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Halloween Update cases now available on the store to purchase.


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  1. ZeRo

    Winter Sale 2018

    It's that time of year again! Christmas adverts on TV, Christmas Music everywhere and it's starting to get cold. Thankfully, we're not starting our Christmas theme until December, however in the mean time, we've got a pretty cool sale going on until the 31st December. Get up to 50% off on all store items with the promo code: WINTER2018 This excludes monthly VIP subscriptions but does include Lifetime VIP. Along with that you can now buy gun & knife skins with StatTrak™ built right in, you also have this option on music kits. Also as an extra added bonus, the 2017 Anniversary cases are now available to purchase again. Visit the store now
  2. ZeRo

    The Autumn Offensive Update

    The Autumn Offensive Update is the last major update before Christmas and before we start on the last update of the year, The Christmas Update. New Player Models For SurfDM 2, Gungame, TDM, Wingman and Zombie Survival, this update brings brand new player models. SAS (Counter-Terrorists) Leet Crew (Terrorists) These player models modernize the bone structure and increase the poly count, along with better hitboxes. Hostage Rescue is here! This update brings Hostage Rescue for Wingman, with up to 2 hostages placed in random positions each round, CT's have to fight through the defending Terrorists to rescue at least one hostage. New Maps A lot of this update has been on adding new content and making the newly introduced gamemodes unique with new maps, Today I present to you 14 brand new maps for Wingman and various other gamemodes. Hostage Rescue With the introduction of the new Hostage Rescue mode for Wingman, we have 4 maps to go with it. Set in a high rise office building in downtown Manhattan, Counter-Terrorists are sent in to rescue office workers made hostages by the Terrorists. The classic Italy map, now available for both Hostage Rescue and Defusal, with the hostage version being 100% identical to the original version. Set in Sweden, some terrorists have invaded this small village in the Swedish country side and taken some of the residents hostage, go get em! Another classic map, now here in Wingman, battle through an office in Massachusetts, USA to rescue some office workers that have been taken hostage. Defusal (And other gamemodes) Another map set in Italy (We seem to love Italy, right?) battle through this sunny Italian town to prevent the terrorists blowing it up, or you know.. blow it up. Another classic, back in Wingman with a HD update, protect these ancient Mayan ruins from destruction from the terrorists. After the Zombie apocalypse is over, Lord William needs your help again, this time.. from Terrorists who want to destroy his castle after Lord William has donated to various political groups. Dust is back, now available on Wingman. You've been called to Afghanistan to protect this ammunition dump from being destroyed by the Terrorists. Another classic Counter-Strike Map, makes its way to WarZone Wingman. Battle through Italy (Yet again ) and prevent the terrorists from blowing up this historical Italian town. British authorities have intercepted Terrorist communications to blow up pillars for an important road in a German city, stop the Terrorists dead in their tracks and prevent the bomb from exploding and damaging critical German infrastructure. Back to Italy again (Terrorists seem to like this country), protect the historical bridge from Terrorist destruction. After failing to successfully bomb Aztec, the Terrorists are trying it again with more ancient ruins also located in Mexico, stop them before these historical artifacts are destroyed forever. Set it Haiti, Pirates are here to destroy Lord William's holiday boat after he donated to various Political Groups in Europe and South America. New Gungame Maps From the maps above, the following will be available on Gungame: Rialto Bank St.Marc Shoots Zombie Survival Updates In the last update, Zombie Survival was a very big part of it, so we have made some major changes based on community feedback. To start, there are two new maps to check out! Classic Dust II is here, but with a spooky theme, defend Bomb Site B and Tunnels from the incoming Zombie Apocalypse Not even the Skin Testing Environment is safe! Defend the market from the zombies and avenge the skin dealers (Who are dead on the floor, by the way) Based on community feedback, the following changes have been made: We have re-worked the economy for Zombie Survival, as such money is now sparse and players are rewarded for high risk zombie kills such as the Knife, Scout and other under powered weapons. We've also added the Raygun for all the CoD Zombies Fans out there, this is obtainable via the Mystery Box We have also now added Ammo boxes which spawn around the map for easy ammo buying: We've also added the Health Shot, buy-able from the F2 Buy Menu for $200, this gives you 2 shots of 50HP Health for use. We are going to continue improving and developing Zombie Survival, and we are really interested in the community feedback which will take forward the gamemode in a fantastic direction. User Interface Improvements Music Kits now have an all new Inspect UI! Based on Panorama Design, it's now updated with a cool 3D model and scrolling text. Along with that, the case inspect UI has also been updated to use Panorama Design And finally, case items that do not have a 3D Model now use the new Case UI SurfDM 2 & Wingman Improvements There is now a dead and spectate HUD similar to CS:GO's and a money HUD which also shows if you are in a buyzone. Also included is some radio voice overs for the new SAS and Leet crew models Current events are for Round start, all grenade types and CT's when the defuse is not going to finish in time. WZNet Improvements and Updates At the heart of some of our new gamemodes is WZNet, our new co-op matchmaking system, while some back-end improvements have been made to make it more stable, we've also improved the UI for map navigation on Wingman and Half-Life 2, with Wingman having two categories, Defuse and Hostage and Half-Life 2 having categories for each Day in the campaign We've also added support for Animated backgrounds and different music during lobbies depending on the gamemode, as such Half-Life 2 has the OST playing while Wingman has your currently equipped Music Kit "Main Menu" theme. Zombies now has an even spookier background! You can see this in action here: This update will be going live on Tuesday evening, the final stages of testing are almost complete. You can find the whole list of changes here: https://warzone.gg/changes/view?id=46
  3. ZeRo

