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    After a comprehensive look at the update I've got a couple of changes and fixes that I'd like to suggest for QoL. Input and opinion is appreciated, will probably have other ideas too! Excuse my shit paint skills. 1. I really like the new map overview, I think it would be cool if you could nominate a map for the next vote from this screen. On both the completed and uncompleted map sections: 2. Map Overview and Player Info shouldn't be two pages, one combined one would be far better and more efficient. 3. Rank progress bar should be at the top of the ranks page as well as/rather than on the player information page; you shouldn't have to flick between the two to see your progress. 4. Inventory system search management is frustrating to use, if you search for something the search options feel clunky and complicated, it needs to be more sleek in my opinion, furthermore; it is a problem when I search for an item and then use the search to sell something; it resets and I have research. Make it stay on the search page and place a reset button in a corner. 5. No MP5 in the weapon search box 6. Rarity filter in an odd and counter-intuitive order. Make it go from grey to gold/yellow. 7. Leaderboards should have numbers on the rankings, it's hard to tell where you actually place when looking at them. 8. Personal opinon, no one uses the challenge page and it shouldn't have it's own area. Either should be removed or placed in something like player information. 9. Use the complete/uncompleted section on the map votes in order to give people a better understanding of the maps they have and haven't done so that they can more actively pursue completing every map. Edit: Strike through things have been done, italics are not being done due to UI updates later in the year.
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