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    Music Kit Title: Grand Theft Auto Cover Art: Background Image: Kit Description: "Various soundtracks from the Grand Theft Auto series compiled into one music kit" Why do I want this kit added to Warzone?: I love the Grand Theft Auto games, I've played San Andreas all the way to 5, It's my absolute favorite game series and I wanted to make a music kit out of it. I listened to a bunch of covers of the GTA themes and thought that "Hey, I could make a music kit out of this" and so I did. I also think that people would really enjoy this kit since I asked a few players if they'd love to see a kit like this in-game and they agreed (Also cause ZeRo said so) Additional Comments: I couldn't find some HQ versions of some of the themes so I resorted to use some really good covers from a channel named SquidPhysics (https://www.youtube.com/user/SquidPhysics) I don't really mind if I win or not in this competition since I just really love making music kits for the community. If I do win something though, I'd rather just have something from the Warzone store since I don't really have any other use for that money (and I don't have a paypal) That's all I can say about the kit, I hope this still makes it into the game! Thank you for checking this out! P R E V I E W : (sorry for the shitty quality)
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    Skin Name: Coffer Weapon/Glove: Five Seven Images: Skin Description: I took inspiration from @|WZ| royalnoob Glock | Emoji and the New AWP Paw from the Horizon case, I decided to go with the cases from this community like Gungame, Surf DM etc. It features the blue sort of colour from the sites store page with the logo on the barrel. External Images Used: Why do you want your skin to appear on WarZone Gaming?: I took some time in designing this skin with the layering of the cases took a while to fill. I enjoyed working with Royal with where is best to have colours, how big the cases should appear and the overall design. Additional Comments: Happy 2nd Anniversary Warzone five_seven_warzone.wzproj.txt
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    Images/Videos: First Attempt at a skin render Skin Description: A skin focused on the aspect of stargazing and the view of a night sky within space. Why do you want your skin to appear on WarZone Gaming?: There are not many MP5 skins as the MP5 was not too long ago allowed to have skins made for it. i feel this skin would go nicely with the others and possibly expand the user choice of MP5 skins. External images used: there are two images used here
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    Name: Authority Weapon: MP5SD Images: Why do you want your skin on WarZone Gaming?: I've created this skin as not just an Anniversary skin, but also a skin for the recently announced Content Creator Competition. I hope I've done well. External Images used:
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    Images/Videos: Skin Description:An AWP skin based on the warzone name and community Why do you want your skin to appear on WarZone Gaming?: This skin is one submission of mine for the warzone 2018 anniversary case, in which i had taken a lot of time to think about ideas for skins External images used:
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    Hi All, In a month's time we will be launching the 2018 Anniversary Update. We are of course looking for the community to submit skins. There are going to be two cases in this update, A limited edition anniversary case and a regular case. We are open for all skin submissions, however we are taking a few entries for the anniversary case. For the anniversary case, your weapon should be WarZone based, e.g the logo, or spray painted etc. An example (A bad one) is the AWP | Overwatch Gaming - https://warzone.gg/wiki/viewitem?id=483 The deadline for skin submissions for both cases is Saturday 8th September. If you have any questions feel free to reply to this post and I'll do my best to answer any questions put forward.
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    Specialist Gloves | Warzone Images/Videos: Skin Description: Idk, cant really think of anything Why do you want your skin to appear on WarZone Gaming?: Just some gloves to go with any of the upcoming anniversary skins that people are making (Hopefully) External images used:
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    Images/Videos: Skin Description: An Ursus skin using the idea of shattered and cracked crystals as its theme. Why do you want your skin to appear on WarZone Gaming?: As every submission is with the competition, the weapons and knives of choice have been recently released and need skins made for them. i felt that this knife worked out to look very good in the end and i worked really hard at it to make renders and screenshots for the knife. External images used: http://wallpapers.ae/red-amazing-desktop-wallpaper.html
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    Images/Videos: Float 1 - Economic (Supports Selfillum) Float 2 - Meltdown (Supports Selfillum) Float 3 - Coolant (Supports Selfillum) Float 4 - Blush (No Selfillum) Float 5 - Firebreak (No Selfillum) Float 6 - Heliotrope Float 7 - Corrosion (No Selfillum) Finally Float 8 - Subzero (No Selfillum) Skin Description: A Simplistic but stylish skin based on circuit board patterns and electronics Why do you want your skin to appear on WarZone Gaming?: Its one of the first skins i have made myself that has allowed the use of patterns and floats. The MP5SD being recently released could use some skins and i hope the community get creative enough with it to make some more nice skins. External images used: this is the same as the Five Seven automatic and uses this single image
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    Name: Familiarity Weapon: R8 Revolver Images/Videos: Skin Description: A skin completely based around WarZone's logo, used on the site and in-game. Why do you want your skin to appear on WarZone Gaming?: I made this skin as there are a lack of decent R8 skins and I figured I may as well make a skin for the Anniversary coming up soon. External images used: :^)
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    Often imitated but never equaled, the iconic MP5 is perhaps the most versatile and popular SMG in the world. This SD variant comes equipped with an integrated silencer and features higher movement speed at the cost of some damage and accuracy on the move. The MP5-SD is currently available on Stronghold, Gungame and SurfDM. Item creators can start making skins immediately, with full workbench support also available.