    The Quotes Topic

    I post this in to Discord "When I see Valve Studio Orchestra, all I imagine is a bunch of retards sitting there trying to make music" - @TheSinkingSponge @Not Alfred
  4. ZeRo

    The Quotes Topic

    "Now I have to go through the Sahara desert as a fucking retarded mushroom" @Not Alfred
  5. ZeRo

    Lord William's Castle

    A new and spooky version of Cobblestone is now available on Zombie Survival on WZNet Lord William has called in the very best to protect his castle located in Tournemire, France. Help protect Lord William's valuable assets inside his castle from the incoming zombie apocalypse. Happy Zombie Hunting!
  6. I've captured most of these suggestions here: https://trello.com/c/avAeuvXb/191-zombie-survival-improvements I'd be interested in some feedback at re-purposing Safehouse and Lake as zombie survival maps, as both maps have central buildings where survivors can be based with zombies coming in from outside. Let me know what you think.
  7. There is now new custom content available to order. You can now order Custom Music Kit's and Weapon Skins, in addition the prices of custom glove and knife skins have also dropped down in price. Head on over to The Store to order your custom content
  8. ZeRo

    2018 Halloween Update

    The 2018 Halloween Update is now live! The update contains the following Spooky Chickens This update includes new skins for the Chickens, some are ghosts and some have pumpkins. Beware though, killing chickens from now on will spawn zombie chickens that come out of the ground and have 500 HP Face Masks Every player now has a spooky facemask every time they spawn. There's a variety of face masks including Pumpkins, Payday 2, a Chicken, TF2 Spy masks and much more. Zombie Survival Zombie Survival is a brand new gamemode during the Halloween event. Play with up to 3 other players, or even on your own against waves of AI Zombies, with a maximum of 32 rounds. You can access Zombie Survival by pressing Escape > Play Now or by pressing the new dedicated button in the Escape Menu New Content This update also includes a variety of new user content. The new cases include: 2018 Halloween Case MP5-SD Case - Series 2 Community Radicals Box #2 New Maps Wingman has now got 4 new maps
  9. ZeRo

    Halloween 2018 Sale

    The Halloween sale is now on! Get up to 50% off on all store products from 10th October until the 1st of November 2018. Head on over to the Store now to purchase products, use the code: SPOOKYSALE2018 Excludes monthly VIP subscriptions
  10. ZeRo

    Halloween Website Updates

    The website has now been updated with a brand new Halloween theme, along with that, some big design changes have been made. You can find all the latest changes here: https://warzone.gg/changes/view?id=44 The Garry's Mod Halloween update will be out in a few days
  11. ZeRo

    The Nuke Experience

    Did I tell you that I hate source ladders?
  12. ZeRo

    Update 16.2 - New Content

    Hi All, Update 16.2 is now live, here are the new changes. Voice Chat UI There is now a new cross server voice chat UI system, with user preference support (Except TTT, more on that later). The following themes are available with more to come in the future. Default Chill DarkRP Panorama Rainbow TTT The "TTT" theme is enforced on TTT due to the fact it include support for traitor chat (Where as other themes do not) TTT Fun Rounds / Events Also in this update is the all new Events / Fun Rounds, now implemented for TTT, with 22 rounds and more to come in the future. Players can access this by pressing [F4] (Default, player configuration may differ) Hovering over each one will give you a detailed description of what each fun round does, clicking on it will initiate a vote to start that round StatTrak Modules In this update, the way StatTrak modules is done is now different. From today, players will only be able to purchase modules for Store Bought (F3 Store) items only, you can no longer buy modules for case only items (Including Knives), as such the only way to obtain StatTrak status for case only items is to get it from the case itself. Other Changes For all other changes, see the change log located here: https://warzone.gg/wiki/viewchangelogs?id=43
  13. ZeRo

    TTT Rotation is back!

    We have now put up a second TTT server, running a hand picked selection of the best TTT maps available. You can join now by connecting to Server information here: https://warzone.gg/serverinfo/25 The server runs our "No Downloads" system, meaning that the only download required for joining the server, instead all our content is downloaded an mounted in real time upon joining the server Because it's the Source Engine, this can be buggy, some content may show errors, however you can work around by subscribing to this collection: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1518404147
  14. ZeRo

    Suggestion | Modular Music Kits

    This is a really good idea, and I would implement it, however it's just not possible without having to re-write the whole inventory system.

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