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    Update 13.5 has just dropped, and we're now looking at Update 14, the next huge update from WarZone. So, what can be expected? Prestige Mode You probably noticed that when we added the 2018 Service Medals, we added not one, but 6. This is because you will be able to prestige up to 6 times in a single year. Each prestige you completed, the player will get rewarded items and money. We also intend on updating the existing ranking system to include drops and unlocks at certain levels. Weapon Stickers This is, of course, the next big thing. We are finally going to be adding weapon stickers. This was tried as a proof of concept about a year ago, here is what it looks like on a very old build of WarZone Core. However, this idea was kept in the back pocket for a while, because due to engine limitations, we couldn't make stickers work correctly with lighting, and we still cant, however we are bringing this forward now because there is some demand for it, and it's entirely a user choice. Stickers applied to the weapon, if sold on the market or auction, the buyer will also have the stickers on the weapon once transferred, like CS:GO. Players will be able to remove and add stickers at any time. There will be 4 sticker slots on weapons. You wont be able to apply stickers to knives. Community Workshop This is the next big thing coming. We recently announced skin creation and gave out material on how to create skins. The community workshop will be a place where players can submit their custom made skins. The following item types can be submitted: Weapon Skins Knife Skins Glove Skins Hats Player Models Music Kits Maps Users can rate up items they wish to be added. This is going to be a huge task, but one that is required to move forward in to making community content creation a more integrated part of WarZone. Timer Engine 4.0 So, this is the next big update for Surf/Bhop etc. In this update we hope to completely overhaul the HUD, Re-do the challenges system, include a "completion feed" (Similar to a kill feed, but shows map completions instead, rather than spamming the chat), 3D HUD, Support for saving (to be used or KZ, yes, that's coming also at some point!) and an entire AJAX Web Platform where you can see: Live feed of world records Leaderboards Surf Profile with: Completed Maps, Bonuses and Stages Uncompleted Maps Rank Redesigned Escape Menu We're going to be redesigning this again from the ground up. We're designing it to match the rest of our UI design and it's going to include a lot of code for what's coming after, which is the friends system and a match making system. The matchmaking system will be used in the future to match up players across multiple servers who wish to play on some upcoming gamemodes which are designed for matchmaking. Along with this, the new Escape menu will include a lot of the latest feature changes we are making in terms of community relations and integration. Inventory Folders This is probably something small, but at the same time, something huge for people with large Inventories. You will be able to re-organise your entire inventory in to your own custom made categories. Rather than using the existing categories, you will be able to tag any item and put in your own custom category. This will be a must use feature for anyone with large Inventories who wants to get on top of organisation. DarkRP Comeback We're working on DarkRP again, we still have some things to sort out, but sooner rather than later DarkRP is going to be coming back fully. After which we will start pushing it very hard to get a player base. Cases Of course, Update 14 being the next major update, expect a few new cases to come along with that also! That's all for now. We're very interested to hear what you think about these changes, so feel free to comment and leave us feedback. We'd appreciate it.