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    This Week we are going to be trailing a new system for the giveaway, This weeks giveaway contains a Pair of Icarus Fell Gloves and relies on points. The more points you receive the higher chances of winning you have, Every point gained will add your name one more time to the draw for example with 1 point you shall be entered once with 4 you shall be entered 4 times. Any feed back on this new system will be greatly appreciated. Good luck to everyone and don't forget to Comment your In game name & Steam ID, If entering with Facebook or twitter PM me your names! * The giveaway shall close at 7:00pm Sunday 8/10 Winner selected by 9:00pm. Icuras Fell Gloves: https://warzone.gg/viewitem?id=708 * If you have entered a previous Social Media giveaway this is not needed * Note: Any personal information PM to me shall be kept private. How to earn points Spoiler Below;
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    Original Post: We've received a lot of feedback from members of the Community with the latest Announcement, and after hearing Feedback and discussing more options in Management, we've reconsidered our path and are ready to change our approach to a lighter, easier to manage, and more cost-effective set of servers for Garry's Mod with a Legacy Approach. WZ Legacy will still see the shutdown of several features and servers, however the following servers will still remain online: Surf Surf Deathmatch Gungame Bunny Hop Skin Testing Environment As well as this, new content will not be actively developed. Community Cases and bug-fixes will still be in active development, but new gameplay features will no longer be actively committed to. The above servers are very functional as they are, so likely won't require much attention for the future. There may be possible changes to current services to better fit the Legacy system in the future. Some big benefits come with this; Moderation will be much easier and more common, costs to run WarZone can be cut massively, and players won't lose all of the Servers. We'll be focusing on the Community much more, but in the future we have options to still look into games such as TF2 and CSGO, while keeping Garry's Mod partially open and maintained in response to the Community feedback.
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    The time has come.. Everyone is departing today from the 2017 Ipswich meeting. We have all had our laughs and all had our stupid arguments but somehow only @Dinosaur smashed a girl perhaps because 90% of us have girlfriends. But still the meet up was a sure blast I shall definitely be joining for the next one. I would like to give a massive thanks to @ZeRo for organising such a event and everyone else for making the meet up have such a good atmosphere. Anyway before this gets too 'Cringy' Imma say goodbye to all your faces until next year! Thanks guys for making it awesome! HulaHoop Out!
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    Oy, I am the Ohago ja. I was busy about me
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    Skin Name: Steelbuck Bloodbath Weapon/Glove: Deagle/Handwraps Images: Rendered Previews In-game Screenshots Skin Description: Steelbuck: As expensive as it is powerful, the Desert Eagle is an iconic pistol that is difficult to master but surprisingly accurate at long range. Jakobs guns do one thing really well... power. And honestly, what else do you need? Bloodbath: Preferred by hand-to-hand fighters, these wraps protect the knuckles and stabilize the wrist when punching. If you can take a hit, these gloves are everything you need to give one. Why do you want your skin to appear on WarZone Gaming?: I've been making skin content for WZ for a while now, but these are the first skins I've done which aren't for a special event or requested. There haven't been many weapon submissions and we still need more non-tactical glove submissions, so hopefully this'll work out. Additional Comments Both skins are based off Borderlands, tried to maintain the cel-shaded style. The lines were a bitch to do properly
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    This Week we are going to be trailing a new system for the giveaway, This weeks giveaway contains a Pair of Asiimov Gloves and relies on points. The more points you receive the higher chances of winning you have, Every point gained will add your name one more time to the draw for example with 1 point you shall be entered once with 4 you shall be entered 4 times. Any feed back on this new system will be greatly appreciated. Good luck to everyone and don't forget to Comment your In game name & Steam ID, If entering with Facebook or twitter PM me your names! * The giveaway shall close at 7:00pm Sunday 15/10 Winner selected by 9:00pm. Asiimov Gloves: https://warzone.gg/viewitem?id=682 * If you have entered a previous Social Media giveaway this is not needed * Note: Any personal information PM to me shall be kept private. How to earn points Spoiler Below;
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    I'm pleased to announced the return of Call of Duty to WarZone Gaming. We now have 2 CoD4 servers and 3 Modern Warfare 2 Servers (ReactIW) See below for the Server IP's Call of Duty 4 24/7 Crossfire: Mixed Maps - Hardcore: Modern Warfare 2 24/7 Favela: 24/7 Terminal: 24/7 Favela: You can find all of these servers on the servers page here: https://warzone.gg/servers How to install the MW2 Client If you already have MW2 Installed, Simply go here and download the client: https://warzone.gg/IW4M/updater.exe Put updater.exe in to the root of the MW2 folder (same folder as IW4MP.exe) and run it. Some files will be downloaded and then the game will start. If you do not have MW2, simply download the entire game here: https://warzone.gg/IW4M/MW2.zip and follow the instructions of the updater above. Applications for CoD4 and MW2 are now open.
