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    Skin Name: Steelbuck Bloodbath Weapon/Glove: Deagle/Handwraps Images: Rendered Previews In-game Screenshots Skin Description: Steelbuck: As expensive as it is powerful, the Desert Eagle is an iconic pistol that is difficult to master but surprisingly accurate at long range. Jakobs guns do one thing really well... power. And honestly, what else do you need? Bloodbath: Preferred by hand-to-hand fighters, these wraps protect the knuckles and stabilize the wrist when punching. If you can take a hit, these gloves are everything you need to give one. Why do you want your skin to appear on WarZone Gaming?: I've been making skin content for WZ for a while now, but these are the first skins I've done which aren't for a special event or requested. There haven't been many weapon submissions and we still need more non-tactical glove submissions, so hopefully this'll work out. Additional Comments Both skins are based off Borderlands, tried to maintain the cel-shaded style. The lines were a bitch to do properly
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    Skin Name: 4 skins, Elixir, Lava, Nuclear and Void Weapon/Glove: Shadow Daggers AND Sport Gloves Images: (The Images Have Both The Shadow Daggers And Sport Gloves Included) Molten Elixir Molten Lava Molten Nuclear Molten Void Skin Description: Part of a experiment gone wrong, as a result, these Gloves/Knives have been known to glow under bright Environments Why do you want your skin to appear on WarZone Gaming?: Like the AUG skin i posted earlier, these gloves are my first attempt at making the gloves, i thought I'd try to create some sport gloves mainly cause there isn't really any skins for any of them except from the typical Tactical gloves, they honestly turned out pretty well, i did make these a while ago (shortly after the Karambits) but i never really wanted to post them until the right time so i guess it's now the right time.... Additional Comments: I do apologize for the 2 Topics in a space of a hour.
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    Skin Name: Velvet Weapon/Glove: MP5 Images: - - - Skin Description: A red velvet, gold and black swirl paradise that sets beauty on the battle field. Why do you want your skin to appear on WarZone Gaming?: Hello this is the first successful skin I have made that I did not give up on. I would like to see this in the warzone community as we do not have any MP5 skins Additional Comments: Big thank you to @Not Alfred for the first image! really blew me away! <3
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    Skin Name: Deagle | Omega, Famas | Omega, Sawed Off | Omega, Usp-s | Omega Weapon/Glove: Desert Eagle, Famas, Sawed Off, Usp-s Images: (Here comes a ton of images) Desert Eagle | Omega FAMAS | Omega Sawed Off | Omega Usp-s | Omega Skin Description: Here at Omega Enterprise, We aim for precision and quality, We want the weapons to feel unique, but at the same time, Similar, This is where the Omega Collection comes in, Even more deadlier when created with the experimental P.E.R (Plasma Experimental Rounds), Available for all of the weapons part of this collection. The Desert Eagle, Ready for that 1 shot, 1 kill at anytime, it delivers a devastating blow to the enemy. The Famas, Originally created for a cheap option for armed forces around the world, We here at Omega Enterprise decided that we would have none of that, we wanted the Famas to be the best there is, we have modified it with the P.E.R, To make it more deadly through to the last shot. The Sawed Off Shotgun, The history of Shotguns has always been the same, Typically ending with your enemies splattered over the walls, We here at Omega Enterprise are keeping to the same tradition of this, but with a twist, we also have modified the Sawed Off with the P.E.R to make this particular weapon.....Rather "Hot". The Usp-s, I think we all know already this weapon, With a equip-able Silencer, when weapon, in the right place, can deliver a powerful punch, Upgraded with the P.E.R, All of these weapons have been upgraded to their full potential, We hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed creating these. Why do you want your skin to appear on WarZone Gaming?: Well, I've spent a few days, maybe even a week, creating these skins, and also creating a Company name to go along with these weapons, which turned out pretty well, since we have had a need for new gun skins, I've thought of these as a test to see what i could do, it first started out with the Desert Eagle, but then i decided to create the Usp-s skin, and so on and so forth.
