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  1. ZeRo

    The Quotes Topic

    "Now I have to go through the Sahara desert as a fucking retarded mushroom" @Not Alfred
  2. ZeRo

    Lord William's Castle

    A new and spooky version of Cobblestone is now available on Zombie Survival on WZNet Lord William has called in the very best to protect his castle located in Tournemire, France. Help protect Lord William's valuable assets inside his castle from the incoming zombie apocalypse. Happy Zombie Hunting!
  3. I've captured most of these suggestions here: https://trello.com/c/avAeuvXb/191-zombie-survival-improvements I'd be interested in some feedback at re-purposing Safehouse and Lake as zombie survival maps, as both maps have central buildings where survivors can be based with zombies coming in from outside. Let me know what you think.
  4. There is now new custom content available to order. You can now order Custom Music Kit's and Weapon Skins, in addition the prices of custom glove and knife skins have also dropped down in price. Head on over to The Store to order your custom content
  5. ZeRo

    2018 Halloween Update

    The 2018 Halloween Update is now live! The update contains the following Spooky Chickens This update includes new skins for the Chickens, some are ghosts and some have pumpkins. Beware though, killing chickens from now on will spawn zombie chickens that come out of the ground and have 500 HP Face Masks Every player now has a spooky facemask every time they spawn. There's a variety of face masks including Pumpkins, Payday 2, a Chicken, TF2 Spy masks and much more. Zombie Survival Zombie Survival is a brand new gamemode during the Halloween event. Play with up to 3 other players, or even on your own against waves of AI Zombies, with a maximum of 32 rounds. You can access Zombie Survival by pressing Escape > Play Now or by pressing the new dedicated button in the Escape Menu New Content This update also includes a variety of new user content. The new cases include: 2018 Halloween Case MP5-SD Case - Series 2 Community Radicals Box #2 New Maps Wingman has now got 4 new maps
  6. ZeRo

    Halloween 2018 Sale

    The Halloween sale is now on! Get up to 50% off on all store products from 10th October until the 1st of November 2018. Head on over to the Store now to purchase products, use the code: SPOOKYSALE2018 Excludes monthly VIP subscriptions
  7. ZeRo

    Halloween Website Updates

    The website has now been updated with a brand new Halloween theme, along with that, some big design changes have been made. You can find all the latest changes here: https://warzone.gg/changes/view?id=44 The Garry's Mod Halloween update will be out in a few days
  8. ZeRo

    The Nuke Experience

    Did I tell you that I hate source ladders?
  9. ZeRo

    Update 16.2 - New Content

    Hi All, Update 16.2 is now live, here are the new changes. Voice Chat UI There is now a new cross server voice chat UI system, with user preference support (Except TTT, more on that later). The following themes are available with more to come in the future. Default Chill DarkRP Panorama Rainbow TTT The "TTT" theme is enforced on TTT due to the fact it include support for traitor chat (Where as other themes do not) TTT Fun Rounds / Events Also in this update is the all new Events / Fun Rounds, now implemented for TTT, with 22 rounds and more to come in the future. Players can access this by pressing [F4] (Default, player configuration may differ) Hovering over each one will give you a detailed description of what each fun round does, clicking on it will initiate a vote to start that round StatTrak Modules In this update, the way StatTrak modules is done is now different. From today, players will only be able to purchase modules for Store Bought (F3 Store) items only, you can no longer buy modules for case only items (Including Knives), as such the only way to obtain StatTrak status for case only items is to get it from the case itself. Other Changes For all other changes, see the change log located here: https://warzone.gg/wiki/viewchangelogs?id=43
  10. ZeRo

    Movie Night Suggestions

    This is now the permanent suggestion thread for movie night suggestions, and we're changing how the voting works. The existing system took movie suggestions and waited until each one had been voted for and played, however that process is long, tedious and towards the end, you always get left with movies no one really wants to watch. So, we're changing it up a bit. We are still going to ask for a lot of suggestions, however now this is the permanent thread for suggestions, we intend to keep adding movies every few weeks to the voting, movies of which get no votes after a certain amount of time will get removed from the voting, but these can be added back later if re-suggested. So, please use this thread to suggest any movies you'd like to see during a WarZone Movie Night. Please format your post as shown below. Movie Name: Movie Year: Genre: You can repeat this if you wish to suggest multiple movies in one post.
  11. ZeRo

    TTT Rotation is back!