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    "I'm a nigger and I am proud! I'll mow your lawn, I'll suck dick loud! I might be gay, I might be emo, I'll cut myself if I don't find Screamo"
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    Music Kit Title: Grand Theft Auto Cover Art: Background Image: Kit Description: "Various soundtracks from the Grand Theft Auto series compiled into one music kit" Why do I want this kit added to Warzone?: I love the Grand Theft Auto games, I've played San Andreas all the way to 5, It's my absolute favorite game series and I wanted to make a music kit out of it. I listened to a bunch of covers of the GTA themes and thought that "Hey, I could make a music kit out of this" and so I did. I also think that people would really enjoy this kit since I asked a few players if they'd love to see a kit like this in-game and they agreed (Also cause ZeRo said so) Additional Comments: I couldn't find some HQ versions of some of the themes so I resorted to use some really good covers from a channel named SquidPhysics (https://www.youtube.com/user/SquidPhysics) I don't really mind if I win or not in this competition since I just really love making music kits for the community. If I do win something though, I'd rather just have something from the Warzone store since I don't really have any other use for that money (and I don't have a paypal) That's all I can say about the kit, I hope this still makes it into the game! Thank you for checking this out! P R E V I E W : (sorry for the shitty quality)
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    Skin Name: 4 skins, Elixir, Lava, Nuclear and Void Weapon/Glove: Shadow Daggers AND Sport Gloves Images: (The Images Have Both The Shadow Daggers And Sport Gloves Included) Molten Elixir Molten Lava Molten Nuclear Molten Void Skin Description: Part of a experiment gone wrong, as a result, these Gloves/Knives have been known to glow under bright Environments Why do you want your skin to appear on WarZone Gaming?: Like the AUG skin i posted earlier, these gloves are my first attempt at making the gloves, i thought I'd try to create some sport gloves mainly cause there isn't really any skins for any of them except from the typical Tactical gloves, they honestly turned out pretty well, i did make these a while ago (shortly after the Karambits) but i never really wanted to post them until the right time so i guess it's now the right time.... Additional Comments: I do apologize for the 2 Topics in a space of a hour.
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    Skin Name: Velvet Weapon/Glove: MP5 Images: - - - Skin Description: A red velvet, gold and black swirl paradise that sets beauty on the battle field. Why do you want your skin to appear on WarZone Gaming?: Hello this is the first successful skin I have made that I did not give up on. I would like to see this in the warzone community as we do not have any MP5 skins Additional Comments: Big thank you to @Not Alfred for the first image! really blew me away! <3
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    This weeks giveaway we are giving away a Butterfly Marble Fade this giveaways also relies on points. The more points you receive the higher chances of winning you have, Every point gained will add your name one more time to the draw for example with 1 point you shall be entered once with 4 you shall be entered 4 times. Any feed back on this new system will be greatly appreciated. Good luck to everyone and don't forget to Comment your In game name & Steam ID, If entering with Facebook or twitter PM me your names! * The giveaway shall close at 7:00pm Sunday 29/10 Winner selected by 9:00pm. This giveaway also includes POTW ( Player Of The Week ) We kindly ask you to nominate one person only for POTW there shall be a post in the news topic later explaining POTW fully however for now please follow the format below to nominate someone, This can be done in the comments below or in a PM. Goodluck!! Butterfly Marble Fade : https://warzone.gg/viewitem?id=966 * If you have entered a previous Social Media giveaway this is not needed * Note: Any personal information PM to me shall be kept private. How to earn points & POTW format Spoiler Below;
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    ...If you exclude the previous ones. Anyway, as of Today, we are officially 1 year old. So, it wouldn't be an anniversary without an awesome update and a host of events this evening. So with the update, here are the highlights. Text Hat Improvements You can now select an effect and a font for your Text hat. 2017 Anniversary Case (Limited Edition) The 2017 Anniversary case is a brand new limited edition case which drops for 1 week. This is the first case ever to not contain any Mil-Spec Skins. Hydra Case #2 The Hydra Case #2 contains the brand new skins included in Yesterday's CS:GO update. This as with all new cases is store exclusive for 1 week. On the 23rd September, the case will drop as per usual. Buy Now Persistent Gag & Muting From today, admins can now Persistent Gag and Mute. Gifts are back Since the Anniversary is a special occasion, Gifts are now back and purchasable for a week. Grab them while you can! Events Today There are 3 radio shows today. Times are in BST (UK Time) Archangel (4PM - 6PM) The ZeRo Show (6PM - 8PM) Gornot (8PM - Midnight) Case Drops Reset! Since we have a brand new case, we have now reset everyone's drops to 0. Double XP & Double Cases! We have also activated Double XP, this also means you get double your weekly cases. You can view all changes for this update here: https://warzone.gg/wiki/viewchangelogs?id=2
