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    Skin Name: Velvet Weapon/Glove: MP5 Images: - - - Skin Description: A red velvet, gold and black swirl paradise that sets beauty on the battle field. Why do you want your skin to appear on WarZone Gaming?: Hello this is the first successful skin I have made that I did not give up on. I would like to see this in the warzone community as we do not have any MP5 skins Additional Comments: Big thank you to @Not Alfred for the first image! really blew me away! <3
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    Hello, my names Josh and my screen name is Anonz. I formally played on this server for a small amount of time last year and only just started getting back into the game. I enjoy the overall atmosphere and the people are friendly. Admins are very understanding and helpful as well. I enjoy the amount of features on the server, its different and fun. I often play TTT and some of the things i say are questionable to say the least. My use of slang confuses the F**k out of some people(avvie *ahem*), but don't worry I'm not slagging anyone off. Thats all i wanted to say, good server, nice people. xoxoxoxoxoxoxo - Josh(Anonz)
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    Skin Name: Treasure Guardian Weapon/Glove: AUG Images: Skin Description:Powerful and accurate, The AUG scoped rifle compensates for its long reload times with a low spread and a high rate of fire, It has been painted with a Dragon guarding its Treasure Why do you want your skin to appear on WarZone Gaming?: So, this is my first gun skin, Strange, I know, it's what i decided to create after hours of designing the skin (it took around 4/5 hours to create this skin) i am pretty impressed with this skin and i would love for it to be added on to the servers. Additional Comments: Nu.
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    Glad to see my boy @Not Alfred using his amazing skills in Blender, I belive, and @Knuckles great work on the MP5. I love it
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    Come over to SurfDM and we might meet. I'm looking forward to it.
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    "I guess im emo now" @puk413 "Dont spit on me when we have sex later Vlod" @puk413
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    Awesome work on the Mp5, @Not Alfred how the hell did you create that first image, it looks amazing!
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    Welcome hope you have a great stay ^^ Looking forward to playing with you
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    @KnucklesAmazing work on that MP5