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    Music Kit Title: Grand Theft Auto Cover Art: Background Image: Kit Description: "Various soundtracks from the Grand Theft Auto series compiled into one music kit" Why do I want this kit added to Warzone?: I love the Grand Theft Auto games, I've played San Andreas all the way to 5, It's my absolute favorite game series and I wanted to make a music kit out of it. I listened to a bunch of covers of the GTA themes and thought that "Hey, I could make a music kit out of this" and so I did. I also think that people would really enjoy this kit since I asked a few players if they'd love to see a kit like this in-game and they agreed (Also cause ZeRo said so) Additional Comments: I couldn't find some HQ versions of some of the themes so I resorted to use some really good covers from a channel named SquidPhysics (https://www.youtube.com/user/SquidPhysics) I don't really mind if I win or not in this competition since I just really love making music kits for the community. If I do win something though, I'd rather just have something from the Warzone store since I don't really have any other use for that money (and I don't have a paypal) That's all I can say about the kit, I hope this still makes it into the game! Thank you for checking this out! P R E V I E W : (sorry for the shitty quality)
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    Music kit name: Felix - Zero Escape Cover Image: Background Image: Kit Description: A music kit made from all three of the "horror" visual novels Zero Escape. Why do you want your music kit to be added to WarZone Gaming: During the last month i played all three Zero Escape games, and it's one of the best gaming experience that i have ever had. The music is amazing and the story is mind bending. I want more people to play Zero Escape and i want to make a tribute to the music. That's my reason. Additional Comments: This is just the music kit that i made a week ago, but when ZeRo announced this competition i saw it as a good opportunity to fix what i did not like with the original. For Example: The Round Won theme just "started out of nowhere". Even if i get disqualified for using something that i have already created i'm just glad i fixed the kit New Preview:
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    First of all, the art is great, you can tell its got the horror vibe from the murky characters and gloomy look, great choice. The build up in the "Start Round" I really enjoyed, as well as the tone of the death cam. The tones of tunes are really important and you've placed the right ones in the right areas, take for example "Lost round" is clearly sad and miserable which fits with the song perfectly. All in all, Great music kit.
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    right i know you payed for this but here's my actual opinion i really rate this music kit the deathcam is good we all know that classical death sound the mvp is sicc aswell fully rate that also the main menu i like that aswell listening to it everything is just mint and i genuinely want this in the game coz us Gta franchise lads who have been playing from gta 3 gotta have some relatable music kits 10/10 would buy asap
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    It looks lit cant wait, need to add this, GTA is a gud gam
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    I think it's fine if you add this in the competition, since I'd definitely want to see this in game at some point! Good luck man!
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    Name: Authority Weapon: MP5SD Images: Why do you want your skin on WarZone Gaming?: I've created this skin as not just an Anniversary skin, but also a skin for the recently announced Content Creator Competition. I hope I've done well. External Images used:
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    Bad skin tbh wouldn`t for a penny

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