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    So I've always wondered why the use of the imperial system or driving on the left side of the road was something other countries did. So... As the man of science that I am, I did some research. Now in the beginning I had to know which countries drove on the left side of the road, in order to develop a substantial hypothesis. I then checked all statistics; crosschecking all paramiters that I might have missed. I found no correlation that could explain this radical behaviour. That was until I looked on WHO (World Health Organization). As you can see, there is a clear correlation between each countries percentage of Mentally Retarded individuals per citizen and left-sided driving in each country. These results are concurrent in countries that use the imperial system. A country that does not use the SI-system has a substantially higher number of mentally retarded individuals than those countries that do use the SI-system. Sweden, who now drive on the right side, used to drive on the left, which we can clearly see is still showing in their percentage of mentally retarded individuals (though the number seem to be declining). The question is now: Were they retarded to begin with, or did they become retarded when they didnt use the proper systems and drove on the wrong side? An open discussion will now be had regarding this newfound information. //Dinosaur
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    whats up my dudes im this completely new person and im very new to this community and i hope to have a great time with all of you thanks for reading, always good to have me around
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    Hello my name is Andreas and some people might remember me from the beginning of Warzone. It was Zero and me who started the Clan |WarZone| on Call Of Duty UO back in 2005 (best years of cod) We grew in numbers and in 2007 we changed the clan name to Special Air Service |SAS| and expanded into call of duty 4. Two years went by and by 2009 we decided to close down the clan because of lack time and the fact that COD UO was dying Then in 2011 zero contacted me and asked if i wanted to start a call of duty 4 gaming community. And from there it went really fast with servers on different games. Eventually WZ got so big that i feelt like it was to big for me, so i stepped down. But now Im back! But as COD admin and looking forward for some gaming again
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    If you didn't realize already, WarZone is now 2 years old. There has been iterations of WarZone before, the version you are on now is the latest one and the greatest one. There's a few things I want to talk about here so lets start with a few messages from management. ZeRo Wow! 2 years! it has been a blast, over the past year WarZone has made many advancements, from the massive gamemode re-writes to now introducing WZNet, our brand-new match making system, the next year in WarZone, I’m even more excited for. Going forward from September the 15th, WarZone is going to continue to innovate in both Garry’s Mod and S&box (Once released). Over the past year we’ve had our ups and our downs, however we can only move on from the bad and continue in to the future, of which is very bright for WarZone. I hope everyone is excited as I am for the next year of WarZone. Archangel (the man with many words) Alfred These 2 years have gone by quickly, but in that time we've done more than any other version of WarZone. Feature-wise, the updates, community content, and new additions have gone far past what we did in Overwatch Gaming, but that's all for and by everyone who makes it a Community. Talking, working, playing, and even meeting some of you has made it the best run we've had yet. Massive shoutout to the Staff team for helping keep the servers clean, the recently huge amount of content creators, and to the Manager team for keeping everything afloat. We've come a long way, and there's much more to come with gmod and S&box that will be well worth the wait. Happy anniversary, folks. Archilles This second year of Warzone was great for me personally, as a staff member but also as someone’s who’s lucky enough to be a part of this community. A lot has happened in the past 12 months, mostly good stuff Unfortunately also some bad stuff happened, can’t really avoid that, but it’s best just to leave that behind and keep looking forward. As a staff member I finally reached my goal this year by getting 2000 bans, hooray As most of you know, the moment I reached that goal I quit the staff team because Garry’s Mod didn’t really interest me anymore. Imagine my surprise when only a few days later I got offered to become Alfred’s partner in crime as a second senior manager. I never intended to leave the community itself and I felt like this could be the perfect way to still support and help Warzone and Zero. The other absolute highlight of this second year was of course joining the 2018 summer meetup in Utrecht. I had a great time, finally met people I’ve known for years IRL and we had a real life cinema party ^^ I can’t wait to go to the summer meetup in Ipswich next year, I really want to visit the Warzone private bar and eat a full English breakfast with Zero while he’s lecturing me on why British food is better than wet drownie food. vlodern Right so ye, how times changed. We started off with Call of Duty, went through hell and back with them servers and that community. It was great though. Years ago I never thought WarZone would get to the place it has, I've been to 3 meetups and with another few planned within the next year, it's going to be a good one. This community is great, it obviously has its up and downs like anything else but overall the community is in good shape. I've haven't been an admin on WarZone in many years now. Garry's Mod just doesn't really interest me to that extent anymore and mainly in the old WarZones I was an admin for Call of Duty servers, but I'm hoping with S&Box coming any century now that will change. With S&Box we can do almost all of the things we want to do, all limitations hopefully will be gone out the door. There will still be lots of development going on then and personally I am hoping to expand WarZone Radio into a much bigger station than it currently is, not limited to WarZone only. If any of you play