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    Reasons why context is important @TheSinkingSponge - "i just shot up a school"
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    I love the way this skin displays the photo on the weapon, as well as the colour scheme. I really like your idea for putting the meetup team on it well done!
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    Images: Why do you want your skin to appear on WarZone Gaming?: As the second anniversary for WarZone is coming up I thought I'd give you a special AUG created from the picture of everyone in the meetup. Happy 2 Years WarZone Additional comments: Thanks @Anonz for giving me some pointers for colouring. External images used:
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    Always a pleasure working with you to mate
  16. 1 point
    Another awesome skin You have some awesome ideas. And as always was a pleasure working together
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    I really like this skin and would love to see it accepted
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    So far I've shown Callum, Sponge, and Edana how to do renders in Blender 3D, but the process to get that set up has been a complex one. The results pay off though, as ray-tracing can create some really nice results as shown below, with accurate reflections and image-based lighting rather than coming from a single source. A similar configuration was also used to render the new CT Gloves previews. To make the system easier, I've created a template file for rendering your own skins in Blender. The current file has support for; Gloves, Guns, and Knives (All included in the file, no need to download or import them. Includes Horizon knives/MP5SD) Textures, Normal Maps, and Selfillum, with control for bump intensity and glow intensity (Examples below) Depth of Field Swappable lighting maps, control over how the lightmap is positioned, and their brightness Screenshots/Installation
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    Optional Tips Tip: In the Camera Menu, you can change this Focal value to adjust how drastic the lens distortion is. A higher value will result in a flatter image, whereas a lower value will result in a more 3D and angled image, which works really well with Depth of Field. I prefer a lower value, around 25 works well. Here's an example;
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    I was accused for the third time as cheating, with this video cited as evidence: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dIjSz9xzOIY&feature=youtu.be&t=8s ZeRo Well, Well, Well. To your luck, you got away the past 2 times, but as they say, third time's a charm. Within 15 seconds in to the video, you can clearly be seen aimbotting, further to that, your aim is constantly shaking, now, unless you have Parkinson's (Which I doubt you do) the further shaking in your aim clearly demonstrates that you have aim assist (Very bad one at that) Here's the evidence: https://youtu.be/dIjSz9xzOIY?t=8s I hope you've enjoyed your time here. /Declined __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ For context, I'm not hacking at all - I have more than seven thousand hours in the game, with a majority of that in TTT. "Shaky aim" was the ultimate reason I'd been banned - does any of that look like aimbot to you guys? https://steamcommunity.com/id/reaganyouth/ Looking for the community's opinion on this. I'd been accused before but played it off as a joke.
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    Trying to appeal your ban here isn't going to work, you're wasting your time. The evidence is very clear that you're cheating, just because you got let off twice, doesn't mean it will happen again.
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    Love it, can definitely see myself using it. Would make an amazing exclusive/once-off weapon skin. Small peeve though, can you make the 'r' capital?
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    this skin is an amazing work of art. the animations are just perfect for both the gloves and the talon. the patterns are really nice, especially the green and red ones. but i love em all and would crave to own any of them. great work!!!
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    this is a great music kit. i would definitely see this being used a lot by people good job
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    Help me please, I was perma banned on every server for no reason by Bloody Biscuits

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