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  1. Lit Trash

  2. Lit Trash

    The skin submissions section is designed for serious entries, the shit posting section is here: https://warzone.gg/forum/index.php?/forum/17-off-topic/ @BlueLagoonFM But since it's just a laugh lmao and all, I've done you the fantastic pleasure of moving it there for you. It wasn't a very funny joke, by the way.
  3. On the 15th of April, R. Lee Ermey died due to complications with pneumonia. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-43779357 He played Gunnery Sergeant Hartman in the classic 80's Movie: Full Metal Jacket. Join us this evening at 9:30PM (UK Time) for a bonus movie night of Full Metal Jacket. There is no requirement to sign up, simply join the movie night server at that time.
  4. We are going to be re-doing most of Timer Engine soon with the upcoming Timer Engine 4.0. We are most likely going to review the ranking system and ranks itself.
  5. @vlodern is already running Community Challenge #2 however I've decided to run my own one. So the challenge is simple, there's some clues hiding around in WarZone which contains a code for both WarZone and CS:GO for a Genuine Wildfire Pin https://warzone.gg/wiki/viewitem?id=1480 So, get looking, you'll find them eventually. Remember, this is a Steam code for CS:GO, if you have found the code, send it to me once you have activated it with a screenshot of the coin in your CS:GO inventory and you will get the exact same one in Garry's Mod.
  6. Movie Night Suggestions

    This is now the permanent suggestion thread for movie night suggestions, and we're changing how the voting works. The existing system took movie suggestions and waited until each one had been voted for and played, however that process is long, tedious and towards the end, you always get left with movies no one really wants to watch. So, we're changing it up a bit. We are still going to ask for a lot of suggestions, however now this is the permanent thread for suggestions, we intend to keep adding movies every few weeks to the voting, movies of which get no votes after a certain amount of time will get removed from the voting, but these can be added back later if re-suggested. So, please use this thread to suggest any movies you'd like to see during a WarZone Movie Night. Please format your post as shown below. Movie Name: Movie Year: Genre: You can repeat this if you wish to suggest multiple movies in one post.
  7. This is an Item Removal Notification. We intend on removing certain items from the servers which will affect players inventories within the next two weeks. The final removal date will be 1st May 2018 ✪ Tactical Gloves The tactical gloves model and the ability to make skins for tactical gloves will be removed, we are deprecating the gloves model in favour of newer high definition glove and hand models. ✪ Tactical Gloves | Country Variants We will be removing all country variant gloves which are at present, available to purchase in the in-game store. As we are deprecating Tactical Gloves in favour of Hard Knuckle, Full Finger and Fingerless gloves, we have no intention of re-making the country gloves at this moment in time and as such will be removed. We do intend that as part of this removal process to create some new store buy-able gloves on the 2 other Full Finger/Finger-less models. Items to be removed: https://warzone.gg/wiki/viewitem?id=683 (Belgium) https://warzone.gg/wiki/viewitem?id=686 (Bosnia) https://warzone.gg/wiki/viewitem?id=687 (Brazil) https://warzone.gg/wiki/viewitem?id=692 (China) https://warzone.gg/wiki/viewitem?id=694 (Denmark) https://warzone.gg/wiki/viewitem?id=702 (France) https://warzone.gg/wiki/viewitem?id=704 (Germany) https://warzone.gg/wiki/viewitem?id=709 (Ireland) https://warzone.gg/wiki/viewitem?id=710 (Israel) https://warzone.gg/wiki/viewitem?id=711 (Japan) https://warzone.gg/wiki/viewitem?id=713 (Netherlands) https://warzone.gg/wiki/viewitem?id=714 (Norway) https://warzone.gg/wiki/viewitem?id=715 (Pakistan) https://warzone.gg/wiki/viewitem?id=716 (Poland) https://warzone.gg/wiki/viewitem?id=720 (Russia) https://warzone.gg/wiki/viewitem?id=722 (Scotland) https://warzone.gg/wiki/viewitem?id=725 (Spain) https://warzone.gg/wiki/viewitem?id=727 (Sweden) https://warzone.gg/wiki/viewitem?id=730 (UK) https://warzone.gg/wiki/viewitem?id=731 (USA) https://warzone.gg/wiki/viewitem?id=732 (Wales) https://warzone.gg/wiki/viewitem?id=789 (Serbia) https://warzone.gg/wiki/viewitem?id=847 (Austria) https://warzone.gg/wiki/viewitem?id=848 (Canada) https://warzone.gg/wiki/viewitem?id=849 (Switzerland) https://warzone.gg/wiki/viewitem?id=850 (Czech Republic) https://warzone.gg/wiki/viewitem?id=851 (Mexico) https://warzone.gg/wiki/viewitem?id=852 (Uganda) https://warzone.gg/wiki/viewitem?id=853 (South Africa) https://warzone.gg/wiki/viewitem?id=854 (European Union) https://warzone.gg/wiki/viewitem?id=855 (Italy) We highly suggest that any owners of these gloves to sell them as quickly as possible, although we will refund anyone who currently owns these gloves once they are removed. ✪ Tactical Gloves - Case Only Variants We will not be removing the case only variants, these will be remaining, however these are being completely re-made from scratch on the new Hard Knuckle gloves model, you can see a few previews below. These will change automatically for the current owners.
  8. WarZone Workbench is our brand new in-game fully featured skin creation and testing tool. Workbench allows you to create projects and test for the following item types: Guns Knives Gloves Stickers Graffiti Music Kits You can simply create a new project for your weapon type e.g Graffiti and customize it to your liking. When working on a project you can customize various aspects of the item such as: Pattern Floats (Weapons/Knives) Pattern Floats with Left/Right textures (Gloves) Pattern Floats with colors (Graffiti) Depending on the project type, you can switch to different views, such as: First Person (Guns/Knives/Gloves/Stickers) Workbench (Guns/Knives) Gloves (Gloves) Sticker (Stickers) Underpass (Graffiti) To get started, go in to the Skin Testing Environment and put the following command in console: warzone_item_tools You will be prompted to subscribe to a workshop addon, once done, re-do the command again. See below for various screenshots Main UI Gloves Project Pattern Floats for Gloves Graffiti Project Weapons (First Person View) Weapons (Workbench) Pedestal Stickers Sticker (Inspect View) Music Kits Please Note: Workbench is in beta and we do not guarantee it's stable or going to be bug free. If you find any bugs, please use the bug tracker located here: https://warzone.gg/forum/index.php?/bugtracker
  9. Introducing the WarZone Workbench