ETS2 you may know of the station called "truckers.fm", think along those lines. Statistics ZeRo has used his infinite wisdom came up with a few stats for you to enjoy. Next anniversary I will do another post like this so it will be very interesting to see the change year to year. Forums Registrations Total Money across all players: 14,552,180,134 Total XP across all players: 1,845,170,367 Total Kills across all players: 11,309,254 Total Deaths across all players: 11,321,165 Total time played: 361,979 hours or 15,082 days or 495 months or 41 years or 4 decades (Or .41 of a century) Total cases opened: 283,445 746 Knives opened 11,533 Covert Items Opened 9,437 Classified Items Opened 81,323 restricted items opened 171,925 Mil-Spec (Blues) opened 163,940 unique players 468,368 total inventory items 538 inventory folders 9,428 Trades 13,553 item's sold on the market 573 Auctions held 1,380 Auction bids 6,256 total bans 18 trade bans In the next year we will add much more content to the servers and keep growing it as much as possible. We scheduling 2 meetups happening over the next year if anybody is interested. https://warzone.gg/events/meetups
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    Skin Name: Coffer Weapon/Glove: Five Seven Images: Skin Description: I took inspiration from @|WZ| royalnoob Glock | Emoji and the New AWP Paw from the Horizon case, I decided to go with the cases from this community like Gungame, Surf DM etc. It features the blue sort of colour from the sites store page with the logo on the barrel. External Images Used: Why do you want your skin to appear on WarZone Gaming?: I took some time in designing this skin with the layering of the cases took a while to fill. I enjoyed working with Royal with where is best to have colours, how big the cases should appear and the overall design. Additional Comments: Happy 2nd Anniversary Warzone five_seven_warzone.wzproj.txt
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    The SurfDM 2 update in production for just over a month, is finally here. Click on the image above for more information or go here: https://warzone.gg/updates/surfdm2/ The update is going to deploy 11/07/2018 at 11:30PM BST
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    Skin Name: Deagle | Omega, Famas | Omega, Sawed Off | Omega, Usp-s | Omega Weapon/Glove: Desert Eagle, Famas, Sawed Off, Usp-s Images: (Here comes a ton of images) Desert Eagle | Omega FAMAS | Omega Sawed Off | Omega Usp-s | Omega Skin Description: Here at Omega Enterprise, We aim for precision and quality, We want the weapons to feel unique, but at the same time, Similar, This is where the Omega Collection comes in, Even more deadlier when created with the experimental P.E.R (Plasma Experimental Rounds), Available for all of the weapons part of this collection. The Desert Eagle, Ready for that 1 shot, 1 kill at anytime, it delivers a devastating blow to the enemy. The Famas, Originally created for a cheap option for armed forces around the world, We here at Omega Enterprise decided that we would have none of that, we wanted the Famas to be the best there is, we have modified it with the P.E.R, To make it more deadly through to the last shot. The Sawed Off Shotgun, The history of Shotguns has always been the same, Typically ending with your enemies splattered over the walls, We here at Omega Enterprise are keeping to the same tradition of this, but with a twist, we also have modified the Sawed Off with the P.E.R to make this particular weapon.....Rather "Hot". The Usp-s, I think we all know already this weapon, With a equip-able Silencer, when weapon, in the right place, can deliver a powerful punch, Upgraded with the P.E.R, All of these weapons have been upgraded to their full potential, We hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed creating these. Why do you want your skin to appear on WarZone Gaming?: Well, I've spent a few days, maybe even a week, creating these skins, and also creating a Company name to go along with these weapons, which turned out pretty well, since we have had a need for new gun skins, I've thought of these as a test to see what i could do, it first started out with the Desert Eagle, but then i decided to create the Usp-s skin, and so on and so forth.
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    So, I was recently appointed the position of Community Relations (:RIP: Hula 2017-2018), and as I have quite a lot of free time I am going to be updating the radio. I ask the community to help make the radio great again, as I have limited knowledge of certain genres it would be a great help if you guys could point me in the right directions of what to add. I will be completely unbiased, any song anybody wants added to the radio, will be added. If nobody helps me I'll only really add still that I like into it, so it's up to you guys, it is a community radio after all! At the start-mid of February you can expect a massive update to the radio database, talking thousands of songs. I hope to change the structure of what is played and when it's played, but that's all unconfirmed at the moment. Not everything is available when AutoDJ is playing, the majority of songs are only available via request and it will likely stay that way. Along with that comes a update to the WarZone Bot on Discord, with all the old commands such as !love, !hate, !request coming back. This includes a new suggestions feature of the bot for users to request songs. To use this feature type !suggest *your song/link here*, it will be sent to me. You can also post below in this topic or in the music suggestions topic found here(that topic needs to be updated, post any requests you have), PM me on the forums or on discord (@lé xyz™#6969) a song list or contact me by any means you like. The discord bot will be added sometime today, I will update this thread when it's done. A live view of what I am working on is available here: https://1drv.ms/x/s!Aj18-F70Y6uqh-hmekXTvwBHk9vOIg Please, help me find music to add, thanks!
