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  1. No, but your experience would be terrible, why you would move from the UK (I assume) to the USA is beyond me, though. I would not expect a good experience at all in Wifi Dead zones.
  2. Yes, I'm aware of that, but what does that have to do with the topic in question?
  3. Thanks for posting this. i was planning on removing it temporarily until the new Inventory UI is completed. There’s a couple of things that need to get done first, that being the complete re-do of Collections, and a rewrite of the system. It’s not specifically on the roadmap, however I’ll be interested to hear if other players would also be interested in this being worked on sooner.
  4. The Stickers Update is finally here! This adds realistic sticker placements to all weapons, stickers now feel as if they are part of the weapon itself. Any existing sticker placements should be exactly as they were, however the placements may be different compared to the old system. Stickers now also work with lighting so they will no longer be fully glow in the dark. The update also brings a new UI based on our Panorama UI design. Stickers now also show when inspecting an item from your Inventory The other major change is that now you can enter the lottery multiple times per day, each player can enter up to 5 times per day to increase chances. Along with that, the week history is now available to view. This also implements our new Panorama User Profiles which you can access by clicking on any of the winners avatars. For a full list of changes, head on over here: https://warzone.gg/changes/view?id=59
  5. As I have said before and I will say again. I don't have a Mac to test with, it works fine on Windows, if you are having issues, I suggest you install Windows on your Mac, OSX accounts for 0.1% of the Garry's Mod player base, and isn't really a priority to fix anything for. Edit: I also cannot fix it without having a Mac in front of me to debug, if you would like to a purchase a Mac for me, I would be more than thrilled to try and fix the issue, however I am not really willing to either revert an entire update or stab around in the dark for one player who has a Mac
  6. You can view the full change logs here: https://warzone.gg/changes/view?id=58 , However this post will go in to detail the highlights. Lottery You can now play the the daily lottery! Simply type !lottery in chat to get started, or Press ESC > Main Menu > Daily Challenges This is a 1-100 random number lottery and winners are announced Midnight, UK Time. The pool starts at 100,000 $WZ and tickets cost 10,000 $WZ and the purchase price is added to the total pool. Icon Updates on F3 The F3 menu has been updated with a lick of paint, or in normal terms, the majority of icons have now been changed to FontAwesome rather than image icons that don't really scale well above 16x16 Mini-Profiles The mini-profiles have now been updated with the Panorama UI style You can now do the following from the mini-profile: View WarZone Profile Add Friend / Chat (If you have them on your friends list) Report Commend Borrow Music Kit Commending You can now commend other players directly in-game You can do this from the Mini-Profile Music Kit Borrowing You can now borrow other players equipped music kits. This only applies to the current map session and will end when you either disconnect or the map changes. This is only for all sounds except MVP, that will use your current equipped music kit. Gungame & SurfDM Improvements One of the things I keep hearing is "I forgot what team I'm on!" Not anymore, you are now reminded what team you are on at the start of each round For both Gungame and SurfDM, there have been some performance improvements. We have gone over the HUD code and optimized it where possible and removed some nice to have, but not required effects such as as blur (This will still appear on UI panels which are not shown during gameplay) There is now also a new HUD Alert panel for both gamemodes: This is also inline with the CS:GO Panorama Design which we are in the process of implementing.
  7. This is already on the roadmap, see here: https://trello.com/c/XCNwrzTS/141-ability-to-equip-different-items-for-different-teams
  8. No, it won't be, instead it will be replaced with an Inventory/Loadout system. The Inventory will have all the weapons in TTT, some of which will be different to others in stats etc.
  9. I'm working on a TTT update at the moment, dubbed "TTT 1.5" which will have some weapon changes, I'll be sure to incorporate some of your feedback in that. As archilles said, our next main aim will be TTT with our own TTT2 gamemode, which we will have full control over, code wise and will be able to make easy updates and changes to, we're hoping that by providing a unique experience with our own version of the gamemode, we'll get a higher player base, thus being able to expand in to other servers like rotation one for example. Our stance on the current minecraft server has been, and always will be, that it will remain on that same map.
  10. On the 14th April 2019, we announced the Easter 2019 Glove Skin Competition. Competition entries closed yesterday, and today we are announcing the winners. Each entry starts with a score of 30, and points between 1-10 are added for each category, which are: Creativity Originality Features (Floats, Glow in the dark, animations etc) Quality (Resolution etc) 1st Place: Handwraps | Illuminati - By @LunarShadowYT Score: 59 points Prize: £30 2nd Place: Moto Gloves | Particle Arts - By @Chaotix Score: 58 Points Prize: £20 3rd Place: Sport Gloves | Spirit Dragon - By @Fuse Score: 54 Points Prize: £10 Honorable Mention: Specialist Gloves | Sunflare - By @Callum (Blazingstardude) Score: 53 Prize: £10 of Store Credit To Winners: Please submit your bank account details to me by 30th April. The following is accepted: Account Number & Sort Code (UK) IBAN (EU) PayPal We will not be posting cash, or transferring via any other payment methods. If you are unable to accept the prize money through the methods above, you can opt to take the prize as store credit, which will be doubled (£30 prize becomes £60 in the store)
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  12. Don't think that matters so much now considering you've been banned for cheating. /Locked
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