    FYI Documentation is still pending for Workbench, if some things do not work for you yet, it may be down to the fact that you are doing it wrong or not as the documentation will state.
  10. It's time

    Welcome KERANOZ for what? the 10th time now?
  11. Custom Crosshairs

    We are in the process of implementing a crosshair system that has the same commands as CS:GO, however this will only be on specific gamemodes such as Gungame, SurfDM etc once the new weapon base is complete.
  12. Hi

  13. Change Log 12/04/2018

    Change Logs for Update 14.3 are now live: https://warzone.gg/wiki/viewchangelogs?id=26 Previous change logs are now available also: https://warzone.gg/wiki/viewchangelogs?id=25
  14. Introducing Update 14.3

    Update 14.3 is launching on the 11th April at 11PM. This update includes a variety of major changes, mostly bug fixes, however there are some new features and additions. Discord Rich Presence is here! Whatever server your in while playing WarZone from Stronghold to TTT and even to Movie Night events, detailed information will be displayed about your current game session. Stronghhold: TTT Cinema (With video time left) Movie Nights Gungame Skin Testing Gamemode Stats make a return! In the last update we overhauled the Statistics UI, in this update we have added back gamemode specific stats and support for more gamemodes will be coming soon. VIP Custom Graffiti This update also introduces the ability for VIP's to customize Monochrome Graffiti. You can edit any float value of Graffiti and set your very own custom name and color 3D Inspect Coins Last update we introduced Pin capsules along with that we added the ability to 3D Inspect pins if CS:GO was mounted. With this update you can now 3D Inspect the Steam Coin, Winter 2018 Meetup and Summer 2018 meetup coins. Music Kit Competition Winners This update also includes 5 music kits submitted to the 2018 Music Kit Competition, you can see these below: Chaotix | Contemplate Chaotix | Calling Card Chaotix | Night Visions Callum | Sonority Thonk | Gorillaz
  15. No. Reason because: The music is not going to be everyone's taste The user cannot control the music, how loud it is etc. I despise other Gmod servers that do exactly this. No thanks. If you want to listen to music, put on Spotify or something.
  16. In the near future we are intending on adding Emoji stickers and graffiti. Reply here with your favorite emoji. This can be either standard Unicode emoji or custom WarZone emotes.
  17. Introducing Update 14.2.2