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    Skin Name: Fire Fusillade Weapon/Glove: Mac-10 Images: Skin Description: A hot skin based upon ideas of medieval dragons and fire breathing Why do you want your skin to appear on WarZone Gaming?: this skin is relatively nice in its state. it took a lot of time and preparation in which i was dedicated to make this skin. it would be awesome to see in game and was great to see that it turned out as well as id hoped. Additional Comments: nope
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    Skin Name: Archenemy Weapon/Glove: Shadow Daggers Images: Skin Description: Two Shadow Daggers with on one side the greatest detective in the world, the Batman. On the other side his archenemy, the mad clown prince of crime, the Joker. Why do you want your skin to appear on WarZone Gaming: I wanted to see if I could also make some nice skins since I've never done anything like this before. When I realized both sides of the Shadow Daggers could be editted, I instantly thought about putting the Joker on one side and Batman or Harley Quinn on the other side. I went with Batman. I hope other Batman/Joker fans like myself will like this skin. Additional Comments: I swear I didn't name this skin Archenemy just so it has Arch in it x) I didn't just want to call it Batman & Joker so I tried to think of something more creative that would capture the skin in one word. After I came up with Archenemy, which they are, I realized it actually has Arch in it Isn't that... funny?
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    Something a little different. Not having a great day, but with the new weapon skin submissions, everyone's being a bit creative so I thought I'd join in. Although it's not a skin, here's a doodle I took and made into a proper piece this morning. Took about 1 and a half hours. Neon Sun Artwork Alternate Orange version 16:9 Desktop Versions
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    From Tomorrow (21st October) we are launching a brand new gamemode. We are launching our custom version of Cards Against Humanity completely written in GLua. The gamemode is completely feature rich and has the following features: Multiple lobbies per GMod server. A 128 slot server can host up to 6 20 player games. Lots of customization. Play the game your way by setting options such as czar mode, blank cards, winning points and much more. Have it your way. Blank Cards - This allows you to enter custom text for cards to spice up the experience more. Kick/Ban tools for hosts Reveal cards one by one mode Ability to dump your entire cards hand Ability to remove individual cards from hand. Voting mode (No czar) Deck Selection per game. And much more! Check below for a few screenshots from the beta. The server will launch on the 21st October at 10PM Beta Testers I'd like to thank the following for help testing: @archilles392 @Blazingstardude @EmbersOfTheFlame @Dinosaur @FaZe Taylor Swift @Gornot @HulaHoop @vlodern @Not Alfred @puk413 @pxy @Screamoheart @MrTwD @BCEGhost @Sky! @TheSinkingSponge @DefaultAlex @Archangel @Muffin The above players will be receiving the Cards Against Humanity Beta Testing Pin!
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    I kind of want to try and turn this into a series, but it requires that the game I'm taking photos of allows freecam movement and pausing, which most games don't. BUT, Mad Max does allow these things, so after hours of capturing 50+ screenshots per planet and stitching them together, here are some samples of what I've been able to capture of Mad Max's dystopian world.
