is completed, the next gamemode which is going to receive an overhaul is Surf Deathmatch, this is dubbed "SurfDM 2" We want the community's feedback, ideas and general opinions while we build this new gamemode. To contribute, join our Discord and then do !role add surfdm2 You will then get added to a new channel, #surfdm2 where we've already been discussing various ideas and improvements that can be made in the new version.
  18. This is something we'll take in to consideration.
  19. ZeRo

    D-Day Movie Event

    June is fast approaching and for some of us, this means one thing. The Normandy Landings (D-Day) that took place on June 6th, 1944. In honor of those who came before us to fight for our freedom, we will be hosting a movie night every evening of the week between 2nd - 9th June 2018. We will be watching the HBO Miniseries "Band of Brothers" which follows Easy Company, 506th Parachute Regiment, 101st Airborne from training at Currahee in Camp Taccoa, Georgia, USA all the way to the end of World War II ending in Germany. We will be playing (for the most part) 1 episode per day with the exception of weekends. You can find the schedule below. Date Day Episode 2nd June 5PM BST Saturday Episode 1 - Currahee Episode 2 - Day of Days 3rd June 4PM BST Sunday Episode 3 - Carentan 4th June 7PM BST Monday Episode 4 - Replacements 5th June 7PM BST Tuesday Episode 5 - Crossroads 6th June 7:30PM BST Wednesday Episode 6 - Bastogne 7th June 7PM BST Thursday Episode 7 - The Breaking Point 8th June 10PM BST Friday Episode 8 - The Patrol 9th June 5PM BST Saturday Episode 9 - Why we fight Episode 10 - Points All episodes are roughly 1 hour long. There is no sign up required to attend this event, simply turn up on the date and time on the Movie Night server, the starting of the events will be announced in Discord, In-Game and on the forum.
  20. ZeRo

    Introducing WarZone Sync

    Today we are launching our new content distribution client called WarZone Sync. There have been complaints with the Steam workshop and how it works and with addons not updating properly. You can use this application to download all skins and the majority of FastDL content (With the exception of maps and player models) The client also contains an optional package to download Counter-Strike: Source content. You can download the client here: https://downloads.warzone.gg/wzsync_client/warzonesync_setupv1.msi The setup of the client is fairly easy, upon the first run you will be prompted to select your Garry's Mod directory, after that the client will automatically detect if your files are updated, and if not download and install the content for you. Please bare in mind, this a temporary solution. We are in the process of writing a fully featured WarZone desktop client, however in the mean time, this provides a reliable and easy way to get our server content without having to deal with Steam workshop. If you are using this client, you can safely unsubscribe from our workshop addons.
  21. ZeRo

    Potential Update Bug

    It's a bug. Put it here https://warzone.gg/forum/index.php?/bugtracker Thanks for reporting
  22. ZeRo

    Unfairly Anitcheat Ban

    Your anti-virus wouldn't modify the game's memory and freeze either the sv_cheats or sv_allowcslua values to 1, which is the reason you were banned. Anti-cheat bans are final and non-negotiable.
  23. Update The deadlines for the removal of these items has changed. Country Gloves will be removed from sale on the 15th May 2018 The final removal of the country gloves as items will be on 31st May 2018
  24. ZeRo

    The Gungame #2 Update is here!

    The Gungame #2 update is finally here! This update contains the rewrite of Gungame and loads of new community content created items. Double XP We have not done one in a long while, so from now until Monday 11PM GMT, we are hosting another Double XP & Money weekend to celebrate the launch of Gungame #2
  25. ZeRo

    The Gungame #2 Update is here!

    The skins are in Weapons #5 - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1303998788 The addon was updated days before the update dropped, if it's not working then I suggest going to your GMod addons folder and deleting the gma for it, and letting Gmod re-download and re-extract it. The removal of the country gloves is being pushed back until Update 14.5, due to a number of different reasons.

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