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    Hi folks. The content we've built over the last few years plays a big part in our first steps into new grounds like S&Box, and part of my new role at Content Manager is making sure what we bring over is good enough quality for an actually modern engine So an extended project from here will be going through all the skins we have and reworking them in some way. Some points about what's to expect; Quality- 1024px or lower skins will get AI-upscaled and generally cleaned up if compressed (Example) Quality- Regular Skins with tiling patterns will be added to the Floats V2 System (Knife and Glove support will be finished this weekend) Quality- Some skins will have added support for PBR (Normal Maps/Glossiness/etc) Design- Bad designs/Alex skins/Design Requests will be remade completely (Poorly cropped example) Expansions- Possible retexturing addons for the WZ Client (discussed a while ago with ZeRo, a very faint possibility) I'm going to start working on this project from tomorrow, with commits to the Trello board to show progress and the occasional screenshot in contentcreation. If you have any suggestions for skins that you want to see redone, send me a message. If it's a Community-made skin, only the creator can request that skin. P.S "oi u cheeky wanka where's Skin Studio" It's been ready for a while now, but there's some possible licensing issues with the version of Cycles that I'm working on top of. Going to discuss this with a few people to see what options we have for releasing this either publicly or on private request Notes for if you're a Content Creator;
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    You can view the full change logs here: https://warzone.gg/changes/view?id=58 , However this post will go in to detail the highlights. Lottery You can now play the the daily lottery! Simply type !lottery in chat to get started, or Press ESC > Main Menu > Daily Challenges This is a 1-100 random number lottery and winners are announced Midnight, UK Time. The pool starts at 100,000 $WZ and tickets cost 10,000 $WZ and the purchase price is added to the total pool. Icon Updates on F3 The F3 menu has been updated with a lick of paint, or in normal terms, the majority of icons have now been changed to FontAwesome rather than image icons that don't really scale well above 16x16 Mini-Profiles The mini-profiles have now been updated with the Panorama UI style You can now do the following from the mini-profile: View WarZone Profile Add Friend / Chat (If you have them on your friends list) Report Commend Borrow Music Kit Commending You can now commend other players directly in-game You can do this from the Mini-Profile Music Kit Borrowing You can now borrow other players equipped music kits. This only applies to the current map session and will end when you either disconnect or the map changes. This is only for all sounds except MVP, that will use your current equipped music kit. Gungame & SurfDM Improvements One of the things I keep hearing is "I forgot what team I'm on!" Not anymore, you are now reminded what team you are on at the start of each round For both Gungame and SurfDM, there have been some performance improvements. We have gone over the HUD code and optimized it where possible and removed some nice to have, but not required effects such as as blur (This will still appear on UI panels which are not shown during gameplay) There is now also a new HUD Alert panel for both gamemodes: This is also inline with the CS:GO Panorama Design which we are in the process of implementing.
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    Hello, I have approx 100 hours on Warzone, and most of that being on TTT, so I'd like to think I could at least put forward a few ideas for the staff to consider affecting TTT. These wouldn't just be for weapons: 1: Huge 249 (M249): This gun is basically a meme on TTT, and it would be nice if it could be a useable weapon for crowd control: Problem: It only does 4 damage (7 on headshots), and the recoil is too extreme. Solution: Increase damage by 50% to 6 damage and 10 on headshots, and reduce the vertical recoil by 33%. 2: 1-time gun shop: It allows an influx of deagles into TTT, which i believe should be a more rare item. Problem: They cost no money at all, considering if a new person opens up a case or sells it, they would have enough money for 50 deagles min. Solution: Remove the 1-time use shop, or increase the prices by 1000%, making the Deagle 5k, which still wouldn't change people but it would be better 3: Map rotation: Its the title, people want more maps, all possibly Minecraft themed. I know TTT2 existed but still. Problem: People often get bored with just 1 map. Solution: Add 1-3 other Minecraft maps that go on rotation every 15 rounds, all the maps (including one just played) would be included in a vote to decide map. 4: The MP5: Clean looking gun, yet completely useless compared to mac10 or any shotgun. Problem: It feels like a BB gun, I don't have any numbers on it damage wise, however, it feels useless. Solution: Increase damage by 25%-40%, and increase recoil by 15-20%, which would make it an effective weapon. 5: Nova Shotgun: Has cool skins, has no advantage over XM1014. The stopping power of XM1014 makes this a no go. Problem: Too low of damage, everything else including spread seems fine. Solution: Increase damage by 20%, or nerf the XM1014 by reducing fire rate by 15%? Cheers for reading guys on my top 5 things. I'll reply in comments as much as possible
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    Why not just have 1 other popular map, and then have a vote every 10 rounds or 30 minutes? If B5 is picked, then it will be played; at least give people a choice...
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    Don't think that matters so much now considering you've been banned for cheating. /Locked
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    This why you don't mess with barrel. Pass me whiskey. Spoilers Here video I edited using @Terrorspy video, thank mate.
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    Wow that is actually great edited, good job Chaos!
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    Maybe roles like Deputy who can be chosen by the Detective. (If you are a T you can be a Deputy too)
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    Movie Year: 2009 Genre: Anime, Adventure, Action, Sci-Fi, Comedy Name: Summer Wars (oops wrong topic to post on pls ignore, am new at this)
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    Alright so the only thing I can really say something about is your third point, as the other things are more about nerfing or improving weapons and I think zero knows more about that. I can understand that you personally may get bored of the same map over and over again, but for some reason a lot of players really like to play on a server with just one map, and minecraft_b5 is actually one of the most (if not the most) popular TTT maps as far as I know. We've had rotation servers multiple times in the past, but they were never as popular as the main TTT server, and after a while they were just empty. As far as I can remember we've tried this once here on warzone and once on overwatchgaming, and I've also seen it happen in a community I was in previously (pvp-gamers) and it all had the same result. I'm sorry if you feel like the map is a bit boring, but I don't think we're going to add another rotation server or add maps to the current server.
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