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    So, I was recently appointed the position of Community Relations (:RIP: Hula 2017-2018), and as I have quite a lot of free time I am going to be updating the radio. I ask the community to help make the radio great again, as I have limited knowledge of certain genres it would be a great help if you guys could point me in the right directions of what to add. I will be completely unbiased, any song anybody wants added to the radio, will be added. If nobody helps me I'll only really add still that I like into it, so it's up to you guys, it is a community radio after all! At the start-mid of February you can expect a massive update to the radio database, talking thousands of songs. I hope to change the structure of what is played and when it's played, but that's all unconfirmed at the moment. Not everything is available when AutoDJ is playing, the majority of songs are only available via request and it will likely stay that way. Along with that comes a update to the WarZone Bot on Discord, with all the old commands such as !love, !hate, !request coming back. This includes a new suggestions feature of the bot for users to request songs. To use this feature type !suggest *your song/link here*, it will be sent to me. You can also post below in this topic or in the music suggestions topic found here(that topic needs to be updated, post any requests you have), PM me on the forums or on discord (@lé xyz™#6969) a song list or contact me by any means you like. The discord bot will be added sometime today, I will update this thread when it's done. A live view of what I am working on is available here: https://1drv.ms/x/s!Aj18-F70Y6uqh-hmekXTvwBHk9vOIg Please, help me find music to add, thanks!
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    Skin Name: Serenity Weapon/Glove: P250 Images: Skin Description: a simple yet satisfying skin for the p250 pistol Why do you want your skin to appear on WarZone Gaming?: I feel its a nice skin for the pattern it came from. I spent enough time with multiple patterns before finding i was happier with the darker style. External images used: Additional Comments: nope
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    Skin Name: Conflict Weapon/Glove: Desert Eagle Images: Float 1 (CT)- Float 2 (T)- Skin Description: A simplistic skin for the desert eagle hand cannon based on the conflict between the two teams of counter terrorists and terrorists. Why do you want your skin to appear on WarZone Gaming?: i spent some time working on this skin. the floats were relatively hard to make and i felt they turned out to look quite pleasant in the end. External images used: Additional Comments: just wanna hear opinions on them, besides that not really :3
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    Hey all, so this is a small idea that I thought of around 10 months back but never thought to ask about it. The concept of it is that whenever you 'Love' a song then these loves go onto a personal page where it can store your loves. This way you can keep track of songs you have loved and if there's a song you wanna find and you don't remember the name of, yet you have loved it. You can simply go through the loved songs and find it with ease. This makes things easier and creates more player interaction within the radio. Any further ideas or comments on this idea is greatly appreciated. Positive or not. Thanks, - Embers.
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    Skin Name: Ultraparallel Weapon/Glove: P2000 Images: Skin Description: In hyperbolic geometry, the ultraparallel theorem states that every pair of ultraparallel lines (lines that are not intersecting and not limiting parallel) has a unique common perpendicular hyperbolic line. the p2000 pistol uses the upmost precision to blast into the lines of enemies. Why do you want your skin to appear on WarZone Gaming?: I feel this skin looked very nice. i spent a lot of time on it to make sure that logos were correct and suited the skin perfectly. The p2000 also has a few skins and i would like to help expand the list, even if it isnt present in many gamemodes. Additional Comments: This is the first weapon skin i have made for a while. it took a while to find inspiration for it
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    Skin Name: Specialist | Stargazer Weapon/Glove: Gloves Images: These gloves can also glow, Similar to the Bismuth molten float that i created not long ago: Skin Description: *Yet another empty skin description cause i can't think of anything* Why do you want your skin to appear on WarZone Gaming?: These gloves have been massively inspired by the Pathfinder skins (Check them out here https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=926238751) After quite a few failed attempts i finally managed to get a similar look than them, the gloves as a whole were made from scratch, no used images,I've also created my own normal maps for these gloves, You'll most likely be able to notice it in the above images, I'm honestly surprised these have turned out pretty well, They're also pretty Unique and stand out from the crowd, I'll let the community be the judge of that really..... External images used: None Additional Comments: None
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    Images: Nova Xm1014 Mag7 Sawed-Off Skin Description: Express all the colours of the spectrum with these unique shotguns. Why do you want your skin to appear on WarZone Gaming?: I feel like these should be added to WarZone as I spent a lot if time working on these skins and i feel as though they have been well reviewed so far. The shotguns do not get the love they deserve in the skin community so I took it upon myself to let them be recognized once again. External images used: Nope Additional Comments Thanks for checking this out , and providing feedback!
