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    The time has come.. Everyone is departing today from the 2017 Ipswich meeting. We have all had our laughs and all had our stupid arguments but somehow only @Dinosaur smashed a girl perhaps because 90% of us have girlfriends. But still the meet up was a sure blast I shall definitely be joining for the next one. I would like to give a massive thanks to @ZeRo for organising such a event and everyone else for making the meet up have such a good atmosphere. Anyway before this gets too 'Cringy' Imma say goodbye to all your faces until next year! Thanks guys for making it awesome! HulaHoop Out!
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    Oy, I am the Ohago ja. I was busy about me
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    I'm pleased to announced the return of Call of Duty to WarZone Gaming. We now have 2 CoD4 servers and 3 Modern Warfare 2 Servers (ReactIW) See below for the Server IP's Call of Duty 4 24/7 Crossfire: Mixed Maps - Hardcore: Modern Warfare 2 24/7 Favela: 24/7 Terminal: 24/7 Favela: You can find all of these servers on the servers page here: https://warzone.gg/servers How to install the MW2 Client If you already have MW2 Installed, Simply go here and download the client: https://warzone.gg/IW4M/updater.exe Put updater.exe in to the root of the MW2 folder (same folder as IW4MP.exe) and run it. Some files will be downloaded and then the game will start. If you do not have MW2, simply download the entire game here: https://warzone.gg/IW4M/MW2.zip and follow the instructions of the updater above. Applications for CoD4 and MW2 are now open.
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    "I'm a nigger and I am proud! I'll mow your lawn, I'll suck dick loud! I might be gay, I might be emo, I'll cut myself if I don't find Screamo"
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    So I've always wondered why the use of the imperial system or driving on the left side of the road was something other countries did. So... As the man of science that I am, I did some research. Now in the beginning I had to know which countries drove on the left side of the road, in order to develop a substantial hypothesis. I then checked all statistics; crosschecking all paramiters that I might have missed. I found no correlation that could explain this radical behaviour. That was until I looked on WHO (World Health Organization). As you can see, there is a clear correlation between each countries percentage of Mentally Retarded individuals per citizen and left-sided driving in each country. These results are concurrent in countries that use the imperial system. A country that does not use the SI-system has a substantially higher number of mentally retarded individuals than those countries that do use the SI-system. Sweden, who now drive on the right side, used to drive on the left, which we can clearly see is still showing in their percentage of mentally retarded individuals (though the number seem to be declining). The question is now: Were they retarded to begin with, or did they become retarded when they didnt use the proper systems and drove on the wrong side? An open discussion will now be had regarding this newfound information. //Dinosaur
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    whats up my dudes im this completely new person and im very new to this community and i hope to have a great time with all of you thanks for reading, always good to have me around
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    Hello my name is Andreas and some people might remember me from the beginning of Warzone. It was Zero and me who started the Clan |WarZone| on Call Of Duty UO back in 2005 (best years of cod) We grew in numbers and in 2007 we changed the clan name to Special Air Service |SAS| and expanded into call of duty 4. Two years went by and by 2009 we decided to close down the clan because of lack time and the fact that COD UO was dying Then in 2011 zero contacted me and asked if i wanted to start a call of duty 4 gaming community. And from there it went really fast with servers on different games. Eventually WZ got so big that i feelt like it was to big for me, so i stepped down. But now Im back! But as COD admin and looking forward for some gaming again
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    *The previous post left some of the images unable to be previewed
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    So, after a long while, I'm pleased to announce that mobile support has finally arrived for the website. Not all pages are yet optimized for mobile, however from today the site can now be navigated easily and the most requested pages can now be used on a mobile device. See below for the screenshots One of the best mobile supported features is the radio area. You can now also make requests from the mobile site. Pop-up boxes on Desktop or larger screens now act as pages on mobile and scale to any small screen size accordingly. We are still working on making the site work for other small screen devices like Tablets which have enough room to display the nav bar, however this will be done in future updates. If with any of the new website changes you experience some strange behavior, refresh your cache by doing CTRL + F5
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    Heyo! I've been on Warzone for about a week, give or take, now. And I've had a really great time so far, I figured I'd make an introduction to give most people a brief overview of who I am. My name is Dan, and I live in Sweden, Malmö. I live at home with my mother, and my dogs (One shitty Chihuahua, one Amstaff, and a Black Labrador), and they're fucking awesome, aight? Animals rock. I am currently studying in school to further my education towards training Service Dogs / Drug Dogs / Police Dogs. The past two years, I've worked at a Doggy Daycare / Rehabilitation Center, where I mostly spent my time taking care of aggressive dogs. So far, it appears that my voice is rather liked (Even though I dislike it!), so hey, I like to play around with my voice, let me know if you want some fun ( ). Some things I love are Music, Animals in general, Reading books, and last but not least, Video games (Wow! I had no clue! ). I guess that sums up a somewhat brief introduction. I am perfectly willing to answer -ANY- questions no matter what they are, I have very few things that I don't share. Feel free to add me on Steam if you wish! Just let me know who you are http://steamcommunity.com/id/mr_twd/ Same goes for Discord: SweDan (Mr.TwD)#6893 Thanks! Yours sincerely, Dan