    Tomorrow Update 14.2.2 will be launching. This is the second part of Update 14 Part 2 and includes a variety of new content and improvements. Prestige Mode We have now added prestige mode. There are 6 prestige ranks in total, if you can do all 6 in a year you can earn yourself an AWP | Dragon Lore. You can prestige as soon as you hit Level 140, there is an option in F3 > More > Stats Once you reach maximum prestige, you are able to reset your stats completely and start again. When you prestige, your XP does not get reset, unless you specifically chose to do so when you reach prestige 6 and want to start from scratch. Pins All 3 series of the CS:GO collectible pins have now been added. After the update launches, you will be able to purchase the pin capsules on the store only (Pin capsules do not drop) or you can obtain a physical pin and activation code by attending any WarZone Meetup such as the UK Summer Meetup 2018 and the 2018 Utrecht Summer Meetup (This includes any future meetups also) along with the standard meetup coin given to all attendees. Pins received at meetups are given "Genuine" status and such cannot be traded or sold. Pins unboxed and purchased from the store do not have these restrictions. If you have CS:GO mounted, you can 3D inspect the pins (Including 2018 and previous service medals) Stats UI Improvements This was long overdue, but the Stats UI has now been overhauled. This includes a re-designed banner, progress bar and the inclusion of Case statistics. Gamemode specific statistics will be returning in a future update. HD Inspecting This update also includes HD inspecting for weapons, knives and gloves. Weapons now mount properly in the pedestal and the knife previews will now rotate properly at the correct angles. HD inspecting allows us to include StatTrak modules and stickers also, these will be appearing in future updates. Bot Updates Me and Archangel have been doing a lot of work on the new version of the WarZone Discord bot and it's finally here! Firstly, the bot introduces a new account linking and role syncing system. Those who were previously linked, will need to do so again (If you've not already discovered it) by going to the new Discord Link module: https://warzone.gg/cp?module=discordlink In any channel type !auth and then the code displayed to you on the webpage. The bot also includes a new link bot, which will take certain WarZone specific links and show information along with the ability to see your stats by typing !stats We've also included a !weather command. Also included in the bot is the ability to earn XP and cases through actively using Discord, so get messaging! Update Deployment Update 14.2.2 will be deployed Tuesday 3rd April 2018 at 11PM BST. Future Content We want your feedback! We're looking at adding Emoji stickers and graffiti. Tell us your favorite Unicode or WarZone Emoji:
  18. Skin Creation Challenge #2

    Notify me. Don't get drunk at the pub this time!
  19. Get To Know Me 🅱

    Fixed that for you (Including your apparent lack of basic English skills)
  20. Get To Know Me 🅱

    That's not going to happen unless you can start writing English like a normal human being and not some kind of Emoji chav.
  21. Hi All, Update has now been released, this mainly includes bug fixes and slight improvements. You can find the change logs here: https://warzone.gg/wiki/viewchangelogs?id=24 Have a great Easter everyone!
  22. As of today, we have now moved to using a public bug tracker which will allow users to interact with bug reports with comments etc. This also allows users to support existing issues rather than creating multiple reports for one issue. You can now find the bug tracker here: https://warzone.gg/forum/index.php?/bugtracker You can also find it in future under "Bans & Reports" and "Community"
  23. The latest changelogs are now available to view here: https://warzone.gg/wiki/viewchangelogs?id=23
  24. Make your mark

    The Graffiti update is finally here! You can now buy and obtain graffiti through Graffiti boxes in-game. There are two types of Graffiti Monochrome Single Color Multi-colored You can buy all Monochrome graffiti from the store. Upon buying, you will get assigned a random float which will give you a random color. You can view an example monochrome graffiti and it's variants on the Item Wiki: https://warzone.gg/viewitem?id=1367 You an find all Graffiti here: https://warzone.gg/wiki/itemlist?category=18&pagenum=1 There are 3 cases for graffiti included in this update. WarZone Graffiti Box #1 WarZone Graffiti Box #2 Perfect World Graffiti Box Graffiti Boxes are dropped when you run out of case drops, same as Sticker Capsules. Graffiti boxes also require no key. FAQ How do I get in-game graffiti? There are three ways players can get in-game graffiti: Players have a chance to receive graffiti boxes as drops after case drops have exhausted. Monochrome Graffiti can be purchased in the in-game store [F3]. Individual graffiti patterns can be purchased from the WarZone Community Market How many different types of graffiti are there? There are two different types of graffiti patterns; monochrome and multi-colored. Monochrome (one color) patterns are received from the in-game store and multi-colored patterns are received when purchasing a graffiti box. Only multi-colored graffiti can be traded and sold on the Community Market as it is case only. How many times can I use a graffiti pattern? When a player unseals graffiti they can apply that pattern 50 times. VIP's get extra charges: Bronze: 100 Silver: 150 Gold: 200 Platinum: Unlimited How often can I apply graffiti? Players can apply graffiti once per every 50 seconds. VIP's get reduced cooldowns Bronze: 40 Silver: 20 Gold: 10 Platinum: None How long does my graffiti last? One application of graffiti lasts 7 minutes and degrades over time until it is no longer visible. Where can I apply graffiti? The graffiti preview shows where and how the graffiti pattern will be applied. If there is no preview then the surface does not support graffiti. How many different graffiti patterns can I have equipped at once? Players can have one graffiti pattern equipped. Players can select 3 other graffiti patterns in the graffiti UI. How do I see my available graffiti? All graffiti patterns can be viewed in players' inventories and in the in-game graffiti menu. Can I sell and trade my graffiti? Graffiti can be sold on the Community Market and traded as long as it is sealed. Once a player has unsealed their graffiti it can not be traded or sold on the Community Market. How do I access the Graffiti menu? You will need to bind a key to +alt2 For example: bind g +alt2 Further questions? Reply to this thread!
  25. Movie Night Suggestions

    Suggestions added to the list. Keep on suggesting, I'll be adding more each week.