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    Launching Tuesday 13th March 2018
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    Skin Name: Rainbow Element Weapon/Glove: Tec-9 Images: Skin Description: A liquid and solid rainbow metallic paint forged in the finest steelworks. the tec 9 is a reliable sidearm with high firepower and is used with the most out bursting run and gun style Why do you want your skin to appear on WarZone Gaming?: there are not many tec9 skins at all and its a shame to see, as this weapon is really nice. i would like this skin to be added to create more skins for this weapon. Additional Comments: n/a
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    Name: Rubber (placeholder name while I'm thinking of a better one^^) Weapon: USP-S Images: Skin description: This skin is basically inspired/based on my lunch box. It is made of blue plastic very similar to the texture I'm using on this gun and all the areas that are touched more often than the rest have this layer of rubber with circular patterns. On a gun that would be the slide, the grip and parts of the silencer. Theoretically this would also apply to the mag, but if I had given it the rubber texture there wouldn't have been any blue parts at the handle. Why I want my skin to appear on WarZone: Same reason like on the last skin I made. I'd like to give something back to this great community and since I'm underage and don't have access to PayPal I figured creating some skins would be the way to go. Additional comment: The white parts are no textures I forgot to add but a white rubber texture with detail that you simply can't see 'cause the skin testing environment is brightly lit.
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    Skin Name: Treasure Guardian Weapon/Glove: AUG Images: Skin Description:Powerful and accurate, The AUG scoped rifle compensates for its long reload times with a low spread and a high rate of fire, It has been painted with a Dragon guarding its Treasure Why do you want your skin to appear on WarZone Gaming?: So, this is my first gun skin, Strange, I know, it's what i decided to create after hours of designing the skin (it took around 4/5 hours to create this skin) i am pretty impressed with this skin and i would love for it to be added on to the servers. Additional Comments: Nu.
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    Skin Name: Velvet Weapon/Glove: Weapon/AWP Images: Skin Description: High risk and high reward, the infamous AWP is recognizable by its signature report and one-shot, one-kill policy. Squilliam Fancyson is proud. Why do you want your skin to appear on WarZone Gaming?: I thought, like my MP5 version, it would be a great asset and only a few of a kind. External images used: Additional Comments: Yes, it doesn't have golden lines like the MP5. Reason being, it would just blur and go all funky so I just left it out. I'm sorry but I hope it's enough.
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    Skin Name: Music Box Weapon/Glove: Negev Images: Skin Description: style and spray. the negev is a behemoth of the lmg category and is useful at clearing multiple enemies in a close vicinity. the negev has been finished with the design of a wooden music box Why do you want your skin to appear on WarZone Gaming?: the negev has only one skin. its a weapon that has a difficult to work with model so i decided to try making one. to my surprise this skin actually came out okay regarding it uses a design i havent made. External images used: Additional Comments: nope
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    Music Kit Name: Manners Maketh Man Cover Image: Kit Description: As you can guess from the cover art, this is a Kingsman-styled Music Kit. As with Legacy, this has a classic yet exciting pace that should fit in comfortably to CSGO and our GMod servers. Why do you want your music kit added to WarZone Gaming?: My last music kit sounds too quiet In seriousness though, I like this style and think we should see more of it, even if at times it's similar to CSGO's music, some people will prefer that over something drastically different Additional Comments: The Umbrella was a bitch to model x)
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    Ok So im re-writing this because ive seen how just bad it was at the time i thought it was cool with the emojis and text but ive realized its not even the slightest I Haven't Introduced my self My Real Name is Jude but you can call me lowkey for short or itz or deadass i dont mind even my real name I Play TTT Stronghold And Surf Tier 1 Im On WZ servers most of the time so just hmu if you want to play I want you all to know ive changed some i know now that its not funny to use overkill emojis and text fonts and whatever but i know how dumb it is and im hoping to make a change I look forward to being a part to this community and getting to meet new people to play games with and talk to I know the last post was bad but i was just thinking like an idiot thinking all the cool emojis will make me come across as a chill guy After Some thinking that's the worst possible thing i could of done ever If you did not happen to see the last one consider your self lucky as it was very cancerous So Yeh look out for me on TTT and all the others i hope to meet you all and play together Thanks -Jude
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    This week as the main giveaway I am giving away Sport Gloves | Superconductor! The same rules as usual apply, you need to like either our Facebook or Twitter pages to gain an entry! You need to PM me your names for either website if you haven't already done so for me to confirm the entry. Post below your Steam ID, in-game name and Steam link. The second giveaway will be of 20 cases of your choice. To enter this you need to like or share this Facebook post, or if you don't use Facebook you may re-tweet this post. A separate entry will be given for everything separate thing you do (for example: liking and sharing will get you 2 entries, same for Twitter) 1 winner will be selected from all the people who do this. ez20cases Winner will be announced at 7PM UK time on Sunday Good luck guys!