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    *The previous post left some of the images unable to be previewed
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    Update 17.0 launched last night, here are the highlights Pattern Floats A big change not only for content creators but also players is the new Pattern Float system. These are pattern based skins, of which each one created will have it's very own unique pattern. This is currently available on the Glock-18 | Crimson Web and P90 | Maze in the new case. With future updates, there will be more and more of these types of skins, along with that in we plan to re-do a lot of the old skins to use this new system. Dark Theme There is now a new experimental dark theme, this is currently in Beta Closer Integration with the website In the next upcoming update, there will be some new features which closely integrate in to the website, from today anyone who joins the server that doesn't have an account will have one created automatically. Along with this, if you are in-game and you happen to open a WarZone website in either the Steam web browser or a In-game HTML Panel, you will be automatically authenticated so you can use the website features. Background Downloads As our content gets bigger, we need ways to make it so it's not so hard on the player. This update includes a background download system, which only requires players to download the map before they can play, other content such as weapon models will be downloaded after the player has joined. If you have issues with this, you can manually subscribe to the required content, type !menu and then click on Server Content > Required Content New Content This is our next major content update since December. There is now a brand new case, The Community #4 Case. You can find a list of the new skins in this case here: https://warzone.gg/wiki/viewitem?id=2049 Along with that there are a select of new knives https://warzone.gg/wiki/itemlist?category=7 and new gloves https://warzone.gg/wiki/itemlist?category=15 There's also a third community radicals box, which you can find here: https://warzone.gg/wiki/viewitem?id=2056 Finally, although we are currently re-doing the sticker system for better results, there's a new sticker capsule too, which includes 9 community created stickers. You can find this here: https://warzone.gg/wiki/viewitem?id=2057 Community Made Maps With this update we're pleased to see that it includes community made maps These maps are for the WZNet AI Zombies gamemode. Silo by @Callum (Blazingstardude) Facility by @Callum (Blazingstardude) These maps will be available on WZNet today from 20:00 (GMT) Conclusion This is a pretty major content update which brings some much needed game <> website integration, however the big features will still be coming in the next update which include: Friends System Private Chat System Deathrun (Gamemode) Jailbreak (Gamemode) Trading 2.0
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    Name: Symbiote Type: Uhhhhh.............Sticker? Images Description: Why do you want your graffiti or sticker to appear on WarZone Gaming?: I've notice that there isn't really any Stickers that have been submitted so i thought I'd give one a try, Of course i based it on the latest skins that i created, The Symbiote, I hope people enjoy this sticker. Additional Comments: not really
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    Images/Videos: Skin Description: In closed doors, these items have been put under strict tests after coming into contact with other worldly Bio-material, Test results are very promising...... Why do you want your skin to appear on WarZone Gaming?: Of course everyone's heard of the new Mp5-SD that has recently come out for CS:GO, since it was also ported over to the Warzone servers i thought i'd have a try at making one, needless to say it was really nice to work with, Everything was easy to find where and what it was, Also, ZeRo recently released the competition for the summer, i was in two minds whether to submit this skin into this competition, after a bit of thinking i decided why not? this skin started at least a day after ZeRo announced the competition, Also have to thank Alfred for the files from the Render, It helped make some really nice Screenshots for this skin (And future skins ) External images used: None
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    Images/Videos: First Attempt at a skin render Skin Description: A skin focused on the aspect of stargazing and the view of a night sky within space. Why do you want your skin to appear on WarZone Gaming?: There are not many MP5 skins as the MP5 was not too long ago allowed to have skins made for it. i feel this skin would go nicely with the others and possibly expand the user choice of MP5 skins. External images used: there are two images used here
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    Skin Name: Serenity Weapon/Glove: P250 Images: Skin Description: a simple yet satisfying skin for the p250 pistol Why do you want your skin to appear on WarZone Gaming?: I feel its a nice skin for the pattern it came from. I spent enough time with multiple patterns before finding i was happier with the darker style. External images used: Additional Comments: nope
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    Skin Name: Conflict Weapon/Glove: Desert Eagle Images: Float 1 (CT)- Float 2 (T)- Skin Description: A simplistic skin for the desert eagle hand cannon based on the conflict between the two teams of counter terrorists and terrorists. Why do you want your skin to appear on WarZone Gaming?: i spent some time working on this skin. the floats were relatively hard to make and i felt they turned out to look quite pleasant in the end. External images used: Additional Comments: just wanna hear opinions on them, besides that not really :3
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    Hey all, so this is a small idea that I thought of around 10 months back but never thought to ask about it. The concept of it is that whenever you 'Love' a song then these loves go onto a personal page where it can store your loves. This way you can keep track of songs you have loved and if there's a song you wanna find and you don't remember the name of, yet you have loved it. You can simply go through the loved songs and find it with ease. This makes things easier and creates more player interaction within the radio. Any further ideas or comments on this idea is greatly appreciated. Positive or not. Thanks, - Embers.