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    In the next update the dynamic posters system will be included. The next update is due to drop within the first week of December. So, first things first, what are Dynamic posters? Dynamic posters is a system that has a list of pre-defined locations within each map and then with each pre-defined location posters are shown in different places every time the map is loaded. You will not see the same poster in the same location every time. Along with this, posters are not ever downloaded to the client. Posters are loaded using HTML with the material being cached and displayed in-game. This allows us to update it at any time without having to change any code. So, why am I posting this? Firstly I would like to involve the community as much as possible in the creations of these posters, so I am making the offer to allow anyone to submit entries to be use ingame. If you are interested, we are looking for these kinds of posters: Advertising in-game functions (See example below) Advertising WarZone social platforms (e.g Forum, Facebook, Steam Group, YouTube etc) Advertising other games we host (CS:GO/MW2) Advertising hosted events (e.g Game Nights and Movie Nights) If you wish to make one, the image should be 732 x 1024 Pixels, and must be in PNG format if you wish to have transparent parts. If you are taking up the entire Canvas, JPG is fine. Below are some examples I came up with when developing the system:
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    Newest skin. Made of blue steel plated with gold patterns. Wooden handle as a reminder of the old days. Machine washable* for blood removal *Use all-natural soap. Any name suggestions are greatly appreciated.
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    More coming your way. Going for a war propaganda vibe
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    I would like to Introduce the new Seasonal Update. This update includes a variety of new changes such as new cases and festive features. Click on the image above to learn more. The update will be deployed tomorrow evening along with the change log.
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    To crush your enemiesSee them driven before youAnd to hear the lamentationOf their women
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    Hi there Dinosaur, First of all, great research. You truly are a man of science and deserve your PhD. Secondly, I think none of your explanations are correct. What seems more likely is that one country was retarded to begin with, the United Kingdom, and as their empire spread, so did the retardness which eventually led to the countries adopting their left side driving system. After the British Empire lost more and more power and more and more countries won back their independence, their minds started to recover. Unfortunately this recovering process did not happen in all the countries, and this leads to the question: Why is not everybody smart enough to drive on the proper side of the road? The explanation that makes the most sense in my opinion is that they were under the influence of the British Empire for too long, hell Australia is technically still being reigned by Queen Elisabeth II. Let's further enhance this thought. Which countries are still driving on the left side of the road? United Kingdom; retarded to begin with The countries in Central and South America, Oceania; not that smart to begin with and were under the influence of the "Great" British Empire Southern and Eastern Africa; don't even have cars, so why bother changing laws India, Australia, New Zealand; under the influence for too long Japan; were influenced by British Forces during the Second World War and then they were nuked, no wonder they decided to keep it Thirdly, "but BCEGhost, why are there so many retards in Finland?" - "My dear child, alcohol and Pokemon Go do horrible things to people" This should answer all your problems and explain Dinosaurs Thesis very well. Please don't be shy and ask me if you have any more questions.
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    Hello once again. I would like to welcome everyone to WarZone Gaming. We're still setting things up so bare with us. We already have a picked selection of admins for both Garry's Mod and CS:GO. I will be posting a thread later for any ex-Overwatch admins who were no chosen for a chance to get their admin ranks back, depending on approval. Once again, Welcome to WarZone.
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    @ZeRoYou border crossing wank stain, you are as British as a taco. You need to stop fucking May and her the long dick of Brexit. You probably dont even like Brexit and you love the fucking E.U and their fucking baguette dicks and slurping Merkels garlic cum. You preach about these "Freedom units" yet if you were actually English instead of a retarded trailer park cousin fucker from Texas or a fence hopper you would use both fucking units of measurements instead of wanking to the Metric system on a night only becuase you have an image to uphold and you dont dare anyone to see you be like a normal Englishman and using both like you have said before yet dont do because again, you're American, you cant do more than two things at once. You're brain just can't handle it. And if you hate the fucking French so much, why do you beat your baguette dick to French Rap? The WORST kind of music to every think about.
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    Hello everyone, I would like to take this opportunity to personally invite you to join us on September 16th at 8PM (GMT) for a special 3-hour radio show as we here at WarZone Gaming celebrate our first anniversary on that day. We've come a long way in such a short time, starting off with only a handful of features, no player base, and a lot of ambitions - we introduced a lot of player models, weapon and knife skins, cases, money drops, the trading system, the community market, a more consistent and immersive UI experience, more radio shows and more diverse music featured on WZR, and much much more. We take great pride in our hard work to bring the best possible experience for players across all our servers, and therefore during this show we will make some great announcements, give out some amazing gifts, and play some awesome music, picked both by our amazing staff team and taken straight from the WarZone Charts that feature your all time favorite songs in the past year. We look forward to seeing you in-game on Saturday 16th. Lots of love, Papa G.
