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    Launching Tuesday 13th March 2018
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    This week I am giving away Sport Gloves | Omega. To enter you need to like our Facebook or Twitter page linked below. If you haven't already done so you need to PM me your names on either Facebook or Twitter to enter the giveaway. You also need to post below your Steam ID, in-game name and profile link to enter. Liking, sharing or commenting on this post will earn you an extra entry to the giveaway https://www.facebook.com/warzone.gg/ https://twitter.com/warzonegg Winner will be announced this Sunday at 7PM UK time. Good luck guys!
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    Skin Name: Rainbow Doppler Weapon/Glove: Driver Gloves Images: Skin Description: The gloves were made to look like a rainbow doppler, but a hint of marble in there aswell. Why do you want your skin to appear on WarZone Gaming?: Someone pointed it out to me that there wasn't any rainbow gloves, So I thought I could try to make one Additional comments: I know it might seem lazy to see the lines, but I thought it looked more realistic that it has "stitching"
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    Skin Name: Ultraparallel Weapon/Glove: MP9 Images: Skin Description: A skin bound by the theory of Ultraparallel lines. The mp9 is a fast firing, beast of an SMG, used with the best run and gun finesse Why do you want your skin to appear on WarZone Gaming?: I felt that this turned out to be a nice skin. It went well in which adds to the rest of the ultraparallel collection of weapons. Additional Comments: this was the image used for the skin. all credit goes to http://www.hd-freeimages.com/500.shtml/
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    Hey all, i've updated a few things on surf. You can get the changelog here: https://warzone.gg/wiki/viewchangelogs?id=22 Also, if you have any map suggestions, feel free to message me on discord with the map link and everything. Happy surfing.
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    So, we have a change to the Utrecht meetup this year and we are announcing a UK summer meetup this June. First of all, the Utrecht meetup this summer was originally scheduled for 24th-28th of August but we are changing that to the 2nd -7th of August. We made these changes due to feedback from the community saying they won't be able to attend - we have now hopefully rectified this. These changes are final - no more changes will be made to these dates. We apologize for any inconvenience caused. You can find updated information here - https://warzone.gg/meetupinfo?id=5 Secondly, we have scheduled a UK summer meetup this year. We done this due to it being absolutely freezing during the winter meetup and that we just want to have another meetup soon because why not! The private bar is much better in the summer and we can have a much better time there during the summer. It is basically the same as the Winter Meetup 2018 except their being no snow and it will be warm. You can find the event page to sign up and relevant information here - https://warzone.gg/meetupinfo?id=7