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    With Update 14 around the corner, we've accepted several submissions from the Community. So far the system has been a good success, but we'll be making some changes to the system to further improve the quality of skins that we receive. External Sources Here's the boring part. Back in 2014, Valve received a DMCA notice to take down the M4A4 Howl Skin and Howling Dawn Sticker from CS:GO because the Howling Wolf design was plagiarized (stolen without credit/permission). To compensate players who owned the skin, a new variant was created and no more Howl Skins or Stickers were generated. Although this isn't as big of an issue for us, we still need to take this into mind. With the new Update, we'll be changing the Skin submission template to include External sources used. This means any images which haven't been created yourself must have a link to the original image. Depending on how much the image has been adapted, this will affect the likelihood of your skin being accepted. A good example of the right way to do this is the MP5 Velvet by @Knuckles. The floral pattern has been heavily altered to create an original outcome, so it wouldn't change the chances of being accepted. If you use any other works without including a source, the skin will be declined, and you may be unable to submit skins in the future. Weapon Lists There are some weapons which need more skins, and we want to promote people to experiment with more weapons. @ZeRo has recently posted a list of the skins which will be accepted for Update 14 part 2, and @vlodern will be running some competitions for certain weapons. If you want some easy skins to work with, I'd suggest the Glock, MP5, AWP or MAG-7. Some of those aren't open for submission yet, but they're good practice and might be open again in the future. Skin Resources I'll be making some changes to the Skin Resources so working with them in Photoshop will be a bit easier. For example, glove OBJs will be edited to remove the full arms and have the left/right hands side by side, along with some small improvements to the texture resources as well. Next question, and one I've been asked a lot, is where SkinUtils is. Right now it's delayed thanks to a virus on my PC. That one's on me, so when my HDD has been nuked it'll be back in the works. ...F Thanks for reading. Skin Submissions should take a big step forward from here, so we're looking forward to what you make!
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    So, Music Kits! Here we have another music kit competition! It's basically the same as the old competition, the aim is to create a music kit. Prizes 1st Place: Lifetime Platinum VIP + Any knife of your choice (Except Exclusive) 2nd Place: Any knife (Except Exclusive) of your choice 3rd Place: Any weapon skin (Except exclusive) of your choice To enter you need to follow this guide https://confluence.warzone.gg/display/WHC/Creating+Music+Kits Closing date for entries is 6th April 2017 - It's very easy to create a music kit and you get rewarded very well for it MP5 Skin Contest I would like to also remind you of the skin creation contest run by Archangel Currently the MP5 doesn't have any skins so we are challenging the community to come up with the best skins - the best skin creators will be rewarded very nicely for their time and effort! Good luck everybody! Cant wait to see some of the entries!
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    Skin Name: Trip Weapon/Glove: Specialist Glove Images: Skin Description: As the name says this skin is based on the pshychedelic or "trippy" artstyle , i tried to keep costincency an not make it too messy , i think it came out pretty cool , with the drawings on the top and these wavy patterns on the sides and palm. Why do you want your skin to appear on WarZone Gaming?: Today i challenged myself to make a glove skin and 4 hours later here it is , i just want to share it with everyone else Additional Comments : if you guys have any tips to improve this design I still have the .psd file I can edit anytime , thanks for reading.

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