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    "But us weeaboo's are cute" - Dan "You're not cute. but don't get me wrong, I'd still rape you" - Puk413 @Muffin @CuteGriffin @Gornot @Blazingstardude @puk413 Help me.
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    It all started, in a time when people had brains and common sense not much else. He was a contemporary man, he was a good, solid user. He was the type of person to say things like "how was your day?" and respond to it with peaceful words. Many liked him, he always followed the crowd and was a popular kid around. There was times when he could be salty, sometimes you could hear him saying "my day was bad, please don't annoy me". But, then it all changed suddenly. As the legend goes, he woke up one day and thought to himself, 'I am a boring fella, I need to change my ways'. He got up from his bed and moved 6 inches, then decided he was too lazy to move anymore; he stopped moving. It was all but 3 hours later of thoughtful words, speaking to himself about life problems. He decided to move, this time making it far enough to get some delicious energy into himself. The kitchen was only 7 meters away, yet he found himself struggling once again. A glorious 5 minutes later he makes it there, and spotted something in a far corner of his kitchen. It was, a banana. The thoughts started running through his head, "what can I do with this beautiful piece of gods fruit?" The ideas started to make his pants grow, slightly. He never knew he could be such a thoughtful person, with many excellent ideas coming straight to mind. Stepping closer to the banana, he knew what needed to be done. He thought "back to bed, I need to go", and without second hesitation, that's what he done. Once back in his bedroom he started up his Master Race PC, went straight to Edge™ browser, pulled up his favorite furry website. He looked through the categories, and found one epic category. Catgirl. While beating the meat, and using the banana, in, lets say, odd ways; he decided that it was his new favorite thing to think about. He, eh, finished. Tissues cleaned up, bed made. Glory time has stopped, he then proceeded to exit life.exe and startup Garry's Mod. He stumbled across the servers of the one and only WarZone.gg, and here we are. Part 2 to come, adventure time is only getting started.
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    After the 15 minute survery and the 30 minute psychiatric analysis you guess which dick belongs to whom. Very interesting stuff.
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    This Week's Events This post is mainly about the upcoming meetup, however since I am making this post, there are 2 events coming up this weekend. As per the vote Law Abiding Citizen has won the vote for this week's movie night. You can sign up here to join: https://warzone.gg/movienightinfo?id=9 - Movie Nights are ran every Friday from 7PM (GMT). We are nearly at the end of the first series of movie suggestions with the second starting in early 2017. Secondly, the Movie Night for this week will be Left 4 Dead 2 Versus. There are only 8 slots so sign up while you can. Please note that you should only sign up if you are 100% sure you can attend. You can sign up here: https://warzone.gg/gamenightinfo?id=4 - Steam link and at least 50 $WZ currency is required to join. Amsterdam Meetup We have the Winter meetup happening in February 2017 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. I have now reset the attending list as I was unsure about who was still coming and who was not since some people who signed up are no longer active on the forum. If you still intend to come to Amsterdam between 17th - 21st of February 2017, please sign up here: https://warzone.gg/meetupinfo?id=1 only if you can guarantee 100% you can attend. A teamspeak meeting will be organised for those who sign up so we can come up with a plan for the meetup. Modern Warfare 2 There have been some issues with the MW2 servers over the past few weeks. The servers are being attacked with some form of packet attack which causes the servers to crash instantly upon starting. We are currently looking in to solutions for this as other clients are dead and I'm currently looking in to compiling our own version of the client and gathering players there. Unfortunately this is not a quick or easy process so this may take some time. Additional Items Firstly I'd like to welcome @Gornot to the Management team. Gornot will be focusing purely on the management of WarZone radio with making the music variety better and introducing new ways for players and listeners to interact. Gornot will also be managing presenters and schedules so it's not always AutoDJ, even doing a radio show himself. Lastly, we have an open spot for a Community Manager. In order to apply, you should meet the following criteria: Be at least 18 years of age or older. Have extremely good written English skills. Have familiarity of social networking platforms listed below: Facebook Pages Twitter Steam Groups Youtube Any additional ones is a plus. Being a current staff member is not required but considered a plus. Must not have any forum or staff infractions. If you meet the criteria above, please send me a Private Message here on the forum explaining why you would wish to fill this role and outlining your experience with social media platforms and any previous experience if any.
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    Here are a few of my favourites "Gornot you fat ass, go fucking suicide" - Exadon "Hey, look, it's a Pikachu you fucking cunt" - Gornot
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    The World's End, it'd be nice starting again by wrapping the trilogy up.

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