    We have now put up a second TTT server, running a hand picked selection of the best TTT maps available. You can join now by connecting to Server information here: https://warzone.gg/serverinfo/25 The server runs our "No Downloads" system, meaning that the only download required for joining the server, instead all our content is downloaded an mounted in real time upon joining the server Because it's the Source Engine, this can be buggy, some content may show errors, however you can work around by subscribing to this collection: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1518404147
  12. ZeRo

    Suggestion | Modular Music Kits

    This is a really good idea, and I would implement it, however it's just not possible without having to re-write the whole inventory system.
  13. ZeRo

    Panoramic View

    Today Update 16.1.5 has been released, this includes a number of fixes including some new UI components. For Gungame, SurfDM 2, Wingman and Team Deathmatch, there is now a new Panorama scoreboard implemented. Everything else is mostly bug fixes as reported. Any further issues in this update should as always, be put in the bug tracker unless it's a security issue, this should be posted privately in the report system Update Change logs can be found here: https://warzone.gg/wiki/viewchangelogs?id=41
  14. Today I'm please to announce the update releasing on the 15th September, to commemorate the second anniversary of WarZone. Click above for more information. The update deploys 15/09/2018 07:00
  15. ZeRo

    Bring back Surf_Japan on surfDM

    @Kitty Cat will be able to request this to get added back.
  16. Needs more higher resolution images before it can be considered for adding in-game.
  17. ZeRo

    Surf and Surf DM maps

    Just to add a note on top of that, you can simply link the map on the CS:GO workshop, and with CS:GO now having a "free" edition, players can get the content easily too. Although simple maps like Surf ones generally load OK, some maps crash Garry's Mod completely meaning that we wont be able to use certain maps that are suggested. You can search for maps here: https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/browse/?appid=730&searchtext=Surf&childpublishedfileid=0&browsesort=trend&section=readytouseitems&requiredtags[]=Custom
  18. Today we are announcing the next 2019 Summer Meetup, located back in Ipswich, United Kingdom. The meetup will be on 1st August - 6th August 2019. The new overhauled page contains pages with information on transport, accommodation and much more. You can view the information here: https://warzone.gg/meetupinfo?id=10 More information will be added over the next few days, along with an FAQ. The schedule and activities list will be planned in September. If you have any questions, as always, reply to this thread
  19. ZeRo

    Game Night: Jazztronauts

    Just a quick note, This weekend, we're returning to gamenights by playing a brand new Garry's Mod Gamemode, Jazztronauts You can sign up here: https://warzone.gg/gamenightinfo?id=34
  20. Today we are pleased to announce the first U.S based meetup, located in Los Angeles, California. The dates are 2nd May until 12th May 2019. This is the first WarZone meetup that is outside of Europe and we're looking forward to attending. More details of the meetup will be located on the official meetup page which can be found here: https://warzone.gg/meetupinfo?id=9 We've also given the meetup page a complete face lift, along with the meetup page, as you can now view previous meetups: https://warzone.gg/events/meetups Along with that, the meetup pages now incorporate the live coverage feature and a count down timer. The next Summer Meetup 2019 will be announced within the next few days. If you have any questions regarding the U.S meetup, then you can either PM me or reply to this thread.
  21. ZeRo

    Garry's Mod Map Suggestion Thread

    Suggestions from @Ronan https://pastebin.com/ghec6gz7
  22. I just noticed we didn't have one of these. Use this thread to request maps for the Garry's Mod servers. Please use the form below: Map Name(s): Gamemode(s): Server(s): Download Link(s):
  23. ZeRo

    Garry's mod MoTD timer

    Very unlikely. Also, having no count down is a VIP feature, and decreasing it would, in my opinion make people paying for VIP feel ripped off. The whole point of it is to remind players of the rules.
  24. Today we are opening the Summer 2018 Content Creation Competition, unlike the quick competitions held by Alfred and Vlodern, with this there are no set themes, and no 2-3 hour time limit. However, this competition has some limitations with weapons and entries. Competitions Weapons/Restrictions This competition is restricted to the following weapons and/or content creation types. Navaja Knife Stiletto Knife Talon Knife Urus Knife MP5-SD Music Kits Once you have made your entry, there is a new forum category for submissions, which you can find here: https://warzone.gg/forum/index.php?/forum/76-summer-2018-content-creation-competition-entries/ Prizes 1st Place: £40 2nd Place: £30 3rd Place: £20 Prize Delivery PayPal Bank Transfer (Sort Code & Account Number or IBAN) Mail (UK Winners Only) Deadline The deadline for this skin competition is the 23rd September 2018 Quarterly Competitions This marks the start of quarterly skin competitions, meaning that there will be 4 of these per year. Autumn Content Creation Competition: November/December Winter Content Creation Competition: February/March Spring Content Creation Competition: May/June Summer Content Creation Competition: July/August Content Creation Help If you need help with content creation, you can find guides and resources here: https://confluence.warzone.gg/display/WHC/Content+Creation If not, you can hop in to Discord and type !role add skins and ask for help in the #contentcreators channel. If you have any general questions, feel free to reply to this thread and we'll answer most if not all questions.

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