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    Skin Name: Ultraparallel Weapon/Glove: P2000 Images: Skin Description: In hyperbolic geometry, the ultraparallel theorem states that every pair of ultraparallel lines (lines that are not intersecting and not limiting parallel) has a unique common perpendicular hyperbolic line. the p2000 pistol uses the upmost precision to blast into the lines of enemies. Why do you want your skin to appear on WarZone Gaming?: I feel this skin looked very nice. i spent a lot of time on it to make sure that logos were correct and suited the skin perfectly. The p2000 also has a few skins and i would like to help expand the list, even if it isnt present in many gamemodes. Additional Comments: This is the first weapon skin i have made for a while. it took a while to find inspiration for it
  36. 6 points
    Skin Name: Luna Weapon/Glove: Bowie Images: Skin Description: A image of a Wolf staring into the Galaxy above, "Reach For The Stars" Quoted by Avvie. Why do you want your skin to appear on WarZone Gaming?: This knife was made for a friend, I honestly diddnt realize how well it did turn out, i am quite proud of it to be honest, since this knife looked so much better than i had ever imagined, i would like to submit to towards the Warzone servers. Additional Comments: I would like to give a enormous thank you to Avvie for this opportunity, So thank you Remember, Alfred, Big Day Tomorrow, Maandag
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    I'd like to take a moment to thank you all from the bottom of my heart. 2017 has been an awesome year for me, if we were to exclude the minor blips, and I'm sure you can all agree that it's been just as good for yourself, too. The fact that I randomly discovered this community a while after Overwatch Gaming shut down and then went on to make it this far is almost unreal. I'd like to mostly thank ZeRo and the rest of the Senior Staff Team for accepting me with open arms and letting me first apply for Staff, and letting me make it this far in the team. I can not express my gratitude enough for never taking my age into consideration and considering more who I am and what I can do. I would also like to thank you, the member, as well. Without our playerbase and overall community, we wouldn't be what we are today. This year has been amazing for WarZone, and I can't wait to see how far we go within 2018. I wish you all a Happy New Year, whether it's already happened or will happen soon, and I love you all. <3
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    This weeks giveaway we are giving away a Karambit Brushed Metal this giveaways relies on points However there is no quiz this week to make it much easier for you guys / gals to have a chance of winning! The more points you receive the higher chances of winning you have, Every point gained will add your name one more time to the draw for example with 1 point you shall be entered once with 4 you shall be entered 4 times. Any feed back on this new system will be greatly appreciated. Good luck to everyone and don't forget to Comment your In game name & Steam ID, If entering with Facebook or twitter PM me your names! * The giveaway shall close at 7:00pm Sunday 5/10 Winner selected within 24hours** his giveaway also includes POTW ( Player Of The Week ) We kindly ask you to nominate one person only for POTW there shall be a post in the news topic later explaining POTW fully however for now please follow the format below to nominate someone, This can be done in the comments below or in a PM. Goodluck!! Karambit Brushed Metal: https://warzone.gg/viewitem?id=1008 * If you have entered a previous Social Media giveaway this is not needed * ** Winner to be selected shall take up to 24hours as i am away next week leaving Sunday for a work training course ** Note: Any personal information PM to me shall be kept private. How to earn points & POTW format Spoiler Below;
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    "When you are talking to them on Teamspeak it's like I'm having a conversation between you and all the voices in your head" - Madison to Bunney on the Phone ( @TheLonelyBunney's Girlfriend)
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    So, after a long while, I'm pleased to announce that mobile support has finally arrived for the website. Not all pages are yet optimized for mobile, however from today the site can now be navigated easily and the most requested pages can now be used on a mobile device. See below for the screenshots One of the best mobile supported features is the radio area. You can now also make requests from the mobile site. Pop-up boxes on Desktop or larger screens now act as pages on mobile and scale to any small screen size accordingly. We are still working on making the site work for other small screen devices like Tablets which have enough room to display the nav bar, however this will be done in future updates. If with any of the new website changes you experience some strange behavior, refresh your cache by doing CTRL + F5
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    Heyo! I've been on Warzone for about a week, give or take, now. And I've had a really great time so far, I figured I'd make an introduction to give most people a brief overview of who I am. My name is Dan, and I live in Sweden, Malmö. I live at home with my mother, and my dogs (One shitty Chihuahua, one Amstaff, and a Black Labrador), and they're fucking awesome, aight? Animals rock. I am currently studying in school to further my education towards training Service Dogs / Drug Dogs / Police Dogs. The past two years, I've worked at a Doggy Daycare / Rehabilitation Center, where I mostly spent my time taking care of aggressive dogs. So far, it appears that my voice is rather liked (Even though I dislike it!), so hey, I like to play around with my voice, let me know if you want some fun ( ). Some things I love are Music, Animals in general, Reading books, and last but not least, Video games (Wow! I had no clue! ). I guess that sums up a somewhat brief introduction. I am perfectly willing to answer -ANY- questions no matter what they are, I have very few things that I don't share. Feel free to add me on Steam if you wish! Just let me know who you are http://steamcommunity.com/id/mr_twd/ Same goes for Discord: SweDan (Mr.TwD)#6893 Thanks! Yours sincerely, Dan
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    In the next update the dynamic posters system will be included. The next update is due to drop within the first week of December. So, first things first, what are Dynamic posters? Dynamic posters is a system that has a list of pre-defined locations within each map and then with each pre-defined location posters are shown in different places every time the map is loaded. You will not see the same poster in the same location every time. Along with this, posters are not ever downloaded to the client. Posters are loaded using HTML with the material being cached and displayed in-game. This allows us to update it at any time without having to change any code. So, why am I posting this? Firstly I would like to involve the community as much as possible in the creations of these posters, so I am making the offer to allow anyone to submit entries to be use ingame. If you are interested, we are looking for these kinds of posters: Advertising in-game functions (See example below) Advertising WarZone social platforms (e.g Forum, Facebook, Steam Group, YouTube etc) Advertising other games we host (CS:GO/MW2) Advertising hosted events (e.g Game Nights and Movie Nights) If you wish to make one, the image should be 732 x 1024 Pixels, and must be in PNG format if you wish to have transparent parts. If you are taking up the entire Canvas, JPG is fine. Below are some examples I came up with when developing the system:
  43. 6 points
    Newest skin. Made of blue steel plated with gold patterns. Wooden handle as a reminder of the old days. Machine washable* for blood removal *Use all-natural soap. Any name suggestions are greatly appreciated.
  44. 6 points
    More coming your way. Going for a war propaganda vibe
  45. 6 points
    I would like to Introduce the new Seasonal Update. This update includes a variety of new changes such as new cases and festive features. Click on the image above to learn more. The update will be deployed tomorrow evening along with the change log.
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    To crush your enemiesSee them driven before youAnd to hear the lamentationOf their women
  47. 6 points
    Hi there Dinosaur, First of all, great research. You truly are a man of science and deserve your PhD. Secondly, I think none of your explanations are correct. What seems more likely is that one country was retarded to begin with, the United Kingdom, and as their empire spread, so did the retardness which eventually led to the countries adopting their left side driving system. After the British Empire lost more and more power and more and more countries won back their independence, their minds started to recover. Unfortunately this recovering process did not happen in all the countries, and this leads to the question: Why is not everybody smart enough to drive on the proper side of the road? The explanation that makes the most sense in my opinion is that they were under the influence of the British Empire for too long, hell Australia is technically still being reigned by Queen Elisabeth II. Let's further enhance this thought. Which countries are still driving on the left side of the road? United Kingdom; retarded to begin with The countries in Central and South America, Oceania; not that smart to begin with and were under the influence of the "Great" British Empire Southern and Eastern Africa; don't even have cars, so why bother changing laws India, Australia, New Zealand; under the influence for too long Japan; were influenced by British Forces during the Second World War and then they were nuked, no wonder they decided to keep it Thirdly, "but BCEGhost, why are there so many retards in Finland?" - "My dear child, alcohol and Pokemon Go do horrible things to people" This should answer all your problems and explain Dinosaurs Thesis very well. Please don't be shy and ask me if you have any more questions.
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    Hello once again. I would like to welcome everyone to WarZone Gaming. We're still setting things up so bare with us. We already have a picked selection of admins for both Garry's Mod and CS:GO. I will be posting a thread later for any ex-Overwatch admins who were no chosen for a chance to get their admin ranks back, depending on approval. Once again, Welcome to WarZone.
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    Greetings fellow Warzone members, I do not believe I need further introduction; mah playas whoz ass has eva browsed dis joint must have observed mah legacy. I be known fo' mah sophisticated taste up in bandz dat pop up when I type "Rock" tha fuck into tha Spotify search engine, mah acquired taste up in freestylin shit, n' I be tha dopest testicle fondla up in tha game n' aint a thugged-out damn thang dat yo' ass can do. Now you youngstas might be thinkin dat all of dis might take itz toll on mah oldschool n' fragile body yo, but you ladz couldnt be further away from tha real deal. It aint nuthin but tha nick nack patty wack, I still gots tha bigger sack. Not only do I have all these fascinatin attributes, I be also tha single most perfect, complete, consumnate, exquisite, saint-like admin ta strutt dis Earth, n' tha straight-up example of what tha fuck a admin should act like. I'ma not hesitate ta booty-call yo' crew shit, yo' taste of noize shit, hell I be bout ta call every last muthafuckin thang you stand fo' shiznit n' then some fo' realz. And Dogg holla'd, "Let there be gornot," n' there was gornot fo' realz. And Dogg saw dat tha gornot was good. Y'all KNOW dat shit, muthafucka! I be fly as a gangbangin' falcon, soarin all up in tha sky dawwwwg! In fact so phat dat da thug would render Dogg useless, since I be practically a superior substitute ta dis deitizzle you worship.
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    Images/Videos: Floats; Moon Radiance; Dark Eclipse; Skin Description: Two floats of a Desert Eagle that I spent quite a while on. This time using no external images and using the shapes at hand in Photoshop. Along with glowing lines and a blue glowing moon on the Dark Eclipse float. (Credit to Chaotix for fixing the Glow and providing the Dark Eclipse screenshots) Why do you want your skin to appear on WarZone Gaming?: I've spent almost 200 hours in WarZone; so I decided it was time to spend external time making a nice looking skin with floats and glows. So, in sense I'm giving to the community in a creative way. External images used: None!
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